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Tributes, Part 3

Tributes:  Sandy Jardine (December 31, 1948-April 24, 2014)
     Tito Vilanova (September 17, 1968-April 25, 2014)
               Vujadin Boskov (May 16, 1931-April 27, 2014)
               Francisco das Chagas Marinho Marinho Chagas (February 8, 1952-May 31, 2014)
               Gyula Grosics (February 4, 1926-June 13, 2014)
                Alfredo Di Stefano (July 4, 1926-July 7, 2014)

Sandy Jardine

William Pullar ‘Sandy’ Jardine was a Scottish International defender who spent the majority of his career at Rangers Glasgow and then spent the last six years of his career at Hearts.
His International career spanned the 1970s, he represented Scotland in the 1974 and 1978 World Cups.
 He was diagnosed with cancer in 2012.
He passed away on April 24th, aged 65.

Photo From: Scotland, The Team, Author: Andrew Ward
(Sandy Jardine)

Tito Vilanova

Tito Vilanova had an undistinguished playing career. He had a three year spell at Celta Vigo in the 90s though he rarely played.
He is remembered firstly as Josip Guardiola’s assistant at Barcelona during the magical years (2008/2012).
After Guardiola stepped down Vilanova was surprisingly chosen as Manager. He was viewed as an in-house person who would carry on Guardiola’s traditions.
Unfortunately, his first season in charge would be his last. He did win the League title in, however he was forced to step down in July 2013.
He had been diagnosed with parotid gland cancer and the treatment required ended his coaching career.
He passed away on April 25th, aged 45.

Photo from: France Football, May 25, 2012
(Tito Vilanova)

Vujadin Boskov

Yugoslav Manager is remembered from his playing days at Vojvodina. His managerial career was even more remarkable.
Aside from managing the National team, he managed many prestigious teams across Europe, such as AS Roma, Feyenoord and Real Madrid (reaching the 1981 Champions Cup Final vs. Liverpool).
However, his greatest achievement will surely be the six years he spent managing provincial Serie A side Sampdoria.
He won numerous Cups, as well as the 1990 Cup Winners Cup, however his greatest achievement was  winning the Serie A league title in 1990/91.
He was able to lead to triumph a side led by the double strike force of Gianluca Vialli and Roberto Mancini against the likes of Maradona’s Napoli, Baggio’s Juventus and the Dutch and West German inspired Milanese clubs of AC Milan and Internazionale.
The following season he even led Sampdoria all the way to the Final of the Champions League, but lost again vs. Barcelona.
He passed away on April 27th, aged 82.

Photo from: Calcio 2000, Issue 22, August 1999
(Vujadin Boskov)

Marinho Chagas 

Brazilian left back Marinho Chagas is mostly remembered as the defender with long blond hair during the 1974 World Cup.
In some circles he was made the scapegoat for Brazil’s failure during that World Cup.
He is also remembered from his days at Botafogo, he later spent some time in NASL with New York Cosmos.
He passed away on May 31st, aged 62 from digestive hemorrhage.

Photo from: Seleccao Brasileira -90 Anos 1914-2004, Authors Antonio Carlos Napoleao, Roberto Assaf
(Marinho Chagas, June 13, 1974, World Cup, Brazil 0-Yugoslavia)
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, August 1974 / English) 

Gyula Grosics 

Gyula Grosics was Hungary’s goalkeeper during the 1950s, during the glorious era of ‘The Mighty Magyars’.
He passed away on June 13th, aged 88.

Photo from: World Soccer, September 1962
(Grosics after his farewell match vs. Kaiserslautern in 1962)

(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, September 1962/ English) 

Alfredo Di Stefano

The greatest player of his generation Alfredo Di Stefano will always be synonymous with Real Madrid’s 1950s glory era.
Born in Buenos Aires he made his name with River Plate in the latter half of the 1940s and earned International caps with Argentina.
In 1949, he joined Colombia’s outlaw league by joining Millionarios.
In 1953 he was involved in a tug of war between Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. He joined Real Madrid and never looked back and Spain effectively became his home for the remainder of his life.
He took up Spanish citizenship and played for the national team as well.
His eleven years with Real Madrid culminated in the first five Champions Cup triumphs, as well as nine La Liga triumphs.
He also won the Ballon d’Or twice in 1957 and 1959 awarded by ‘France Football’ Magazine.
Born a little too soon for the Television age (he later admitted he wished color Television had existed in his day), he was nearing the end of his career when a young Pele was reaching his height and benefiting from the advances in television coverage.
World Cup glory eluded him as Argentina did not participate in the 1950 World Cup. He was part of Spain’s squad during the 1962 World Cup in Chile but injury prevented him from making an appearance.
He was kinapped in 1963 in Venezuela by a Revolutionary group but released unharmed two days later.
He left Real Madrid in 1964 joining RCD Espanol Barcelona and retiring two years later.
He later managed a multitude of clubs such as Boca Juniors and River Plate in Argentina and Real Madrid in two separate spells.
He managed Valencia in three separate occasions.
As Real Madrid Manager he was responsible for giving debuts to the ‘El Quinta del Buitre’ generation.
In December 1989, he was awarded the Super Ballon d’Or by ‘France Football’ Magazine as the greatest Euroepan player of the year winner.
He passed away on July 7th, aged 88 from a heart attack.

Photo from: As Color, December 23, 1990
(Alfredo Di Stefano)

Photo from: France Football, Issue 2281, December 26, 1989
(Alfredo Di Stefano and Marco van Basten with their respective Ballon d’Or awarded in 1989)

Photo from: France Football, Issue 2281, December 26, 1989
(Alfredo Di Stefano and his wife Sara with his Super Ballon d’Or awarded in 1989)

Photo from: France Football, Issue 2281, December 26, 1989
(Alfredo Di Stefano)

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(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, July 1971/ English By Norman Cutler) 
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