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November 14, 1990-Czechoslovakia 3-Spain 2

November 14, 1990
Czechoslovakia 3-Spain 2
European Championship Qualifying -Group 1
Venue: Prague, Stadion Evžena Rošického (Strahov)     
Attendance: 30,000
Referee: Karl Heinz Tritschler (Germany)
Goalscorers: (Czechoslovakia): Vaclav Danek 17,69, Lubomir Moravcik 77
 (Spain): Roberto 30, Carlos 55
1-Ludek Miklosko (West Ham United Football Club-London / England) [33 / 0]
5-Jan Kocian (Fußball -Club Sankt-Pauli 1910 e.V.-Hamburg / Germany) [20 / 0]
3-Miroslav Kadlec (1.Fußball-Club e.V. Kaiserslautern / Germany) [28 / 0]
2-Michal Hipp (Fotbal Club Nitra) [4 / 0]
4-Ivan Hasek (Racing Club de Strasbourg Football / France) [50 / 0]
11-Lubomir Moravcík (Association Sportive de Saint-Etienne Loire / France) [24 / 2]
6-Dusan Tittel (Slovan Bratislava Sportowy Klub) [3 / 0]
7-Michael Bilek (Atleticky Club Sparta Praha) [29 / 10] (16-Milos Belak (Fotbal Club Nitra) [2 / 0] 84)
8-Karel Kula (Fotbal Club Baník Ostrava OKD) [28 / 3]
10-Tomas Skuhravy (Genoa 1893 –Genova / Italy) [31 / 11]
9-Vaclav Danek (Fußballclub Swarovski Tirol –Innsbruck / Austria) [18 / 7] (14-Pavel Kuka (Sportovni Klub Slavia Praha IPS) [2 / 1] 90)

Coach: Milan Macala
Booked: Hipp 17, Tittel 72

Team Captain: Ivan Hasek
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Red Shirts with White sleeves, White Shorts, Blue Socks

Photo From: se Lvickem na prsou-Authors O.Bartunek, J.Kalat

1-Andoni ‘Zubizarreta’ Urreta (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [56 / 0]
2-Fernando ‘Nando’  Munoz Garcia (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [3 / 0]
4-Ricardo Jesus ‘Serna’ Orozco (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [6 / 0]
3-Enrique ‘Quique’ Sanchez Flores (Valencia Club de Fútbol)   [12 / 0]
5-‘Manuel Sanchis’ Hontiyuelo (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [37 / 1]
6-‘Roberto’ Fernandez  Bonillo (Valencia Club de Fútbol)   [28 / 2]
7-Juan Antonio ‘Goicoechea’ Lasa (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [3 / 0]
8-José Miguel ‘Michel’ Martín del Campo (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [51 / 18] (16-Guillermo ‘Amor’ Martinez (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [1 / 0] 86)
9-‘Emilio Butragueno’ Santos  (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [56 / 22]
10-Rafael Martin Vázquez (Torino Calcio 1906/ Italy) [28 / 0]
11-‘Carlos’ Antonio Munoz Cobo (Real Oviedo Club de Futbol ) [3 / 3] (15-Jose Maria ‘Bakero’ Escudero (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [13 / 3] 61)
Coach: Luis ‘Suarez’ Miramontes
Booked: Zubizaretta 8, Martin Vazquez 58

Other Subs:
Juan Carlos ‘Abladeno’ Iglesias (Real Sporting de Gijón)
Fernando Ruiz Hierro (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol)
‘Rafa Paz’ Marin (Sevilla Fútbol Club) 

Team Captain: ‘Emilio Butragueno’ Santos

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Le Coq Sportif

Uniform Colors: White Shirts, White Shorts , White Socks


-Match number 473 for Czechoslovakia and number 343 for Spain.

-This was only the 11th meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as Spain’s previous victory over Czechoslovakia, was a Friendly, played in Alicante on February 21, 1990, that Spain won 1-0.
Czechoslovakia players: Miroslav Kadlec, Michael Bílek, Ivan Hasek, Lubomir Moravcík and Tomas Skuhravy and Spain Players: Zubizarreta, Sanchis, Roberto, Michel, Butragueno and Martin Vasquez also took part in that match.

-The next match between the nations, as well as the next match in Spain and Spain’s next victory, would be the return leg of this qualifier in Sevilla on November 13, 2004 that Spain wopn 2 to 1.
Czechoslovakia player: Karel Kula and Spain Players: Zubizarreta, Sanchis, Michel, Butragueno and Martin Vasquez also took part in that match.
Michel scored in that game on a penalty kick.

-Czechoslovakia’s previous win over Spain was a Friendly, played in Malaga on February 24, 1988, that Czechoslovakia won 2 to 1.
Czechoslovakia players: Ludek Miklosko, Michael Bílek, Ivan Hasek and Karel Kula and Spain Players: Zubizarreta, Sanchis and Butragueno also took part in that match.

-The previous match between the nations on Czech soil was a Friendly, played in Bratislava on March 14, 1979, that Czechoslovakia won 1-0.

-The previous match between the nations on in the same stadium was also European Championship qualifier, played on October 1, 1967, that Czechoslovakia won 1-0.
Manuel Sanchis’ father played for Spain in that match.

-Spain’s next match in Prague would be a World Cup qualifier, vs. Czech Republic on October 9, 1996 in Prague’s Letna stadion that ended in a scoreless tie.
Czech players: Miroslav Kadlec and Pavel Kuka and Spain Players: Zubizarreta, Amor and Hierro also took part in that match.

-The match was played at Slavia Praha’s home stadium. Pavel Kuka was playing in his home stadium.

-France would qualify from this UEFA European qualification group. France, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Iceland and Albania comprised this group. France won all its eight matches.

-Spain’s qualification campaign was disastrous; they lost 4 times, twice to France, to Czechoslovakia and a humiliating loss to Iceland in Reykjavik
Spain failed to qualify to the finals of an Official competition for the first time since the 1974 World Cup.

-On April 30, 1991, Luis Suarez was dismissed as Spain national team manager.

-Czechoslovakia Manager Milan Macala had been appointed at the beginning of season, having taken over from Jozef Venglos.
He later coached in many Gulf countries.

-Spain were wearing their away uniforms of white for the first time since December 1986 vs. Albania.
Next time they would wear white would be on June 10, 1994, during a 2-0 win over Canada.   

-This was Spain’s first defeat in a qualifier since losing 0-1 to Republic of Ireland in Dublin on April 26, 1989.

-Two goalscorer, Vaclav Danek would be the third highest goalscorer in Europe that season.

-The Czechs were missing goalkeeper Jan Stejskal, Ludek Miklosko deputized for him.
Also missing were Lubos Kubik, Ivo Knofilcek and Jozef Chovanec.

-Michael Bilek is the current Czech Republic National Team manager.
Bilek’s next cap would be on March 25, 1992 vs. England (2-2 tie).

-Ivan Hasek has also managed the Czech republic national team.

-Czechoslovakia players: Ivan Hasek, Tomas Skuhravy, Miroslav Kadlec and Lubomir Morvacik had just joined foreign clubs, as it was much easier to move following the fall of Communism the previous year.

-Miroslav Kadlec would be Bundesliga Champion with Kaiserslautern that season.
His son is currently in the Czech Republic national team coached by former teammate Bilek.

-Pavel Kuka would also eventually join Kaiserslautern.

-Ivan Hasek, Lubomir Moravcík, Dusan Tittel, and Vaclav Danek played for French clubs in their career.
As did Spain’s Martin Vazquez who played for Olympique Marseille for a few months in 1992.

-Lubomir Moravcík also played in Germany and Scotland (Celtic Glasgow) in his career.
Moravcik is mostly remembered for being sent off vs. West Germany during 1990 World Cup for kicking his shoe in the air in disgust at a refereeing decision.
He also played for Slovakian National team, as did Tittel and Hipp.

-This was Milos Belak's second and last cap.

-Spain were missing Manolo, Fernando and Alkorta. Alberto Gorriz and Chendo were no longer in national team reckoning.

-Enrique ‘Quique’ Sanchez Flores managed Atletico Madrid to Europa League victory in 2010.

- Guillermo Amor came on as a substitute in the last 4 minutes, for his first ever cap for Spain.

-Roberto’s last goal for Spain, in his penultimate match for Spain. His last cap would be vs. Portugal in January 1991.
He had just rejoined Valencia that season after 4 years in Barcelona.

-Roberto and Andoni Zubizaretta have both played for Barcelona and Valencia in their careers.

-This was Carlos’ third straight goal for Spain in his first three caps
He would score twice in the next match in December vs. Albania in a 9-0 win

-Emilio Butragueno would score four goals in the next match in December vs. Albania in a 9-0 win. He would become Spain’s top goalscorer with 26 goals overtaking Alfredo di Stefano.
He would also be Spanish la Liga’ pichichi that season with 19 goals.

-Rafael Martin Vazquez was the only foreign-based player in the Spanish national team. He was the only one in the pre-Bosman days.

-Martin Vazquez and Czechoslovakia’s Skuhravy were Italian Serie A based players.

-Juan Goicoetchea was the revelation of the season in Spain with Barcelona, having returned that season after a two-season loan from Real Sociedad.

Match Reports:

se Lvickem na prsou/Slavne Nohy Pokracuji/Todo Sobre La Seleccion Espanola

Match Video / Highlights:

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