Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trivia and Facts-Part 24

1- During a World Cup Qualifier, Between Iceland and Scotland on May 28, 1985 at Reyjavik (won 1 to 0 by Scotland), Scotland’s Graeme Souness fouled and injured Iceland’s Siggi Jonsson who had to be taken off and had to go to a hospital and have his leg plastered.
After retuning to the team hotel, Jonsson was surprised when he received a visit from Rock Star and Scotland fan Rod Stewart, who brought with him a six-pack and chatted with him.

Photo from: L’Annee du Football, 1988
(Rock star and soccer enthusiast, Rod Stewart)

2- Brazilian player Edilson was axed from Brazil’s Copa America squad of 1999 after inciting other players to attack him in a Paulista Final match.
The Corinthians player joggled the ball and had it roll down his back during the match.
This incited two Palmeiras players who attacked him.
Brazil manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo cited this disrespectful attitude as the reason for his non-inclusion.

3- France manager Aimé Jacquet was forced to substitute Reynald Pedros at halftime of a friendly match vs. Mexico on August 31, 1996 (won 2 to 0 by France).
Reynald Pedros was taken off after being constantly heckled and insulted by the French fans. The match was being played at Parc des Princes, the home stadium of Paris Saint-Germain. He had just joined Paris’ main rivals Olympique Marseille which provoked the negative reaction from the fans.

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, October 1996
(Florian maurice in action for France, Reynald Pedros is seen at the far right , August 31, 1996, France 2-Mexico 0)

4- Brazil Manager Carlos Alberto Pareira once described managing Brazil as being a ‘Robocop’, essentially just defending himself from constant attacks.
He went on to describe how after Brazil had defeated Bolivia in a World Cup Qualifier by 6 goals to 0 (August 29, 1993, WCQ, Brazil 6-Bolivia 0), the press complained that Brazil had played too defensively.

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, July 1994
(Carlos Alberto Pareira in a white shirt at the center celebrating Brazil’s World Cup win, July 17, 1994, World Cup,. Brazil 0-Italy 0)

5- In preparations for the 1970 World Cup, England played a friendly match in Bogotá, Colombia.
One night Bobby Charlton and Bobby Moore went out to a gift shop called Fuergo Verde.
Suddenly the alarm bell went off and the shop assistant claimed an item was missing and pointed a finger at Bobby Moore.
In front of the Police, Hotel Manager and National team manager Alf Ramsey, Bobby Moore denied any involvement and even offered to be searched
The Hotel management told him that would not be necessary and the incident seemed to have been resolved.
After another friendly match in Ecuador, the England squad returned to Bogotá.
Once there, Bobby Moore was arrested for the theft of an alleged Emerald Bracelet from the Fuego Verde shop.
On the flight out the squad were surprised that Moore was missing. Alf Ramsey informed the squad that Bobby Moore had been left behind in Bogotá.
The seemingly resolved incident was re-opened after a witness had stepped forward and offered testimony.
Bobby Moore was placed in house arrest. The British diplomats had to get involved to expedite and resolve the matter for good.
Due to the inconsistencies of the testimonies of the “witnesses”, the judge dropped the case due to insufficient evidence.

Photo from: World Soccer, April 1993
(Bobby Moore in action for West Ham United vs. Bobby Charlton of Manchester United on the left)

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