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October 12, 1986 Portugal 1-Sweden 1

October 12, 1986
Portugal 1-Sweden 1
UEFA European Championship Qualifying-Group 2        
Venue: Lisbon-Estadio Nacional (Estádio do Jamor)
Attendance: 15,106
Referee: Keith Stuart Hackett (England)
Goalscorers: (Portugal): Coelho 66'   
 (Sweden): Glenn Stromberg 50'    
1-Jose Alberto Teixiera Ferreirinha ‘Ze Beto’ (Futebol Clube do Porto) [1 caps / 0 goals]   
5-Eduardo José Gomes Mendes Dito (Sport Lisboa e Benfica) [10 caps / 1 goals]   
2-Antonio August da Silva Veloso (Sport Lisboa e Benfica) [10 caps / 0 goals]   
3-Eduardo Luis Marques Kruss Gomes (Futebol Clube do Porto) [3 caps / 0 goals]   
8-Alberto Fonseca (Clube de Futebol ´Os Belenenses`-Lisboa) [8 caps / 2 goals]   
4-Fernando Manuel Antonio Antunes Mendes (Sporting Clube de Portugal-Lisboa) [1 caps / 0 goals]   
10-Adelino Carlos Morais Nunes (Sport Lisboa e Benfica) [4 caps / 0 goals]   
6-Sheu Han (Sport Lisboa e Benfica)          [23 caps / 1 goals]    (16-Jose da Silva Coelho (Boavista Futebol Clube-Porto) [1 caps / 1 goals]    62)
7-Carlos Manuel Pereira Pinto ‘Adao’ (Vitória Sport Clube- Guimarães) [3 caps / 0 goals]  (15-Mario Jorge da Silva Pinho Fernandes (Sporting Clube de Portugal-Lisboa) [5 caps / 0 goals] 72)
7-Jaime Jeronimo das Merces (Clube de Futebol ´Os Belenenses`-Lisboa) [4 caps / 0 goals]   
9-Manuel Jose Tavares Fernandes (Sporting Clube de Portugal-Lisboa) [27 caps / 6 goals]   

Coach: Rui Seabra

Team Captain: Manuel Jose Tavares Fernandes
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Red Shirts, Green Shorts, Red Socks

1-Jan Möller (Malmö Fotbollforening)  [14 caps / 0 goals]   
2-Roland Nilsson (IFK (Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna) Göteborg) [6 caps / 0 goals]   
3-Glenn Hysén (IFK (Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna) Göteborg) [40 caps / 4 goals]   
4-Peter Larsson (IFK (Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna) Göteborg) [12 caps / 0 goals]   
5-Stig Fredriksson (IFK (Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna) Göteborg) [51 caps / 1 goals]   
6-Ulf Eriksson (Hammarby Idrottsförening- Stockholm) [27 caps / 3 goals]     (15-Leif Engkvist (Malmö Fotbollforening) [4 caps / 0 goals]  88)
7-Glenn Strömberg (Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio-Bergamo / Italy) [29 caps / 5 goals]   
8-Robert Prytz (Berner Sport Club Young Boys / Switzerland) [34 caps / 13 goals]   
9-Anders Palmér (Malmö Fotbollforening) [10 caps / 1 goals]  (16-Mats Magnusson (Malmö Fotbollforening) [8 caps / 2 goals]   78)
10-Johnny Ekström (IFK (Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna) Göteborg) [7 caps / 3 goals]   
11-Björn Nilsson (Malmö Fotbollforening) [11 caps / 1 goals]   

Coach: Olle Nordin

Team Captain: Stig Fredriksson

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas

Uniform Colors: Yellow Shirts, Blue Shorts ,Yellow Socks


-Match number 265 for Portugal and number 481 for Sweden.

-This was the 9th meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as the previous at Lisbon, was a World Cup Qualifier on November 14, 1984 that Sweden won 3-1.
Sweden players: Glenn Hysén, Stig Fredriksson, Robert Prytz, Peter Larsson, Glenn Strömberg and Ulf Eriksson also took part in that match.
Sweden’s Robert Prytz scored twice in that match.

-The next match between the nations would be the return leg of this European Championship qualifier on September 23, 1987 in Stockholm that Portugal won 1-0.
Sweden players: Glenn Hysén, Stig Fredriksson, Robert Prytz, Peter Larsson, Roland Nilsson, Glenn Strömberg, Björn Nilsson, Johnny Ekström and Mats Magnusson also took part in that match.
This marked the first match after the end of the Portugal’s World Cup players strike was called off.

-Portugal’s previous victory over Sweden was on September 12, 1984 when they defeated Sweden 1-0 during a World Cup Qualifier in Stockholm.
Sweden players: Glenn Hysén, Stig Fredriksson and Ulf Eriksson also took part in that match.

-The next match between the two nations on portuguese soil would be a friendly on April 28, 2004 at Coimbra that ended in a 2-2 tie.

-This was Portugal’s first match after the 1986 Mexico World Cup and the infamous “Saltilo Affair”.
Players refused to train between their first and the second games (against England and Poland)
As a result of players uprising, eight of the twenty-two selected players were suspended from the national team.
The other 14 in sign of solidarity made themselves unavailable for selection.
The suspended players:
1 -Manuel Galrinho Bento (Captain) (Sport Lisboa e Benfica)      
2 -João Domingos Silva Pinto (Futebol Clube do Porto)
3- Antonio Augusto Gomes de Sousa  (Sporting Clube de Portugal-Lisboa)
4- José Joaquín Pimentel Ribeiro (Boavista Futebol Clube-Porto)
5- Alvaro Monteiro De Magalhaes (Sport Lisboa e Benfica) 
6 -Carlos Manuel Correia dos Santos (Sport Lisboa e Benfica)
7 -Jaime Moreira Pacheco (Sporting Clube de Portugal-Lisboa) 
8- Frederico Nobre Rosa (Boavista Futebol Clube-Porto)
9- Fernando Mendes Soares  Gomes (Futebol Clube do Porto)
10- Paulo Jorge dos Santos Futre (Futebol Clube do Porto) 
11 -Oscar Bandeirinha  (Academica Coimbra)
12  -Jorge Martins Silva  (Clube de Futebol ´Os Belenenses`-Lisboa)     
13-Farinha Henriques Morato (Sporting Clube de Portugal-Lisboa)
14- Jaime Fernandes Magalhaes (Futebol Clube do Porto)
15- Jesús Antonio Henrique Oliveira  (Sport Lisboa e Benfica)
16- Jose Antonio Prudencio (Clube de Futebol ´Os Belenenses`-Lisboa)   
17- Diamantino Manuel Fernandes Miranda (Sport Lisboa e Benfica)    
18- Peixoto Goncalves Sobrinho (Clube de Futebol ´Os Belenenses`-Lisboa)
19- Jose Rui Lopes Aguas (Sport Lisboa e Benfica) 
20-Augusto Soares Inacio (Futebol Clube do Porto)
21 -Antonio Santos Ferreira André (Futebol Clube do Porto) 
22 -Vitor Manuel Afonso Damas de Oliveira (Sporting Clube de Portugal-Lisboa)

-Portugal’s Antonio Veloso was initially part of the World Cup squad, but hours before leaving for Mexico he tested positive for an anabolic steroid.

-Portugal manager Rui Seabra’s first match in charge. He was appointed following the resignation of Jose Torres following the World Cup.

Photo from: Onze, January 1987

-As a result of the aftermath of the suspensions, this was an under strength Portuguese squad. With many players earning first caps and many earning recalls after years away.

-Manuel Fernandes and Sheu Han had not played for Portugal since 1983.
Dito and Eduardo Luis last played for Portugal in 1984.
Alberto Fonseca had last played for Portugal in 1980.

-Portugal had not won a match since February 5, 1986 vs. Luxembourg (2-0) win and would not win a match until February 4, 1987 vs. Belgium (1-0) win.

-Portugal would not be able to call upon a full strength squad until the return match vs. Sweden on September 23, 1987, by which time the strike was resolved.

Photo from: Onze, October 1987

-Sweden’s Glenn Strömberg was a former Benfica player and Mats Magnusson joined Benfica the following season.

-Sweden’s Robert Prytz and Stromberg became teammates at Italy’s Atalanta in 1989.

-Sweden’s Glenn Hysen and Roland Nilsson played in the English League with Liverpool and Sheffield Wednesday respectively. Robert Prytz also played in Great Britain with rangers Glasgow.

-Sweden’s Johnny Ekstrom had been in a good scoring streak and was due to join Italy’s Empoli by the next month. This was his last match as an IFK Gothenburg player. He did rejoin the club in the 1990s after spells with Empoli, Bayern Munich and Cannes.

Photo from: Mondial, February 1987

-Glenn Hysen’s son Tobias has also played for Sweden.

-Sweden’s Prytz and Stromberg were the only foreign-based players on either team.

-IFK Gothenburg players: Roland Nilsson, Glenn Hysén, Peter Larsson and Stig Fredriksson won the UEFA Cup at the end of that season.

-Ze Beto and Eduardo Luis were part of the Porto squad that won the Champions Cup that season.

-Portugal’s Ze Beto, Fernando Mendes and Coelho earned their first caps. Coelho scored on his debut after coming on as a substitute.

-Portugal debutant Fernando Mendes went on to play all big three Portuguese clubs: sporting, Benfica and Porto.

-Portugal debutant goalkeeper Ze Beto (born February 21, 1960) was killed in a car accident on August 10, 1990 aged 30.

-Glenn Hysen scored vs. Portugal in a World Cup Qualifier on June 24, 1981 (3-0 Sweden win).

-The other teams in this UEFA European Championship qualifying group were Italy, Switzerland and Malta. Italy qualified from this group.

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