Thursday, May 2, 2013

Old Match Photographs-Part 15f

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 49, February 1993
(Argentina teammates Gabriel Batistuta of Fiorentina and Claudio Caniggia of AS Roma, 1992/93)
Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 29, June 1991
(Fernando Gomes in his last season with Sporting Lisbon)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 7, August 1989
(Bernard Zenier and West German defender Manfred Kaltz during his very short stay at Bordeaux in the summer of 1989)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 87, March 1983
(Brazilian Dirceu with Verona, 1982/83)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 22, October 1977
(Ajax’s Dick Schoenacker, Feyenoord’s Wim Rijsbergen in the background)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 16, April 1977
(Juventus’ Gaetano Scirea and Dino Zoff)

Photo From: Mondial, old series, issue 31, June 1979
(Nottingham Forest’s Viv Anderson and Coventry City’s Tommy Hutchiosn)

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 38, May 1983
(Athletic Bilbao’s Andoni Goikoetchea, 1982/83)

Photo From: Spain 82, Authors: Phil Soar, Richard Widdows
(Belgium’s Luc Millecamps with exchanged Argentinian jesrey and Maurice de Schrijver, June 13, 1982, World Cup, Belgium 1-Argentina 0)

Photo From: World Soccer, January 1991
(Peter Schmeichel with Brondby, 1990/91)

Photo From: World Soccer, March 1977
(Italy’s Roberto Bettga, Patrizio Sala and France Causio, Claudio Gentile can be seen in the background)

Photo From: World Soccer, February 1970
(Tottenham’s Jimmy Greaves and Liverpool’s Tommy Smith)

Photo From: World Soccer, January 1967
(Arsenal Manager Bertie Mee welcoming new signing George Graham of Chelsea, Graham himself would become Arsenal manager)

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1965
(Giacinto Facchetti)

Photo From: World Soccer, January 1963
(An advertisement with Bobby Moore)

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1962
(Juventus’ Welshman John Charles)

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1961
(Austria’s Gerhard Hannapi)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 61, February 1994
(Mario Zagallo)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 69, October 1994
(Jean-Pierre Papin at Bayern Munich, September 28, 1994, Champions League, Bayern Munich 1-Dinamo Kiev 0)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 56, September 1993
(Martin Dahlin and Frank Sauzee with exchanged jerseys, August 22, 1993, World Cup Qualifier, Sweden 1-France 1)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 33, October 1991
(Mathias Sammer with Stuttgart 1991)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 27, April 1991
(Torino’s Gianluigi Lentini, 1990/91)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 122, February 1986
(Internazionale Milano’s Giuseppe Bergomi, 1985/86)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 107, November 1984
(Independiente’s Ricardo Giusti)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 116, August 1985
(1985 Paris St Germain recruits, top, left to right: Robert Jacques, Gerard Houiller (manager), Omar Da Fonseca, Claude Lowitz, Bottom, left to right: Fabrice Poullain, Michel Bibard, Oumar Sene, Joel Bats)

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