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April 29,1987-Romania 3-Spain 1

April 29, 1987
Romania 3-Spain 1
European Championship Qualifying-Group 1
Venue: Bucuresti (Bucharest), Ghencea Stadionul (Steaua)
Attendance: 30,000
Referee: Alexis Ponnet (Belgium)
Goalscorers: (Romania): Victor Piturca 38', Dorin Mateut 43',
Nicolae Ungureanu 45'
                    (Spain): Ramon Caldere 81'

1-Silviu Lung (Clubului Sportiv Universitatea Craiova) [43 / 0]
2-Stefan Iovan (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua- Bucuresti)  [19 / 3]   (14-Nicolae Negrila (Clubului Sportiv Universitatea Craiova) [27 / 1] 78th)
3-Adrian Bumbescu (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua- Bucuresti)    [9 / 1]
6-Miodrag Belodedici  (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua- Bucuresti)  [11 / 2]
4-Nicolae Ungureanu (Clubului Sportiv Universitatea Craiova) [49 / 1]
5-Dorin Mateut (Clubul Sportiv Dinamo Bucuresti) [24 / 4]
10-Ladislau Boloni  (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua- Bucuresti)  [93 / 19] 
8-Michael Klein (Corvinul –Hunedoara)  [56 / 3] (15-Gavril Pelé Balint (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua- Bucuresti) [18 / 2] 89th)
7-Marius Mihai Lacatus (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua- Bucuresti[18 / 4]
9-Victor Piturca (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua- Bucuresti)    [10 / 6]
11-Gheorghe Hagi (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua- Bucuresti)  [36 / 10]      

Coach: Emerich Jenei
Booked: Adrian Bumbescu  15', Ladislau Bölöni  73'

Team Captain: Ladislau Boloni
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Yellow Shirts, Yellow Shorts, Yellow Socks

Photo From: Fotbal, May 1987
(Romania squad, Top, left to right: Ladislau Boloni, Silviu Lung, Miodrag Belodedici, Victor Piturca, Adrian Bumbescu, Stefan Iovan , Bottom, left to right:  Gheorghe Hagi, Nicolae Ungureanu, Marius Mihai Lacatus, Dorin Mateut, Michael Klein , April 29, 1987, European Championship Qualifier, Romania 3-Spain 1)

1-Andoni ‘Zubizarreta’ Urreta (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [22 / 0]
2-‘Manuel Sanchis’ Hontiyuelo (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [5 / 0]
4-Genar ‘Andrinua’ Cortabarría (Athletic Club de Bilbao) [3 / 0]
5-Andoni ‘Goikoetxea’ Olaskoaga (Athletic Club de Bilbao) [37 / 4] (14-‘Joaquin’ Alonso Gonzalez (Real Sporting de Gijón) [17 / 1] 18th)
3-Jose Antonio ‘Camacho’ Alfaro (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [77 / 0] (12-Miguel ‘Soler’ Sarasols (Real Club Deportivo Espanol-Barcelona) [1 / 0] 38th)
10-Ricardo ‘Gallego’ Redondo (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [36 / 2]
8-José Miguel ‘Michel’ Martín del Campo (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [18 / 3]
11-Ramon Maria Caldere (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [13 / 6]
6- ‘Victor’ Munoz Manrique (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [49 / 3]
9- ‘Emilio Butragueňo’ Santos  (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [24 / 12]
7- ‘Eloy’ Jose Olaya Prendes (Real Sporting de Gijón)  [11 / 4]

Coach: ‘Miguel Munoz’ Mozun
Booked: Calderé  51', Joaquín Alonso 61', Eloy 71'

Other Subs:
Francisco ‘Buyo’ Sanchez (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol)
‘Roberto’ Fernandez  Bonillo (Fútbol Club Barcelona)
Francisco Javier ‘Carrasco’ Hidalgo (Fútbol Club Barcelona)
Julio ‘Salinas’ Fernandez  (Club Atlético de Madrid) 

Team Captain: Jose Antonio ‘Camacho’ Alfaro
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Le Coq Sportif
Uniform Colors: Red Shirts, Blue Shorts , Black Socks


-Match number 362 for Romania and number 317 for Spain.

-This was the 11th meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as the previous match on Spanish soil and Spain’s previous victory, was the first leg of this European Championship Qualifier at Sevilla’s Estadio Benito Villamarin on November 12, 1986 that Spain won 1 to 0.
Romania players: Lung, Iovan, Bumbescu, Belodedici, Ungureanu, Boloni, Klein, Hagi, Lacatus and Balint and Spain players: Zubizaretta, Sanchis, Camacho, Victor, Michel, Gallego, Butragueno and Eloy were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Michel scored Spain’s winner.
Gavril Pelé Balint came on as a late substitute in both matches.

-The previous match between the nations on Romanian soil, was also a European Championship Qualifier on April 4, 1979 at Craiova’s Stadionul Central that ended in a 2 to 2 tie.
Romania players: Lung and Boloni and Spain player: Carrasco were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).

-The previous match between the nations at the same venue, as well as Romania’s previous victory, was a World Cup Qualifier on April 16, 1977 that Romania won 1 to 0.
Romania players: Boloni and Spanish player: Camacho were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Incidentally both were captains for this 1987 match.

-The previous match at a neutral venue, was during the 1984 UEFA European Championship Finals at Saint Etienne ‘s Stade Geoffroy Guichard, on June 14, 1984 that ended in a 1 to 1 tie.
Romania players: Lung, Ungureanu, Klein, Boloni, Hagi and Negrila and Spain players: Camacho, Goicoetchea, Victor, Gallego,  Carrasco, Buyo, Roberto, Butragueno and Zubizarreta were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Francisco Carrasco and Boloni scored for their respective nations.
Miguel Munoz was Spain’s Manager.
The same referee, the Belgian Alexis Ponnet also refereed that match.

-The next match between the nations as well as the next match on Spanish soil and next Romanian victory, was a Friendly match at Caceres’ Estadio Principe Felipe on April 17, 1991 that Romania won 2 to 0.
Romania players: Mateut, Hagi and Balint and Spain players: Zubizarreta, Michel and Butragueno were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Gavril Balint scored one of Romania’s goals.
After this loss, Spain Manager Luis Suarez was sacked.

-The next match between the nations at  neutral venue and Spain’s next win would be a UEFA European Championship Finals match on June 18, 1996 at Leeds’ Elland Road that Spain won 2 to 1.
Romania players: Hagi, Belodedici and Lacatus and Spain players: Zubizarreta, and Salinas were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).

-Victor Piturca managed Romania vs. Spain on November 15, 2006 at Cadiz that Romania won 1 to 0.

-Spain Manager Miguel Munoz selected the following squad on April 20, 1987
Goalkeepers: Zubizaretta,Buyo
Defenders: Gallego, Sanchis, Camacho, Andrinua,Goikoechea, Soler
Midfielder: Victor, Caldere, Roberto, Michel,Joaquin Alonso
Strikers: Salinas, Carrasco, Butragueno, Eloy

Photo From: Marca, April 30, 1987

-Spain were missing Julio Alberto, Rafael Gordillo, Chendo and Juan Senor.

-Romania  were missing Tudorel Stoica, Ioan Andone, Mircea Rednic and Rodion Camataru.

-This was RCD Espanol Barcelona defender Miguel Soler’s first cap.
He is the only player to have played for both Madrid and Barcelona teams. He represented RCD Espanol, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.

-Team captains Ladislau Boloni and Jose Camacho were the longest serving players of both teams. They both made their national team debuts in 1975.
They have both managed their respective national teams as well. Boloni managed Romania (2000-2001) and Camacho managed Spain (1998-2002).
Camacho has also managed the Chinese National Team (2011-2013).
They both have also managed Portuguese teams. Boloni managed Sporting Lisbon (2001-2003) and Camacho managed Benfica (2002-2004).
Boloni joined Belgium’s Racing Jet the following season.

Photo From: Marca, April 30, 1987
(Jose Camacho and Marius Lacatus)

-Victor Piturca has managed Romania on three separate occasions (1998-99), (2004-2009) and (2011-present).

-Gavril Balint managed the Moldovan national team (2010-2011).

-The other teams in this UEFA European Championship qualifying group were Austria and Albania.
Romania topped the group temporarily after this match, however, Spain ultimately won this group and qualified for the 1988 Euros in West Germany.
It all came down to the final round of the qualifiers on November 18, 1987. Spain defeated Albania (5-0) at home, while Romania was scoreless away to Austria.

-Spain’s Genar Andrinua had earned his first cap early that year in a (2-4) loss in a Friendly vs. England on February 18, 1987.

Photo From: Fotbal, May 1987
(Ladislau Boloni)

-Spain conceded all three goals in a ten minute span at the end of the first half.
Injuries to key defenders Camacho and Goikoetchea disorganized their system and the more attacking Roamanians took advantage.
Goikoetchea was injured at the 18th minute after a foul by Lacatus near the touchline. Sanchis bumped into Lacatus in anger to protest the harsh foul.
Goikoetchea was replaced by Joaquin Alonso.
In the 38th minute, Captain Jose Camacho was also injured and was substituted by debutant Miguel Soler.
Camacho tore his right knee ligaments. He was operated the next day and missed the rest of the season.
Victor assumed captaincy.

Photo From: Fotbal, May 1987

-For Romania’s first goal in the 38th minute, Boloni crossed into the box for Lacatus to head down to Piturca who scored.

Photo From: Sport, May 1987
(Victor Piturca scoring Romania’s first goal)

-For Romania’s second goal in the 43rd minute, Ungureanu picked up the ball from midfield, and passed to Piturca who dummied it for Mateut to pick up and score.

Photo From: Fotbal, May 1987
(Dorin Mateut scoring Romania’s second goal past Zubizaretta)

-For Romania’s third goal in the 45th minute, Klein crossed from left side touchline for the unmarked Ungureanu who volleyed home.
This was Nicolae Ungureanu’s  first and only goal for Romania.
He joined Steaua Bucharest the following season.

Photo From: Fotbal, May 1987
(Nicolae Ungureanu celebrating)

-Spain scored their consolation goal in the 81st minute, when Joaquin from the center sent Butragueno clear on the right who crossed back into the box for Caldere to shoot from near edge of box.

-Adrian Bumbescu was booked in the 15th minute after tackling Eloy from behind.

-Caldere was booked in the 51st minute for fouling Mateut from behind.

-Joaquin was booked in the 61st minute for holding Hagi from the back.

-Spain’s defense conceded nine goals in their last three matches. Four goals vs. England at home on February 18th, two goals vs. Austria on April 1 and these three goals.

-Romanian Manager Emerich Jenei had been appointed that season after guiding Steaua Bucharest to Champions Cup triumph.
He also managed the Hungarian National team (1992-93).

-Both Miguel Munoz and Emerich Jenei were Champions Cup winning managers. Munoz led Real Madrid to triumph in 1960 and 1966.

-This was Nicolae Negrila’s penultimate cap for Romania. His final match was vs. Poland on September 2, 1987 (1-3 loss).
Victor Piturca also earned his last caps in 1987. His last was the decisive qualifier vs. Austria on November 18, 1987 (scoreless tie).

-Spain striker Eloy had earned his place after a two goal display in Spain’s previous qualifier vs. Austria in Vienna on April 1, 1987 (3 to 2 win).
He came on as a substitute for the injured Butragueno in the 13th minute and scored two goals and was himself substituted by Sanchis in the 78th minute.

-Romanian superstar Gheorge Hagi had joined Steaua in midseason, joining from Sportul Studentesc.
He played for both Spanish giants in his career. He played for Real Madrid (1990-92) and was teammates with Sanchis, Michel, Butragueno and Buyo.
He joined Barcelona in 1994.

-Besides Hagi, other Romanian players who played in Spain were Belodedici (Valencia,Valladolid, Villareal), Mateut (Zaragoza), Balint (Burgos) and Lacatus (Oviedo).

-Romania’s Stefan Iovan, Adrian Bumbescu, Miodrag Belodedici , Ladislau Boloni , Gavril Pelé Balint, Marius Mihai Lacatus and Victor Piturca were members of the Steaua Bucharest squad that won the Champions Cup the previous season vs. Barcelona in Sevilla on May 7, 1986.
They also won the League title in 1987, as well the UEFA Super Cup vs. Dinamo Kiev, along with Hagi who joined them in midseason.
This match vs. Spain was being held in their home stadium.

-Barcelona’s Victor, Carrasco and Caldere (who did not play) were members of the Barcelona squad that lost the Champions Cup final vs. Steaua in 1986.

-Real Madrid’s Sanchis, Camacho, Gallego, Michel, Butragueno and Buyo won the Spanish league title that season.

-Andoni Goikoetchea would join Atletico Madrid the next season.

-Julio Salinas and Miguel Soler joined Barcelona in 1988.

-Andoni Zubizarreta and Roberto had joined Barcelona that season from Bilbao and Valencia respectively.

-Zubizarreta, Salinas and Goikoetchea were members of Athletic Bilbao squad that won the League title in 1983 and 1984.

-Romania were missing striker Rodion Camataru, who very controversially won Europe’s Golden Boot at the end of the season at the expense of Austria Vienna’s Toni Polster.
Dorin Mateut also won Europe’s Golden Boot for the 1988/89 season.

-Mateut and Hagi were teammates at Italy’s Brescia (1992/93).
Marius Lacatus also played in the Serie A (Fiorentina, 1990/91).

-Spain’s Victor (1988) and Gallego (1989) joined Serie A’s Sampdoria and Udinese respectively.

-Spain’s Zubizarreta, Camacho, Andrinua, Victor, Caldere, Salinas, Sanchis, Butragueno, Eloy, Buyo, Gallego, Soler and Michel made Spain’s Finals Euro squad for 1988.

-Spain’s Goikoetchea, Camacho, Gallego, Victor, Caldere, Carrasco and  Joaquin Alonso all earned their last caps in 1988. Following the Euros Miguel Munoz was fired and Luis Suarez took over and did not call up the above mentioned players.

-Ramon Caldere was almost banned for testing positive for banned substances following the World Cup Finals match vs. Northern Ireland (June 7, 1986, 2 to 1 Spain win).
He had been suffering with Diarrhea and was given antibiotics by the Medical staff.
He tested positive following the match, however, the Spanish medical staff convinced FIFA why the medications were administered and Caldere was not punished.

-On December 29, 1988, Romania’s Miodrag Beloidedici fled Romania to seek asylum in Yugoslavia. He was ethnic Yugoslavian. He joined Red Star of Belgrade.
By winning the 1991 Champions with them, he became the first player to win the Champions Cup with two different clubs following his triumph with Steaua in 1986. Both wins were also following penalty kick shoot-outs.
He returned to the Romanian National team in 1992.

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