Monday, October 13, 2014

Debate Topic, Part Ten

Macedonian and former Yugoslavian striker Darko Pancev was considered a massive flop while at Internazionale Milano (1992/94).
He has maintained that his failure at Inter was because the team ‘Senators’ (Zenga, Bergomi, Ferri) were opposed to him and forced the Manager (Osvaldo Bagnoli)’s hand.
There have been other cases such as Sammer, Scifo and Bergkamp, where foreign superstars were unable to  make it at Inter.
When Sammer returned to German Football after half a season, former Inter player and Germany Captain Lothar Matthaus defended him and criticized Inter for dispensing of Sammer instead of looking at their Italian old guard.
So was there really a culture at Inter, where the veteran Italians dictated the handling of foreigners or is it just an excuse?

Photo From:  Guerin Sportivo, October 14-20, 1992
(Darko Pancev with Inter)


  1. It may be right, though I never saw it that way. There were foreign players who settled well in Inter in that same timespan; the germans & and the argentinians for example. I think it was a matter of technical qualities (he wasn't as good as Ruben Sosa, for example). Outside Red Star, he never shone.

  2. although i am surprised how technical players like scifo and bergkmap struggled as well, although scifo was later better at torino

  3. Yes... Scifo landed in a team in rebuilding, and was perhaps too young and overwhelmed by responsibilities; Bergkamp, although greatly skilled, had a lot of struggles in settling into a different culture; back in a more familiar environment (Arsenal) he settled well. Weird, 'cause other dutch players never seemed to have problems adapting here. (I would dare to say that a guy who doesn't travel by plane and prefers lenghty ship transfers has problems of his own).

  4. trapattoni had actually wanted to re integrate scifo but matthaus was opposed, because I presume he would have replaced brehme

  5. I believe bergkamp's problems with flying started in 1994 during the WC, for some reason his style was mot suited to the serie A or perhaps it was the entire team that did not gel