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Football’s Quarrels and Feuds, Part Six

1- Graham Roberts and Graeme Souness, 1988
After Rangers Glasgow’s loss to Aberdeen on April 30, 1988 (0-1), Rangers Manager Graeme Souness confronted his captain, the Englishman Graham Roberts and blamed him for the given up goal due to his positioning.
Graham Roberts stood up to the manager, as a result Souness informed hin that he would never play for the club again.
For the start of the next season, he was relegated to the reserves and even there the coaches were under orders not to play him.
Finally in September 1988, he joined Chelsea.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 102, June 1984
(Graham Roberts shaking hands with Anderlecht captain Frankie Vercauteren, May 23, 1984, UEFA Cup, Tottenham 1-Anderlecht 1)

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2084, March 18, 1986
(Graeme Souness with the Scottish National Team)

2- Russian players and Pavel Sadyrin, 1993/94
Following Russia’s qualification to the 1994 World Cup, many of the squad members decided to boycott the national team while Pavel Sadyrin was in charge and also demanded higher pay.
They were hoping their actions would force the Federation to sack him.
These players included: Igor Shalimov, Igor Dobrovolsky, Alexander Mostovoi, Sergej Kiriakov, Andrei Ivanov, Vassili Kulokov and Sergei Yuran.
By the turn of the year (1994) the group had rose up to 14, including Andrei Kanchelskis and Igor Kolyvanov.
Some of the players like Mostovoi and Yuran came back on their decision and joined the squad
The federation sided with the manager and maintained the manager until the conclusion of the World Cup.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 54, July 1993
(Sergei Kiriakov, June 2, 1993, World cup Qualifier, Iceland 1-Russia 1)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 54, July 1993
(Andrei Kanchelskis with Manchester United)

3- Johann Cruyff and Luis Milla, 1990
During the 1989/90 season, Barcelona Manager Johann Cruyff purposefully froze Luis Milla out of the first team after the latter would not sign a new contract.
According to Cruyff he was demanding too much money.
At the end of the season, Milla joined archrivals Real Madrid.

Photo From: Don Balon, Extra Liga 89/90
(Luis Milla)

Photo From: Don Balon, Extra Liga 89/90
(Johann Cruyff)

4- Brazil and Argentina Players, 1981 Mundialito
At the final whistle of the match between Brazil and Aregntina (January 4, 1981, Mundialito, Brazil 1-Argentina 1),  Brazilian midfielder Paulo Isidoro kicked Valencia, Maradona joined in to help his teammate.
Edevaldo tried to stop Maradona. There was a melee with players. The police had to restore order and separate the players.
The referee did not take any action as he was not a witness to the event.

Photo From: El Grafico 1981, Issue 3196
(Diego Maradona, Alberto Tarantini, Toninho Cerezo, Daniel Valencia, Paulo Isidoro and Daniel Passarella, January 4, 1981, Mundialito, Argentina 1-Brazil 1)

5- Noel Cantwell and Jose Angel Iribar, 1965
The winning goal during the World Cup Qualifier between Republic of Ireland and Spain on May 5, 1965 at Dublin (1-0 Irish win) was scored under controversial conditions.
Ireland’s Frank Simon O'Neil took a free kick and lofted inside the goalmouth area. It was a poorly placed attempt that Iribar was sure to save. However, at this moment Noel Cantwell rushed in and shouted and yelled at Iribar which distracted him and Iribar accidentally put the ball in his own net.
The angry Iribar called Cantwell an ‘animal’ afterwads.
The Spanish players refused to exchange jerseys as a sign of protest for what they deemed an unsportsmanlike behavior.

Photo From: AS Color, November 28, 1972
(Spanish goalkeeper Jose Angel Iribar)

Photo From: Ireland on the Ball, Author: Donal Cullen
(Noel Cantwell after the goal, May 5, 1965, World cup Qualifier, Republic of Ireland 1-Spain 0)

Photo From: Ireland on the Ball, Author: Donal Cullen
(Captains Noel Cantwell and Fernando Olivela, May 5, 1965, World cup Qualifier, Republic of Ireland 1-Spain 0)

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