Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trivia and Facts-Part 5

1-Dutchman Ronald Koeman has played for all three big clubs in Holland (Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord).
With his current appointment as Feyenood manager, he has also managed all these three clubs.

Photo From: Voetbal Magazine, Nr. 30, July 1988
(Ronald Koeman between teammate van Tiggelen and soviet Litovchenko, June 12, 1988, Euro Championships, USSR 1-Holland 0)

2-In an interview, Andrei Shevchenko claimed that his manager at Dinamo Kiev, Valeri Lobanovsky, once forced him to train while he was clearly flu/fever stricken to make a statement that he does not show favoritism to anyone.

Photo from: World Soccer, February 2003
(Andrei Shevchenko in AC Milan colors)

3-Current Manchester City manager, the Italian Roberto Mancini was axed from the Italian National team in 1984 after manager Enzo Bearzot caught him break curfew, while the national team was touring North America to play vs. USA and Canada.
He vowed that he would never select him while he was still in charge and kept his word.
Mancini was recalled to the national team after Bearzot’s retirement and Azeglio Vicini’s appointment as national team manager in 1986.

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1997
(Roberto Mancini in his Sampdoria days)

4-Italy and Lazio defender Luciano Re Cecconi was killed on January 18, 1977  aged 28 due to a prank gone wrong.
He and a friend went to a jewerely store and pretended they had guns and they were robbing the owner.
The owner unknowingly pulled a gun and shot him.

Photo From: La Nazionale Italiana, 1978
(Luciano Re Cecconi playing for Italy)

5- Englishman David Beckham has scored a goal in three straight World Cups (1998, 2002 and 2006). All three were against South American opposition (Colombia (1998), Argentina (2002), Ecuador (2006).  And all three were dead ball situations, free kicks vs. Colombia, Ecuador and penalty kick vs. Argentina.

Photo From: World Soccer, September 1999
(David Beckham celebrating after scoring vs Colombia in 1998 World Cup)


  1. Is Koeman the only player to have played and managed for the "Big Three"?

    1. yes, i can not think of another manager who has done it