Thursday, April 24, 2014

Debate Topic, Part Eight

It has been said that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have both excelled beyond most people’s expectations because each one pushed the other in a positive way to achieve greater heights.
Bearing that in mind, do you believe that if Diego Maradona had a worthy adversary, would he have achieved even more and/or would he have been forced to train in a more professional and disciplined environment?

Photo From:  Mondial, new series, Issue 18, September 1981
(Diego Maradona with Boca Juniors, 1981)


  1. Nice idea for a debate, that goes beyond the usual trite Messi vs Maradona vs Pele argument!
    I think that for personal reasons, Maradona would have been the same, because he had a proper 'entourage' that would make him focus on training and improving. He was blesses with such talent that he didn't even need to train properly to be the best.
    This being said, I remember that in Italy he was always considered 'second-best', at least until Platini started to fade in late'85 early 86. After the World Cup in Mexico and the League with Naples, Maradona was already 27 years old, and was past his peak, and even the arrival of media superstar Gullit, winning the Golden Ball and the league, made him reconsider his attitude.

  2. right, platini was towards the tail end of his career when maradona was at his peak, afterwards he did not have a direct rival to be compared to