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October 13, 1993, Republic of Ireland 1-Spain 3

October 13, 1993
Republic of Ireland 1-Spain 3
World Cup Qualifying-Group 3
Venue: Dublin –Lansdowne Road 
Attendance: 33,000
Referee: Fabio Baldas (Italy)
Goalscorers: (Republic of Ireland): John Sheridan 72 
                    (Spain): Jose Luis Perez Caminero 11, Julio Salinas 14, 26

Republic of Ireland:
1-Patrick ‘Paddy’ Bonner (Celtic Football Club- Glasgow / Scotland) [68 / 0]
4-Kevin Bernard Moran (Blackburn Rovers Football Club / England) [69 / 6] (13-John Joseph Sheridan (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club / England) [16 / 2]  22nd)
3-Terence Michael Phelan (Manchester City Football Club / England) [17 / 0]
5-Alan Nigel Kernaghan (Manchester City Football Club / England) [8 / 1]
2-Joseph Dennis Irwin (Manchester United Football Club / England)   [23 / 1]
6-Roy Maurice Keane (Manchester United Football Club / England)  [18 / 0]
7-Paul McGrath (Aston Villa Football Club-Birmingham / England)   [62 / 7]
8-Raymond James Houghton (Aston Villa Football Club-Birmingham / England) [55 / 3]
11-Stephen Staunton (Aston Villa Football Club-Birmingham / England) [43 / 5]   (12-Anthony Guy Cascarino (Chelsea Football Club-London / England) [45 / 11] 46th)
9-Niall John Quinn (Manchester City Football Club / England [42 / 10]
10-Ronald Andrew ‘Ronnie’ Whelan (Liverpool Football Club / England)  [47 / 3]

Coach: John ‘Jack’ Charlton (England)

Other Subs :
14- Edward John Paul ‘Eddie’ McGoldrick (Arsenal Football Club-London / England) 
15- Alan Francis McLoughlin (Portsmouth Football Club / England)
16-Alan Thomas Kelly Jr (Sheffield United Football Club / England)  

Team Captain: Kevin Bernard Moran (Paul McGrath assumed Captaincy 22nd minute)
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Green Shirts, White Shorts, Green Socks

1-Andoni ‘Zubizarreta’ Urreta  (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [82 / 0]
2-Albert ‘Ferrer’ Llopis (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [12 / 0]
4-Miguel Angel ‘Nadal’ Homar  (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [7 / 0]
3-Salvador ‘Voro’ Gonzalez Marco (Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña) [1 / 0]
5-Fernando ‘Giner’ Gil (Valencia Club de Fútbol)   [10 / 0]
8-Francisco Jose Camarasa (Valencia Club de Fútbol)   [3 / 0]
6-Fernando Ruiz Hierro (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [18 / 5]
10-Jose Luis Perez  Caminero (Club Atlético de Madrid)  [3 / 2] (15-Jose Maria ‘Bakero’ Escudero (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [24/ 7] 30th)
11-‘Luis Enrique’  Martinez Garcia (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) [2 / 0]
7-Juan Antonio ‘Goicoechea’ Lasa (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [18 / 0]
9-Julio ‘Salinas’ Fernandez (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [37 / 15] (14-Josep  ‘Guardiola’ Sala (Fútbol Club Barcelona) [7 / 1] 69th)

Coach: ‘Javier Clemente’ Lazaro

Other subs:
13-Julen ‘Lopetegui’ Argote (Club Deportivo Logroňes)
12-Rafael ‘Alkorta’ Martinez (Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) 
16-Francisco ‘Kiko’ Narvaez Machon (Club Atlético de Madrid)

Team Captain: Andoni ‘Zubizarreta’ Urreta 
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Red Shirts, Blue Shorts , Black Socks

Photo From: Todo Sobre La Seleccion Espanola, Felix Martialay, 2006
(Top, left to right: Giner, Zubizaretta, Salinas, Hierro, Vorro, Bottom, left to right: camarasa, Caminero, Goicoetchea, Ferrer, Luis Enrique)


-Match number 292 for Republic of Ireland and number 378 for Spain

-This was the 23rd meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as the previous on Spanish soil was the first leg of these World Cup Qualifiers in Seville on November 18, 1992 that ended in a scoreless tie.
Republic of Ireland players: Bonner, Irwin, McGrath, Moran, Phelan, Houghton, Keane, Staunton and Quinn and Spain Players: Zubizaretta, Ferrer, Goicoetchea, Hierro, Salinas and Bakero were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
McGrath and Moran were booked in that match.

-The previous match between the nations, in the same stadium, as well as Republic of Ireland’s previous victory, was another World Cup qualifier on April 26, 1989 that Republic of Ireland won 1 to 0.
Republic of Ireland players: Bonner, Moran, McGrath, Houghton, Cascarino and Whelan and Spain Players: Zubizaretta and Salinas (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Salinas was booked in that match.
Republic of Ireland has not won vs. Spain since.

-The next match between the nations, would be a World Cup Finals match in Suwon (South Korea) on June 16, 2002 that ended in a one to ones tie, but won by Spain 3 to 2 on a penalty kick shoot-out..
Republic of Ireland players: Quinn, Staunton and Alan Thomas Kelly Jr and Spain Players: Hierro, Luis Enrique and Nadal were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, February 1994
(Bakero and Roy Keane)

- Spain’s previous victory was another World Cup qualifier on November 16, 1988 in Seville that they won 2 to 0.
Republic of Ireland players: Bonner, Staunton, Houghton, Moran, Sheridan, Cascarino and Quinn and Spain Player: Zubizaretta were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Coincidentally, this was the last qualifier of any kind that Republic of Ireland had lost until this 1993 match.

- Spain’s previous victory in the same stadium was a Friendly on February 9, 1977, that they won 1 to 0.

-Spain’s next victory would be a UEFA European Championships Finals match on June 14, 2012 in Gdansk (Poland) that they would win 4 to 0.

-The other teams in this World Cup qualifying group were Denmark, Northern Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia and Albania.
Spain won this group, Republic of Ireland finished second and qualified to the World Cup.

-This was Republic of Ireland’s first home defeat since losing a Friendly to Wales at Dublin’s Royal Dublin Society by a score of 1 to 0.

-This was Republic of Ireland’s worst defeat since losing to USA in the US Cup by the same score on May 30, 1992 in Washington, DC.

-This was Republic of Ireland’s worst home defeat since losing a World Cup qualifier in Dublin on November 13, 1985 to Denmark by a score of 1 to 4.
Moran, Mc Grath and Cascarino were present that day.
Ireland had not lost at Lansdowne Road in 29 matches.

Photo from : World Soccer, December 1993
(Salinas and Staunton)

-In a rare poor defensive showing, Republic of Ireland conceded three goals in the first 26 minutes.

-Ireland had to win to ensure qualification; they wanted to win to ease the pressure for the politically sensitive match vs. Northern Ireland the following month.

-Ireland Captain Andy Townsend and as well as striker John Aldridge missed the match through injury.
The 37-year-old Kevin Moran captained Ireland in Townsend’s absence.
Ronnie Whelan replaced Townsend in the lineup.
Goalkeeper Pat Bonner played despite a kidney infection.

-FIFA President Joao Havelange was in attendance.

-Jackie Charlton preferred to play a 4-5-1 formation with Niall Quinn as the lone striker.

-All of Republic of Ireland’s team played in the English Premier League, except goalkeeper Pat Bonner of Celtic Glasgow.
All of Spain’s players were home based.

-Spain was missing Athletic Bilbao’s Julen Guerrero.

-For Spain’s first goal, Albert Ferrer took a throw in, headed across the goalmouth by Salinas for Caminero to slot home.

-For Spain’s second goal, Salinas out sprinted Kernaghan on left to the touchline, he then took the ball across with Kernaghan stranded and scored from a narrow angle.

-For Spain’s third goal, Caminero sent a in a cross that was intercepted by Sheridan towards Salinas who scored from close range.

-In the 22nd minute, Ireland Captain Kevin Moran limped off and was replaced by John Sheridan.
Paul Mc Grath assumed captaincy and moved in central defense.

-Alan Kernaghan headed agiant the cross bar in the first half.

-For the start of the second half, Staunton was replaced by Cascarino, to give Ireland a more attacking formation of 4-4-2.

-Afterwards, Jackie Charlton admitted that he had made a mistake by starting with a 4-5-1 formation.

-Substitute Sheridan scored in the second half, after a scramble in the box that had started from his own cross and laid back to him by Houghton.
By this point, many Irish fans had already left the stadium.

Photo From: Republic of Ireland, Gifted in Green, Author: Adam Ward
(John Sheridan)

-Spain’s Nadal was named the man of the match.

-During the 1994 World Cup match vs. South Korea on June 17, 1994, Nadal became the first ever player to be sent off fro a professional foul in World Cup History.

-This was Salvador Vorro’s first cap for Spain.

-This was Luis Enrique’s second match for Spain. His first and previous cap was a friendly on April 17, 1991 vs. Romania that Spain lost 0 to 2.
Luis Enrique is one of the rare players to have played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Photo From: Republic of Ireland, Gifted in Green, Author: Adam Ward
(Terry Phelan)

-This was Jose Caminero’s 2nd goal in his 3rd cap. He had earned his first cap only a month before in a Friendly vs. Chile on September 8, 1993, that Spain won 2 to 0.
He had scored in Spain’s previous qualifier vs. Albania at Tirana on September 22, 1993 that Spain won 5 to 1.
Julio Salinas scored three goals in that match.

-Spain’s goalscoring hero, Julio Salinas was a starter for Spain, despite not being a regular for his club Barcelona.

-Ray Houghton and Steve Staunton were former Liverpool players and had been club mates with Whelan.

Photo From: France Football, January 4, 1994, Issue 2491
(Ray Houghton)

-Republic of Ireland’s Alan Kernaghan had actually represented Northern Ireland at youth levels.

-As stated in a previous entry on this blog (See 1990 Rep. of Ireland 1-England 1),  a) Tony Cascarino revealed years later that he was ineligible to play for Republic of Ireland, b) Steve Staunton has managed the Republic of Ireland National team.

-Ireland’s Roy Keane had just joined Manchester United that season from Nottingham Forest.
He won the English League and Cup double with teammate Dennis Irwin that season.

-Zubizaretta, Ferrer, Nadal, Bakero, Goicoetchea, Salinas and Guardiola won the Spanish League title with Barcelona that season.
They were also losing finalists in the Champions League Final of that season.

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, Hors-Serie-May  1994
(Guardiola and Sheridan)

-Mc Grath, Houghton and Staunton won the English league Cup with Aston Villa that season.

-Both teams qualified for the World Cup in the Final round of WC Qualification matches on November 17, 1993. The Republic tied 1 to 1 with Northern Ireland and Spain defeated Denmark 1 to 0.

-Spain Manager Javier Clemente had managed Athletic Bilbao to two successive League titles in 1983 and 1984 with Andoni Zubizaretta as his goalkeeper.
Julio Salinas had also played under Clemente at Bilbao.

-Niall Quinn sustained a serious injury in the following months, which effectively ruled him out of the World Cup.

-Kevin Moran and Paul Mc Grath were former teammates at Manchester United.
They won the FA Cup in 1985, where Moran became the first player ever to be sent off in a Final.

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