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New Addition: The British Home Championship-Part One

The 1984 British Home Championship

In 1984, the British Home Championship drew its last breath after a full Century of annual meetings between the Nations of the British Isles (Not including the years of the World Wars).
After years of Governmental Pressure, it was decided to disband the competition. England and Scotland felt more attractive and competitive opposition was needed and these annual meetings were unnecessary extra matches in an already crowded fixture.
Some crowd trouble along the years had also led to the final decision.
Wales and Northern Ireland were against abolition of this Tournament, as these matches helped their coffers.
The first match of this Final Home Championship was actually played in 1983. On December 13th, 1983, Northern Ireland hosted Scotland at Windsor Park.
Northern Ireland had narrowly missed on the European Championship and were coming off an impressive away win vs. West Germany the month before.
Scotland had also missed on Euro Qualification (as had all the Home Nations) and were coming off a loss vs. East Germany in the qualifiers.
In contrast with Scotland, Aberdeen (managed by Alex Ferguson) were dominant and were to clinch the UEFA Super Cup vs. SV Hamburg the following week.
For this first match, Scotland Manager Jock Stein started the match with five Aberdeen players, plus Mark McGhee who came on in the second half.
Aberdeen defender Doug Rougvie deputizing for the missing Arthur Albiston earned his only cap.
Scotland (wearing Red) were also missing John Wark, Kenny Dalglish and Steve Archibald.
Northern Ireland were clearly in better form at home and scored in the First half. In the 17th minute, Terry Cochrane passed to Hamilton, who immediately crossed it across the goalmouth for Whiteside to score.
Graeme Souness scored a goal for Scotland in the 28th minute that was disallowed after a Peter Weir’s foul on Mc Elhinney.
In the 56th minute, Cochrane was involved again; his cross into the box from the left side was met by McIlroy who volleyed it home.
The next match took place on February 28, 1984 at Glasgow between Scotland and Wales.
Scotland were once again missing Dalglish, as well as Gordon Strachan, Archibald and McGhee. In a poor and uninspiring match Scotland came out winners and went ahead first in the 37th minute from a penalty kick by Davie Cooper. Wales tied up the match early in the second half through Robbie James. Maurice Johnston made his debut for Scotland in the second half and scored his first goal as well and the match winner in the 78th minute.
The third match in the series took place at Wembley between England and Northern Ireland on April 4, 1984. This was in fact the last ever Home International at Wembley.
The absence of Kenny Sansom paved the way for Liverpool defender Alan Kennedy to earn his first cap for England. Northern Ireland’s Pat Jennings was also missing and Jim Platt earned a rare cap in the process.

Photo From: England, The Complete Post-War Record, Author Mike Payne
(Woodcock scoring England’s winner past Jim Platt, April 4, 1984, Home Championship, England 1-Northern Ireland 0)

In another poor match in the series, Ray Wilkins was the pick of the bunch.
England scored the winner in the 40th minute. Viv Anderson took a hard shot that Platt could not hold onto and Woodcock headed into an empty net.
Billy Hamilton had a couple of chances to tie the match but was unsuccessful.

Photo From: Goal,  February 1998
(Alan Kennedy, April 4, 1984, Home Championship, England 1-Northern Ireland 0)

On May 2nd, Wales hosted England at Wrexham. England were missing nine regulars that included Captain Bryan Robson, Kenny Sansom and Terry Butcher.
In the process, Alan Kenendy earned his second (and final) cap. Defenders Mark Wright and substitute Terry Fenwick also made their debuts. For Wales, Mark Hughes made his debut for his nation.

Photo From: Nations of Europe, Volume II author Ron Hockings and Keir Radnedge, 1993
(Wales Squad, top, left to right: Robbie James, Jeff Hopkins, Neville Southall,  Ian Rush,, Joey Jones, Mark Hughes , Bottom, left to right: Gordon Davies, Kevin Ratcliffe, Mickey Thomas, Alan Davies, David Phillips  , May 2, 1984, Home Championship, Wales 1-England  0)

The more determined Welsh were rewarded in the 19th minute. Ian Rush was brought down, the late Alan Davies took the free kick and his Manchester United club mate Mark Hughes headed the winner. While Welsh goalkeeper Neville Southall was almost a spectator, his opposite Shilton saw most of the action and was England’s best on the field. The debutant Hughes scored another goal that was called off.

Photo From: Shoot, Issue November 17, 1984
(Mark Hughes scoring the winner , May 2, 1984, Home Championship, Wales 1-England  0)

On May 22nd, Wales hosted Northern Ireland in their respective Final ever Home Championship matches at Swansea. The honors were shared with Mark Hughes scoring once again for Wales and Gerry Armstrong replying for the Irish.
Four days later at Glasgow, the stage was set for the Final ever match of the oldest ever rivalry: England and Scotland (102nd meeting).
Scotland were once again missing Kenny Dalglish. England welcomed back Kenny Sansom, but were missing Terry Butcher.
Bobby Robson opted for a 4-2-4 formation and England were stronger in the early going.
Surprisingly, Scotland scored first against the run of the play in the 13th minute.
Davie Cooper took a corner that Shilton punched clear; Strachan took possession and sent it into the box, where the unmarked McGhee headed it home.
England continued to press and in the 37th minute tied up the match. Mark Chamberlain saved a ball that was about to go out and passed to Woodcock on the right side touchline.  Tony Woodcock went around Miller and blasted with his left foot from edge of the box.
Scotland improved in the second half after Mo’ Johnton and McStay came on. Ten minutes later, Gary Lineker made his debut for England by replacing the injured Woodcock. Substitute Stephen Hunt earned his first cap for England as well.
Scotland finished stronger and had chances to win.

Photo From: England v Scotland, The Auld Enemy, Author: Dean Hayes
(May 26, 1984, Home Championship, Scotland 1-England 1)

The final whistle brought an end to the oldest ever Soccer Tournament.
In the following years, England and Scotland tried to at least maintain their annual meetings by playing each other in the Stanley Rous Cup. This in itself was disbanded in 1989 due to continuous crowd trouble.
As far as this Final Tournament, Northern Ireland was victorious by goal difference as all the teams had identical record and points. In a way it was fitting that the two nations who wanted to retain this competition the most ended up at the top.

Home Championship Squads

Players who took part in the matches:
Peter Leslie Shilton (Southampton Football Club)

Vivian Alexander Anderson (Nottingham Forest
Football Club)
Alan Phillip Kennedy (Liverpool
Football Club)
Graham Paul Roberts
(Tottenham Hotspur Football Club-London)
Terence Ian Butcher
(Ipswich Town Football Club)
Michael Duxburry (Manchester United Football Club)
Alvin Edward Martin (West Ham United Football Club-London)
Terence William Fenwick (Queens Park Rangers Football Club-London)
Mark Wright (Southampton
Football Club)
Kenneth Graham Sansom (Arsenal Football Club-London)

Midfielders / Forwards:
Samuel Lee (Liverpool Football Club)
Bryan Robson
 (Manchester United Football Club)
Raymond Colin Wilkins (Manchester United
Football Club)
Graeme Rix
(Arsenal Football Club-London)
John Charles Gregory (Queens Park Rangers Football Club-London)
Mark Valentine Chamberlain (Stoke City Football Club
Stephen Kenneth Hunt (West Bromwich Albion Football Club)
John Charles Bryan Barnes
(Watford Football Club)
Gary Winston Lineker (Leicester City
Football Club)
Anthony Stewart Woodcock
(Arsenal Football Club-London)
Trevor John Francis
(Unione Calcio Sampdoria –Genova / Italy)
Paul Anthony Walsh (Luton Town Football Club) 
David Armstrong  (Southampton
Football Club) 
Luther Loide Blissett (Associazione Calcio Milan / Italy)

Coach: Robert William Robson

Players who took part in the matches:
 James Leighton (Aberdeen Football Club Limited)

Charles ‘Richard’ Gough (Dundee United Football Club)
Douglas Rougvie (Aberdeen Football Club Limited)
Alexander McLeish (Aberdeen Football Club Limited) 
Robert Sime ‘Roy’ Aitken (The Celtic Football Club-Glasgow)     
Arthur Richard Albiston (Manchester United Football Club / England)
William Fergus Miller (Aberdeen Football Club Limited)

Midfielders / Forwards:
Graeme James Souness  (Liverpool Football Club / England)     
Gordon David Strachan (Aberdeen Football Club Limited)
Paul Michael Lyons McStay (The Celtic Football Club-Glasgow)     
Francis Peter McGarvey (The Celtic Football Club-Glasgow)
Mark Edward McGhee (Aberdeen Football Club Limited) 
David Dodds (Dundee United Football Club)
Peter Russell Weir (Aberdeen Football Club Limited)
Paul Whitehead Sturrock (Dundee United Football Club)
Maurice Johnston (Watford Football Club / England) 
James Bett (Koninklijke Sporting Club Lokeren / Belgium)
David Cooper (Rangers Football Club -Glasgow)
John Wark (Liverpool Football Club / England)
Steven Archibald (Tottenham Hotspur Football Club-London / England)

Coach: John ‘Jock’ Stein

Northern Ireland:
Players who took part in the matches:
Patrick Anthony Jennings (Arsenal Football Club-London / England)
James Archibald Platt (Ballymena United Football Club)

James Michael Nicholl (Rangers Football Club-Glasgow / Scotland)
Malachy Martin Donaghy (Luton Town Football Club / England)
John McClelland (Rangers Football Club-Glasgow / Scotland)
Gerard M.A. McElhinney (Bolton Wanderers Football Club / England)
Nigel Worthington (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club / England)
Colin Frederick Hill (Arsenal Football Club-London / England)  (non-playing substitute)

Midfielders / Forwards:
Paul Christopher Ramsey (Leicester City Football Club / England)
George ‘Terence’ Cochrane (Gillingham Football Club / England)
John Patrick O'Neill  (Leicester City Football Club / England)
Samuel Baxter McIlroy (Stoke City Football Club / England)
William Robert Hamilton (Burnley Football Club / England)
Norman Whiteside (Manchester United Football Club / England)
Ian Edwin Stewart (Queens Park Rangers Football Club-London / England)
Martin Hugh Michael O'Neill  (Notts County Football Club-Nottingham / England)
Gerard Joseph Armstrong  (Real Club Deportivo Mallorca / Spain)
James Martin Quinn (Swindon Town Football Club / England) (non-playing substitute)

Coach: William Laurence Bingham

Players who took part in the matches:
Neville Southall (Everton Football Club-Liverpool / England)
Andrew Gerald Dibble (Cardiff City Football Club / Wales, registered in  English League) (non-playing substitute)

Jeffrey Hopkins (Fulham Football Club-London / England)
Joseph Patrick Jones (Chelsea Football Club-London / England)
Kevin Ratcliffe (Everton Football Club-Liverpool / England)  
Robert Mark James (Stoke City Football Club / England) 
Paul Terence Price (Tottenham Hotspur Football Club-London / England)
David Owen Phillips (Plymouth Argyle Football Club / England) 
Neil John Slatter (Bristol Rovers Football Club / England) (non-playing substitute)

Midfielders / Forwards:
Jeremy Melvyn Charles (Queens Park Rangers Football Club-London / England)
Kenneth Francis Jackett (Watford Football Club / England)
Brian Flynn (Burnley Football Club / England) 
Michael Reginald ‘Mickey’ Thomas (Chelsea Football Club-London / England)
Alan Thomas Curtis (Southampton Football Club / England)  
Ian James Rush (Liverpool Football Club / England)
Gordon John Davies (Fulham Football Club-London / England)
Alan Davies (Manchester United Football Club / England) 
Mark Leslie Hughes (Manchester United Football Club / England)
Nigel Mark Vaughan (Cardiff City Football Club / Wales, registered in  English League)    
Glyn Peter Hodges (Wimbledon Football Club-London / England) (non-playing substitute)
Peter Nicholas (Arsenal Football Club-London / England) (non-playing substitute)

Coach: Harold Michael England

1984 Home Championship Matches:

December 13, 1983- Belfast -Windsor Park
Referee:  Neil Midgley (England)
Northern Ireland 2-Scotland 0   (Norman Whiteside 17, Sammy McIlroy 56)
Northern Ireland : Pat Jennings, Jimmy Nicholl, Mal Donaghy, John McClelland, Gerard McElhinney, Paul Ramsey, Terry Cochrane (John O'Neill  86th) , Sammy McIlroy, Billy Hamilton, Norman Whiteside, Ian Stewart

Scotland: Jim Leighton, Richard Gough, Doug Rougvie, Graeme Souness (Captain), Alex McLeish, Gordon Strachan, Paul McStay, Frank McGarvey (Mark McGhee 60th), Davie Dodds, Peter Weir

February 28, 1984- Glasgow - Hampden Park
Referee:  Jack Poucher (Northern Ireland)
Scotland 2-Wales 1 (David Cooper 37pen, Maurice Johnston 78 / Robbie James 47)
Scotland: 1-Jim Leighton, 2-Richard Gough, 3-Arthur Albiston,  4-Graeme Souness (Captain), 5-Alex McLeish, 6-Willie Miller, 7-Paul Sturrock, 8-Paul McStay (14-Roy Aitken 64th), 9-Frank McGarvey (15-Maurice Johnston 46th), 10-Jim Bett, 11-Davie Cooper

Wales: 1-Neville Southall, 2-Jeff Hopkins,  3-Joey Jones,  5-Jeremy Charles, 6-Kevin Ratcliffe (captain), 7-Robbie James,  4-Kenny Jackett, 8-Brian Flynn, 10-Mickey Thomas, 11-Alan Curtis (13-Paul  Price 84th), 9-Ian Rush  (16-Gordon Davies 64th)

April 4, 1984- Wembley Stadium
Referee:  Ronald Bridges (Wales)
England 1-Northern Ireland 0 (Tony Woodcock 49)
England: Peter Shilton, Viv Anderson, Alan Kennedy, Sammy Lee, Graham Roberts, Terry Butcher, Bryan Robson (captain) , Ray Wilkins, Trevor John Francis, Tony Woodcock, Graeme Rix

Northern Ireland: Jim Platt, Jimmy Nicholl, Mal Donaghy, John McClelland, Gerard McElhinney, Martin O'Neill (captain), Gerry Armstrong , Sammy McIlroy, Billy Hamilton, Norman Whiteside, Ian Stewart

May 2, 1984- Wrexham -Racecourse Ground
Referee:  David Syme (Scotland)
Wales 1-England 0 (Mark Hughes 17)
Wales: Neville Southall, David Phillips, Joey Jones, Robbie James, Jeff Hopkins, Kevin Ratcliffe,  Gordon Davies, Alan Davies, Ian Rush, Mickey Thomas,
Mark Hughes

England: Peter Shilton, Mike Duxburry, Alan Kennedy, Sammy Lee, Alvin Martin (Terry Fenwick 81st), Mark Wright, John Gregory, Ray Wilkins (Captain), Paul Walsh, Tony Woodcock,  David Armstrong (Luther Blissett 77th)

May 22, 1984- Swansea-Vetch Field
Referee:  Brian McGinlay (Scotland)
Wales 1- Northern Ireland 1 (Mark Hughes 51 / Gerry Armstrong 71)
Wales: Neville Southall,  Kevin Ratcliffe,  David Phillips,  Joey Jones,  Alan Davies, Jeff Hopkins, Robbie James, Gordon John Davies (Nigel Vaughan 75th), Kenny Jackett, Ian Rush, Mark Hughes
Other Subs:          Andy Dibble, Neil Slatter, Glyn Hodges, Peter Nicholas

Northern Ireland : Pat Jennings  (Jim Platt 38th), Mal Donaghy, Nigel Worthington, Gerard McElhinney, John McClelland, Sammy McIlroy, Martin Hugh O'Neill  (captain), Ian Stewart, Gerry Armstrong, Billy Hamilton, Norman Whiteside
Other Subs:          Colin Hill,  Paul Ramsey, Jimmy Quinn, Terry Cochrane

May 26, 1984- Glasgow - Hampden Park 
Referee:  Paolo Casarin (Italy)
Scotland 1-England 1  (Mark McGhee 13 / Tony Woodcock 37)
Scotland: 1-Jim  Leighton, 2-Richard Gough, 3- Arthur Albiston, 4-John Wark,  5-Alex McLeish,  6- Willie Miller (captain), 7- Gordon Strachan (14- Paul McStay 63rd), 8- Steven Archibald, 9-Mark McGhee (16-Maurice Johnston 63rd ), 10- Jim Bett, 11-Davie Cooper

England :1- Peter Shilton, 2- Mike Duxburry, 3- Kenny Sansom, 4- Ray Wilkins, 5- Graham Roberts, 6- Terry Fenwick, 7- Mark Chamberlain (15-Stephen Hunt 75th ), 8- Bryan Robson (captain), 9- Tony Woodcock  (16-Gary Lineker 73rd ), 10- Luther  Blissett, 11- John Barnes

Final table               P     W   D   L  GF  GA  GD     Pts
1-Northern Ireland  3      1    1            1    3     2    +1       3
2-Wales                         3     1    1     1    3     3      0        3
3-England                3      1   1      1    2     2     0        3
4-Scotland                3     1    1      1    3     4    –1       3

P-Played, W-Win, D-Draw, L-Loss, GF-Goals For, GA-Goals Against, GD-Goal Difference, Pts-Points

Top Goalscorer-Mark Hughes (Wales), Tony Woodcock (England) 2 goals


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  2. Interesting to note that the England v Scotland match at Hampden Park featured an Italian referee. I wonder if this was the only Home Championships match to feature a non-British referee?

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