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November 15, 1989, Austria 3-East Germany 0

November 15, 1989
Austria 3-East Germany 0
World Cup Qualifying -Group 3
Venue: Vienna (Wien)- Praterstadion
Attendance: 57,000
Referee: Piotr Werner (Poland) 
Goalscorers: (Austria): Anton Polster, 2, 21 pen, 61
 (East Germany): None
1-Klaus Lindenberger (Fußball club Swarovski Tirol –Innsbruck)  [32 caps / 0 goals]    
5-Ernst Aigner (
Fußball Klub Austria Wien) [3 caps / 0 goals]    
3-Robert Pecl
(Sportklub Rapid Wien) [14 caps / 0 goals]    
4-Anton Pfeffer (
Fußball Klub Austria Wien) [18 caps / 0 goals]    
11-Peter Artner
(Wien Admira Wacker Sportklub)  [16 caps / 0 goals]    
2-Christian Keglevits
(Sportklub Rapid Wien) [11 caps / 2 goals]    
8-Manfred Linzmaier (
Fußball club Swarovski Tirol –Innsbruck) [15 caps / 2 goals]    
6-Manfred Zsak (
Fußball Klub Austria Wien) [25 caps / 3 goals]    
10-Alfred H
örtnagel (Fußball club Swarovski Tirol –Innsbruck) [6 caps / 0 goals]    
7-Andreas Ogris (
Fußball Klub Austria Wien) [23 caps / 3 goals]    (13-Andreas Herzog (Sportklub Rapid Wien) [13 caps / 3 goals]    76th) ( 15-Heimo Pfeiffenberger (Sportklub Rapid Wien) [2 caps / 1 goals]   79th)
9-Anton Polster
(Sevilla Fútbol Club / Spain)  [32 caps / 14 goals]    

Coach: Josef Hickersberger
Booked: Zsak 16, Pfeffer 25

Team Captain: Manfred Zsak
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Puma
Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Black Shorts, Black Socks

Photo From: Österreichs Fußball Länderspiele Chronik 1902 – 1993, Author: Anton Egger

East Germany:
1-Dirk Heyne (1. Fussball-Club Magdeburg)   [6 caps / 0 goals]    
3-Dirk Stahmann (1. Fussball-Club Magdeburg)   [46 caps / 2 goals]    
2-Ronald Kreer (1. Fussball-Club Lokomotive Leipzig)   [65 caps / 2 goals]    
10-Detlef Schössler (Sportgemeinschaft Dynamo Dresden)  [17 caps / 0 goals]    
4-Matthias Lindner (1. Fussball-Club Lokomotive Leipzig) [18 caps / 0 goals]    
5-Matthias Döschner (Sportgemeinschaft Dynamo Dresden) [40 caps / 2 goals]    (14-Thomas Doll (Berliner Fussball-Club Dynamo) [25 caps / 5 goals] 42nd)
8-Rico Steinmann (Fussball-Club Karl-Marx-Stadt)  [18 caps / 1 goals]    
6-Matthias Sammer (Sportgemeinschaft Dynamo Dresden) [18 caps / 3 goals]    (15-Uwe Weidemann (Fussball-Club Rot-Weiss Erfurt)  [6 caps / 0 goals] 79th)  
7-Jörg Stübner (Sportgemeinschaft Dynamo Dresden)   [43 caps / 1 goals]    
9-Ulf Kirsten (Sportgemeinschaft Dynamo Dresden)  [44 caps / 11 goals]    
11-Andreas Thom (Berliner Fussball-Club Dynamo)  [50 caps / 16 goals]    

Coach: Eduard Geyer
Booked: Matthias Döschner 4, Dirk Stahmann 70, Rico Steinmann 70
Sent-off: Ronald Kreer 75     

Team Captain: Ronald Kreer, Kirsten assumed captaincy 75th

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas

Uniform Colors: Blue Shirts, White Shorts , Blue Socks


-Match number 512 for Austria and number 286 for East Germany.

-This was the 6th and final meeting between the nations, as Germany would be re-unified by the following year.
All 6 matches have taken place in Vienna and Leipzig and all have been World Cup Qualifiers.

-The previous match between the nations was the first leg of this qualifier, played in Leipzig on May 20, 1989, that ended in a one-one tie.
Austria players: Lindenberger, Pecl, Pfeffer, Artner, Zsak, Herzog, Ogris and Polster and East Germany Players: Stahmann, Lindner, Doll, Stübner, Sammer, Weidemann, Steinmann, Kreer, Kirsten and Thom also took part in that match.
Polster scored in both matches a total of 4 goals.
Ulf Kirsten scored East Germany’s goal.
East Germany’s Doll and Weidemann were substituted on in both matches. Weidemann replaced Sammer in both matches.

-This was Austria’s first and only victory over East Germany.

-The previous match between the nations in the same stadium was also a World Cup Qualifier on September 24, 1977 that ended in a one-one tie.
Austria’s Manager Josef Hickersberger played in that match.

-East Germany’s only win was a World Cup Qualifier in Leipzig on October 31, 1965 that they won 1-0.

-Unified Germany played Austria in a friendly to scoreless tie on November 18, 1992 in Nürnberg.
Former East Germans Doll and Kirsten played in that match, as did Austria’s
Zsak, Polster, Artner, Pfeifenberger, Herzog and Ogris.

Photo Frrom: Onze-Mondial, Issue 16, May 1990
(Toni Polster scoring from the spot)

-Unified Germany defeated Austria 1-5 in a friendly on June 2, 1994 in Vienna.
Polster scored for Austria on a penalty kick. Sammer scored one of Germany’s goals.

-Austria qualified for the World Cup Finals from this group along with group winner USSR. This group also contained East Germany, Turkey and Iceland.

-This was Austria’s first ever qualification for the World Cup Finals, as well as its first qualification of any kind, since the 1982 World Cup.

-This was East Germany’s first match since the fall of the Berlin wall, just a week before.
East Germany had a  chance of qualifying had they won, but obviously had other things in their mind.
This was also East Germany’s last ever competitive International before re-unification.

-Stahmann fouled Keglevits in the box for Austria’s penalty kick in the 21st minute.

-On July 17, 1989, Eduard Geyer was appointed as East Germany manager, after the dismissal of Manfred Zapf.

-This World Cup Qualification campaign was one of East Germany’s poorest in years. They lost 4 matches, including twice to Turkey.

-This was East German Captain, Ronald Kreer last cap and he was sent off.
Dirk Stahmann and Matthias Döschner also played their last matches for East Germany.

-Thomas Doll subbed in before halftime as East Germany was already 0-2 down and in disarray.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Hors Serie 3, 1990
(Andreas Ogris)

-Austria’s Andreas Herzog was substituted off, 3 minutes after coming on as a substitute, after he was fouled when he took a shot.

-Rico Steinman and Toni Polster were teammates at German Bundesliga’s FC Koln in the 1990s.
Polster also played at Bundesliga’s Borussia Moenchengladbach.

-Toni Polster was the only foreign-based player in either team. He played in Spain’s Sevilla. He became the second highest goalscorer in Spain that season.

-Andreas Herzog and Heimo Pfeiffenberger both played in German Bundesliga’s Werder Bremen. Herzog also played one season at Bayern Munich (1995/96).
Herzog won the Bundesliga title with Werder in 1992/93 season.

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, Hors Serie 3, 1990
(Hat Trick hero Toni Polster in action)

-Austria’s previous captain Heribert Weber had been recently cut from the team after he had refused a positional switch.
Herbert Prohaska had retired at the end of the previous season. They were the last two survivors of the 1978 and 1982 World Cup squads.

-Austria’s Zsak had been appointed as Captain for this match following the axing of Heribert Weber. By next year, Toni Polster was appointed as Austria’s Captain.

-Austria’s other high scoring forward Gerhard Rodax did not play in this match.
Regulars Kurt Russ and Michael Streiter also were not included.

-Austria’s Klaus Lindenberger, Manfred Linzmaier and Alfred Hörtnagel won the League title with Swarovski Tirol of Innsbruck that season.

-In the second half of the season Andreas Thom joined West Germany’s Bayer Leverkusen. Ulf Kirsten joined him the following season and stayed there until the end of his career in 2003.

 -Matthias Sammer also joined Bundesliga’s VfB Stuttgart in the following season and joined Borussia Dortmund in 1993. He won Bundesliga titles with Stuttgart and Dortmund and managed Dortmund to a Bundesliga title in 2002.
He is the current Sport Director of Bayern Munich.

-Sammer, Kirsten, Doll and Thom were integrated in the unified German National team by the following year.

-East Germany’s Detlef Schössler, Matthias Döschner, Matthias Sammer, Jörg Stübner and  Ulf Kirsten were East German champions with Dynamo Dresden that season. The previous season they had reached the semi-Finals of the UEFA Cup.

-Austria’s Toni Polster (Torino) and East Germany’s Sammer (Internazionale Milano), Doll (Lazio) played in Italy’s Serie A.

Match Reports:

Chronik des deutschen fussballs, 2005/ Österreichs Fußball Länderspiele Chronik 1902 – 1993, Author: Anton Egger

Match Video / Highlights:

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