Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old team and match Photographs-Part four

Photo from :L’Equipe de France de Football, L’integrale des 497 Rencontres (1904-1991), Authors: Jean-Michel Cazal, Pierre Cazal, Michel Oreggia
(The very famous photo of both Belgium and France teams prior to their respective first ever national team matches, the match ended 3-3 tie)

Photo: From Onze, April 1980
Real Madrid’s Carlos Santillana

Photo from: Bialo Czerwoni 1921-2001, Author Andrzej Gowarzewski
Poland lineup
(September 13, 1936 Friendly-Poland 1-Germany 1)

Photo: From Onze , April 1981
Diego Maradona during his Boca Juniors days

Photo : from World Soccer, March 1968
(July 23, 1966 World Cup USSR 2-Hungary 1)

Photo: From Woirld Soccer, April 1993
(Italian Serie A match during 1992/93 season between Fiorentina  and Genoa)
(on the left the late Andrea Fortunato, who passed away due to Leukemia in 1995 and on the right Fiorentina’s Danish player Brian Laudrup)

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