Monday, August 27, 2012

Trivia and Facts-Part 19

1-Frenchman Michel Platini, Polish Zbigniew Boniek and Wales’ Mark Hughes all have played club and national team matches on consecutive days, in case of Hughes on the same day.
Michel Platini played a World Cup qualifier vs. Luxembourg on October 13, 1984 (won 4-0 with a goal by Platini), with the game wrapped up by halftime he was substituted in the 57th minute and left and immediately traveled back to Italy to play a league match the following day for Juventus vs. Verona (lost 0-2.)
Zbigniew Boniek played in the ill-fated Champions Cup Final on May 29,1 985 vs. Liverpool (won 1-0, penalty kick earned by Boniek) and then played the following day a World Cup qualifier at Albania (won 1-0, goal by Boniek).
Welshman Mark Hughes played a UEFA European Championship qualifier on November 11, 1987 at Prague vs. Czechoslovakia (lost 0-2). Following the match, he was driven into Germany and played for Bayern Munich as a substitute in a German Cup match vs. Borussia Moenchengladbach (won 3-2).
Photo from : World Soccer , December 1987
(Mark Hughes in action vs. Czechoslovakia, November 11, 1987, EC Qualifier, Czechoslovakia 2-Wales 0)

Photo from : Onze, June 1985
(Boniek earning Juventus the winning penalty kick vs. Liverpool on May 29, 1985)

Photo from : Onze, November 1984
(Michel Platini in the France linup on October 13, 1984 vs Luxembourg)

2- When the 1990-91 French League season started, Gerard Gili was the manager of reigning Champions Olympique Marseille and Belgian Raymond Goethals was the manager of Bordeaux.
By the end of the season the roles were reversed as each was the manager of the other team.
They had both been dismissed early in the season and were eventually re-hired by the other team.
Incidentally, Raymond Goethals was the manager of Olympique Marseille for three seasons, but never managed the team from the start of the season.
In all three seasons (190/91 through 1992/93), he was called upon as manager after the then current manager was dismissed or resigned. (Gerard Gili/Franz Beckenbauer in 1990/91, Tomislav Ivic in 1991/92 and Jean Fernandez in 1992/93).

Photo from : Onze-Mondial, October 1989
(Belgian manager Raymond Goetahls)

3- SV Hamburg’s Felix Magath was so angry at being left out of West Germany’s squad for the 1982 World Cup Final, that he announced his retirement from the national team and refused further call ups from manager Juup Derwall.
He made his comeback for the national after the appointment of Franz Beckenbauer in 1984, who was successful in convincing Magath to return as a playmaker that Germany desperately needed.

Photo From: France Football, May 20, 1986, Issue 2093
(Felix Magath, June 15, 1985, Azteca 2000, Mexico 2-West Germany 0)

4- Englishman Charles William Alcock is the earliest born International player in the history of International Football.
On March 6, 1875, he captained and scored for England in an international friendly vs. Scotland at London (2-2 tie).
He was born on December 2, 1842 , and was also an administrator and served as the FA Secretary.

Photo from : Onze-Mondial, July 1993
(Charles William Alcock)

5- For the friendly match between Holland and Sweden on April 27, 1983 (won 3-0 by Sweden), the swedes came out with shirt advertisements on their jersey.
Dutch television tried to persuade them to use their reserve kits. Since they had no reserve kit, it was decided to tape over the ads on the shirts.


  1. Did the Swedes tape over the offending advertisements at half-time?

    1. no i believe prior to the match
      i can not really tell, but in this footage, the advertisemnt on the back of the shirts appears to be have a black tape over

  2. On the 13th of November, 1985, Danish player Søren Lerby played two games in two countries on the same day. His first game was in the afternoon a World Cup qualifier with Denmark against the Republic of Ireland in Dublin, followed later in the evening with a second half substitute appearance for Bayern Munich against Bochum in the German Cup.

    1. thanks i did not know, so it is not the first time bayern munich have resorted to that