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June 10, 1987-Italy 3-Argentina 1

June 10, 1987
Italy 3-Argentina 1
Venue: Zürich –Hardturm Stadion (Grasshoppers-Club Zürich), Switzerland
Attendance: 30,000
Referee: Joel Quiniou (France)
Goalscorers: (Italy): De Napoli 27-Garré (own goal) 33-Vialli 88      
                    (Argentina): Maradona 62
 1-Walter Zenga (Internazionale Football Club- Milano)  [9 caps / 0 goals]  (12-Stefano Tacconi (Juventus Football Club-Torino) [1 caps / 0 goals] 46)
2-Ciro Ferrara (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli)  [1 caps / 0 goals]
3-Luigi De Agostini (Hellas-Verona Associazione Calcio) [3 caps / 0 goals]
4-Salvattore Bagni (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli)  [37 caps / 4 goals] (15-Giuseppe Dossena (Torino Calcio 1906) [38 caps / 1 goals] 88)
5-Giovanni Francini (Torino Calcio 1906) [4 caps / 0 goals]
6-Roberto Tricella (Hellas-Verona Associazione Calcio)  [10 caps / 0 goals]
7-Roberto Donadoni (Associazione Calcio Milan) [8 caps / 1 goals] (16-Gianfranco Matteoli (Internazionale Football Club- Milano) [5 caps / 0 goals]77)
8-Fernando de Napoli (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli)  [13 caps / 1 goals]
9-Alessandro Altobelli (Internazionale Football Club- Milano) [52 caps / 23 goals] (18-Aldo Serena (Juventus Football Club-Torino) [8 caps / 1 goals] 49)
10-Giuseppe Giannini (Associazione Sportiva Roma)   [7 caps / 0 goals]
11-Gianluca Vialli (Unione Calcio Sampdoria-Genova)  [17 caps / 2 goals]

Coach: Azeglio Vicini

Other Subs:
Mauro Tassotti (Associazione Calcio Milan)  
Alessandro Renica (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli)  
Roberto Mancini (Unione Calcio Sampdoria-Genova)  

Team Captain: Alessandro Altobelli
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Diadora
Uniform Colors: Blue Shirts, White Shorts, Blue Socks

1-Sergio Javier Goycochea (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [1 caps / 0 goals]
9-José Luis Cuciuffo (Club Atlético Vélez Sársfield -Buenos Aires) [8 caps / 0 goals]
13-Oscar Alfredo Garre (Club Ferrocarril Oeste-Buenos Aires) [37 caps / 0 goals]
2-Sergio Daniel Batista (Asociacion Atletica Argentinos Juniors- Buenos Aires) [13 caps / 0 goals]
19-Oscar Alfredo Ruggeri (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [27 caps / 3 goals]
5-Jose Luis Brown (Brest Armorique Football Club / France) [22 caps / 1 goals]
3-Raul Roque Alfaro (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [1 caps / 0 goals] (Oscar Alberto Dertycia (Instituto Atletico Central Córdoba-Córdoba)  [12 caps / 1 goals]   73)
20-Dario Andres Sivisky (Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro- Buenos Aires) [1 caps / 0 goals]  (4-Claudio Paul Caniggia (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [1 caps / 0 goals]  85)
11-Juan Gilberto Funes (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [1 caps / 0 goals] (17-Pedro Pablo Pasculli (Unione Sportiva Lecce / Italy) [16 caps / 5 goals]   59)
10- Diego Armando Maradona (Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli  / Italy) [55 caps / 27 goals]
16-Julio Jorge Olarticoechea (Asociacion Atletica Argentinos Juniors- Buenos Aires) [13 caps / 0 goals] (18-Hernan Edgardo Diaz (Club Atlético Rosario Central-Rosario) [1 caps / 0 goals]  46)

Coach: Carlos Salvador Bilardo

Other Subs:
Jorge Osvaldo Bartero (Club Atlético Vélez Sársfield -Buenos Aires)
Nestor Ariel Fabbri (Racing Club de Avellaneda-Avellaneda - Buenos Aires)
Jose Carlos Fantaguzzi (Club Ferrocarril Oeste-Buenos Aires)
Walter Osvaldo Perazzo (Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro- Buenos Aires)

Team Captain: Diego Armando Maradona  
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Le Coq Sportif
Uniform Colors: Light Blue/White Striped Shirt, Black Shorts and White Socks

Photo From: El Grafico 1987

-Match number 441 for Italy and number 588 for Argentina.

-This match was held in Zurich , Switzerland, as a special match to inaugurate the 1990 World Cup. The opponents were the host nation (Italy) and the defending champion (Argentina).
Pele was a special guest and was at the center circle before kickoff with the respective captains and received a medal.

-This was Argentina’s first official match, since becoming World Champions the previous year.

-Both Captains (Altobelli and Maradona) were previous World Cup winners.

- Alessandro Altobelli captained Italy in the abscence of Antonio Cabrini.
- Salvatore Bagni assumed captaincy for Italy in the second half. Therefore for the second half both captains were Napoli players.

- Italy's First choice defenders Bergomi, Ferri (both Inter), Franceo Baresi (AC Milan) and Antonio Cabrini (Juventus) all unavailable for this match.
-Italian unused substitute Alessandro Renica never played for Italy.

- Italian unused substitute Mauro Tassoti would not gain his first cap until 5 years after this match (October 14, 1992-WC qualifier Italy 2-Switzerland 2), which made him at age 32 Italy's oldest ever debutant.
-Argentinian players, Maradona and Pasculli were playing Italian Serie A clubs. (Napoli and Lecce)

-Maradona was clubmates with Italian players: Ferrara, Bagni, de Napoli and Renica. Francini also joined Napoli in the offseason.

-Argentinians Ruggeri, Dertycia and Caniggia also joined Italy’s Serie A eventually.

-Claudio Caniggia joined Italian club AS Roma in 1992-93 and was a teammate of Giannini.

-Stefano Tacconi and Ciro Ferrara’s debut for Italy.

- Goycochea , Alfaro ,Sivisky, Caniggia , Funes  and Hernan Edgardo Diaz made their national team debut for Argentina.

- Argentinian player  Juan Gilberto Funes (8 March 1963 - 11 January 1992) passed away less than 5 years after this match due to a heart attack.

-Fernando de Napoli’s only goal scored for Italy.

- Giuseppe Dossena’s last match for Italy.

- Before this match, Italy had not scored a goal in 3 full matches.

-Sergio Goycochea started in goal for Argentina as Pumpido was unavailable.

-Argentina debutant Caniggia would score the goal vs Italy at World Cup 1990 that contributed to Italy's elimination.

-Both goalkeepers were their respective nations' goalkeepers at the penalty kick shoot-out at Worls Cup 1990 between thet two teams.

-The last time previous that Argentina defeated Italy was back in 1956.

-For Italy’s second goal, Oscar Alfredo Garre deflected a shot from Vialli into the net.

-This was the first match between the nations since the previous year’s World Cup. Maradona scored in both matches.

-Donadoni, Maradona and Batista became national team managers of their respective nations.

-This was the first time since 1982 World Cup vs Brazil, that Argentina had conceded 3 goals in a match.

-Argentina’s goal credited to Maradona was actually a volley by Diaz which deflected off of Maradona into the net. Maradona did not actually take a shot.

-The Original Argentina squad selected for this match:
On May 8, 1987
Goalkeepers: Goycochea,Bartero
Defenders: Garre,Ruggeri,Cuciffio,Clausen,Monzon,Fabbri,Balbis,H.Diaz
Midfield/Strikers : Giusti,Batista,Tapia,H.Enrique,Siviski,
JLRodriguez,Perazzo, Funes,Dertycia,Caniggia

The European based players then joined the squad.

Match Video:


  1. I would liek to thank Fabio Vettori of Italy for forwarding the following two links from italian newspaper La Repubblica
    (with Maradona complaining about the referee and some small interviews to italian players)
    (players votes)

    Unfortunately I don't think I have something more to offer about that match.

  2. I would also like to thank Claudio Aput of Argentina for scanning and forwarding to me the report of this match from "El Grafico", i will attach this report shortly

  3. It is interesting to see how friendly Pele and Maradona were to each other, in light of the "feud" that developed between them later.

    1. right until then there was no such rivalry, i think the problem started at the end of maradona's playing career