Friday, January 20, 2012

Articles on Teams and Events-Part 7

An double article about the retirement of Frenchman Jean Tigana and Northern Ireland’s Norman Whiteside
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, August 1991 / English)

Photo from : Onze, April 1986
(Northern Ireland’s Norman Whiteside)

Photo From: L'Integrale de L'Equipe de France de Football, Authors: J.M. and Pierre Cazal, Michel Oreggia, 1998
(Jean Tiagan in action for France vs. Northern Ireland, July 4, 1982, World Cup France 4-Northern Ireland 1)

An article about the France and Soviet Union match from September 23, 1987
(Magazine / Language : Onze, October 1987 / French)

Photo from: Mondial, October 1987
(Luis Fernandez and Gennadi Litovchenko, September 23, 1987, EC Qualifier, USSR 1-France 1)

An article about Parma’s first season in the Serie A in 1990/91
(Magazine / Language : Guerin Sportivo, February 6, 1991 / Italian)

Photo from: Guerin Sportivo, February 6, 1991
(Belgian defender Georges Grun, one of the first foreigners in Parma’s inaugural season in Serie A in 1990/91)

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