Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trivia and Facts-Part 47

1-In 1988, former Leeds United and Welsh Legend John Charles owed tax debts and was in danger of going to prison. Leeds United President Leslie Silver came through and paid his debts.

Photo From: World Soccer, April 2004
(John Charles)

2-  In May 1976, Bayern Munich stayed at hotel in Glasgow ahead of their Champions Cup Final vs. Saint Etienne (May 12th, 1976 at Hampden).
The Rolling Stones also happened to be staying at the same hotel and it was said that at one of the Team meetings Mick Jagger just barged in for a laugh.

(Mick Jagger between Gerd Muller and Franz Beckenbauer)

3-  When the Lithuanian National Team arrived in Ireland for a World Cup Qualifier (September 8, 1993, Republic of Ireland 2-Lithuania 0), they had only brought with themselves their all Green kit and no alternate/away kit.
The Republic of Ireland, as the home team, always wore Green. The Irish FA had to provide uniforms for the Lithuanians. As a result Lithuanians played with unfamiliar White shirts, Black Shorts and White Socks.

4- To prepare for their World Cup Qualifier at Moscow vs. USSR on October 16, 1985 (2-0 USSR win), Republic of Ireland Manager Eion Hand had taken his wife along to cook for the squad.
Eion Hand had wanted the food brought to be cooked by an Irish Chef, however, the Irish FA refused his request because of the cost.
Hand’s wife Pat agreed to make the trip to cook for the team at no cost.

Photo From: Football Association of Ireland, 75 Years, Author Peter Byrne, 1996
(Eion Hand)

5-For its first ever away match,  the Italian National team traveled to Budapest for a friendly vs. Hungary on May 26th, 1910.
The then-long journey consisted of hours of train ride as well as a long stop at Trieste.
Italy’s Attilio TrerĂ© arranged for the food for transportation. He packed a suitcase with cheese, salami, butter, wine bottles, etc. and left in the baggage compartment.
However, after one day, the food started to go rotten and the smell filled the entire train.
Trere was forced to throw it out of the windows.

Photo From: Azzurri, Storia della Nazionale di calcio tre volte campioni del Mondo, 1910-1983
(A cartoon of the incident)

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