Saturday, January 4, 2014

Debate Topic, Part Six

For me the 1982 World Cup is very memorable because it was the event that made me a Football fan.
I was introduced to a whole new universe. I learned names like Zico, Rummenigge, Platini, Maradona, Paolo Rossi, Zoff, Breitner, etc.
There are so many things I can clearly remember from those days where it felt like the World had stopped and revolved around what was happening in Spain.
 I would like people who experienced this World Cup to share their memories, such as events, what they remember most, etc.
What memorable matches you remember? Decisions you could not understand?

Photo From: Azzurri, Storia della Nazionale di calcio tre volte campioni del Mondo, 1910-1983
(The victorious Italians)


  1. Beautiful topic, that strikes an obvious chord with me, being italian.
    It's the renaissance of our football and possibly the nation itself. I was 8 and on vacation, I listened to the final matches over the radio, on the beach. For the final we went to a restaurant/bar/pub. I remember playing on the beach and almost unbelievably learning that we had beaten Brazil!!!
    I remember more distinctly, however (and wierdly) watching the group matches in another holiday location, with the other grandparents, with a colour TV, and the disappointment that the adults felt about the team. The only one who was respected and survived the post-match endless trials was Zoff.
    From Spain '82, I started following closely football and Juventus became my favourite team. That World Cup has now an almost mythic quality, for all the italians over 40.

  2. one of my first memories was the whole France-Kuwait goal farce that even to a nine year old like myself seemed unreal

  3. needless to say the 1982 Brazil team comes to my mind, within weeks everyone (muself and my neighbors) seemed to know the name of every member of the team

  4. another memory I have is of maradona's closed angle goal vs hungary

  5. As far as the goalkeepers, everyone seemed to like Rinat dassayev

  6. My first real World Cup is just began in USA 94, but when the author talks about Dassaev, I have ever met and get his signature while he visited Vietnam many years ago.

    I've just knew through documentary.

    The billboard logo in Gijon is very meaningful, it give us an idea about goal and fishing-net as well.

    And Espagna 82 is the first World Cup in Vietnam we have Express News, it means newspaper report the match just 1 day after the game will played. That owned by Vietnam News Agency.

  7. your channel at youtube is very great place for me to look back world football in 80' -90'. thanks you so much, but i think it's better if you could make detail by playlist for subcriber easier to take match as i want. happy new year!

  8. Obviously the brazil team is the abiding memory of the 1982 world cup.. We all know they were something special and we all know that they had the ability to win a world cup. If they hadnt been so sloppy against italy they would be held in the same esteem as brazil 1970.. What other team in history that got knocked out in the quarter finals( 2nd group stage) consistently appears in lists of all time greats.. Holland 74 and hungary 54 both got to final - brazil 82 didnt reach a semi final yet they are ranked among the greats. They are seen as better than the french teams that reached two semi finals in 82 and 86.. So my favourite memory of espana 82 has to be eder's flick and volley against ussr and virtually everything brazil did in that tournament.. My worst memory is junior's careless performance against italy when he played rossi onside for the winner.. But that brazil team of 82 (apart from serginho) is the reason brazil have been so overrated and overhyped since

  9. Another memory of espana 82 is the fouling tactics of italy especially against argentina and the despicable germans .. The west germans conspired with austria to draw their final group game and in the semi final shumacher nearly killed battiston with the worst foul i ever saw.. It was the world cup that thuggery won over art and flair.. Without brazil and to a lesser extent france the world cup would have been dull

  10. Hungary thumped El Salvador 10-1, still the biggest win in finals history, while Laszlo Kiss becomes the only substitute to score a hat-trick in a World Cup Finals match.