Monday, January 16, 2012

Trivia and Facts-Part 12

1-In May 1964 before England’s trip to Lisbon for a match vs. Portugal, six members of the national team (Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Gordon Banks, Ray Wilson, George Eastham and John Byrne) broke curfew and slipped out of the team hotel for a night on the town in London’s West End.
This was discovered when routine inspections were made.
When the six players returned passed curfew, they saw that Ramsey had placed each players passport on their bed.
This was a way of letting them know that he knew.
The next day after breakfast, he announced that they were people he needed to see and they know who they are.
The players followed him out of the room and he made them understand that it better not happen again.

Photo From: England Expects, Author James Corbett
(Alf Ramsey attempting to stop George Cohen from swapping jerseys with Argentina’s Alberto Gonzalez after the ill-tempered World Cup Quarterfinal match on July 23, 1966)

2- The controversial Atletico Madrid Chairman Jesus Gil hired and fired managers at will during his tenure.
During just the two seasons 1992/93 and 1993/94, he changed coaches 11 times.

Luis Aragones (Sacked February 1, 1993)
Iselin Santos Ovejero (Caretaker, February 1 to February 8)
Jose Omar Pastoriza (Argentina) (February 8 to March 23)
Iselin Santos Ovejero (Caretaker, March 23 to March 29)
Ramon Heredia (Argentina) (March 29 to the end of the season in June)

Jose Pereira (Brazil) (Sacked October 21, 1993)
Ramon Heredia (Argentina) (October 21 to November 14)
Emilio Cruz (November 14 to January 17, 1994)
Jose Luis Romero (January 17 to February 27) 
Iselin Santos Ovejero (Caretaker)
Jorge d’Alessandro (Argentina) (until end of season)

3-After the World Cup Qualifier on October 19, 1988 between West Germany and Holland, the customary exchanging jerseys did not take place.
The Germans boycotted it for that match because months earlier on June 21st after the European Championship Semi Final between the two nations Dutch player Ronald Koeman was seen wiping his backside with West German Olaf Thon’s jersey in a disrespectful way

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, De Histoire van Oranje, 1905-1989
(Ronald Koeman scoring from the spot, June 21, 1988 UEFA European Championship, West Germany 1-Holland 2)

Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, De Histoire van Oranje, 1905-1989
(Ronald Koeman, Between Guido Buchwald, Johnny Bosman and Frank Rijkaard, October 19, 1988, World Cup Qualifier, West Germany 0-Holland 0)

4- After Brazil’s dismal showing during the Confederations Cup of 2001 at Japan and Korea Republic, Brazil manager Emerson Leao resigned while at the Tokyo airport before the trip back to Brazil.
He resigned on the spot after being told by national team co-coordinator Antonio Lopes that he would be fired upon his return to Brazil.

Photo From : Mondial, July 1978
(Emerson Leao)

5-For about 12 days between May 6th and May 18th, 1985, Argentina teammates and Italian Serie A players: Diego Maradona and Daniel Passarella traveled back and forth between Europe and South America to play for the National team as well as their respective clubs of Napoli and Fiorentina.
They traveled in excess of 40,000 km and 65 hours of flight.
On May 6th: Flight from Rome to Buenos Aires.
May 9th: Friendly vs. Paraguay (1-1 tie, Maradona scoring)
May 10th: Flight back to Rome
May 11th: Mardona back at Naples and immediately travel to Udine for match with Udinese
May 12th: Napoli match w/ Udinese (2-2 tie, 2 goals by Maradona)
May 13th: Flight from Rome to Buenos Aires.
May 15th: Friendly vs. Chile (2-0 win, 1 goal by Maradona)
May 18th: Flight back to Rome to be ready for the last match of Italian season

Photo From: France Football, May 21, 1985, Issue 2041
(Trajectory of Maradona’s flights during may 1985)

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