Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eric Batty, Brian Glanville and other World Soccer Columns- Part Seven

I.  Eric Batty

WS Magazine Issue: April 1967                   
Article Title(s): ‘Libero’ now a vital factor
-Eric Batty’s analysis of the importance of the libero     

WS Magazine Issue: February 1971
Article Title(s): ‘More Thoughts on Techniques of Defense’
-Eric Batty’s Analysis on Defensive play

WS Magazine Issue: January 1983     
Article Title(s): ‘Quality Players Missing’
-Eric Batty’s review of the year 1982

WS Magazine Issue: November 1972 and September 1973  
Article Title(s):  ‘If Only They Could Play!’ and ‘World XI’
-The World XI selections for the years 1972 and 1973.

(Eric Batty)

II.   Brian Glanville

WS Magazine Issue: December 1967
Article Title(s): ‘Is Scottish Football Dead?’
-Discussing Scotland’s style of play

WS Magazine Issue: August 1971
Article Title(s): ‘Rumanian Journalists agreeably unbiased’
-Brian Glanville’s regular ‘Looking at Soccer’ column

WS Magazine Issue: April 1983
Article Title(s): ‘Corinthians Celebrate 100 years of Football History’
- His regular Column

WS Magazine Issue: August 1998
Article Title(s): ‘Brian Glanville’s Last Word’
- His regular Column with his thoughts on the World Cup in France 1998

(Brian Glanville)

III.  Other Writers:

a) Leslie Vernon

WS Magazine Issue: January 1967
Article Title(s): ‘The Once-Great Man of Football’
-Leslie Vernon’s memories of Ferenc Puskas

b) Leslie Vernon

WS Magazine Issue: May 1971
Article Title(s): ‘English are no longer good losers’

c) Alex Gordon

WS Magazine Issue: September 1982
Article Title(s): ‘Scotland The Brave-You must be Joking!’
                -Discussing Scotland’s failure during the 1982 World Cup

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