Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Old Team Photographs-Part 19b

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 51, April 1993
(Juventus squad, 1992/93 in a pre-season friendly, top, left to right: Giancarlo Marocchi, Andreas Moeller, Antonio Conte, Julio Cesar, Michelangelo Rampulla, Jurgen Kohler, Bottom, left to right: Massimo Carrera, David Platt, Roberto Baggio, Gianluca Vialli, Paolo Di Canio)
Photo From: Onze, Issue 150, June 1988
(PSV Eindhoven and Benfica squads, May 25, 1988, Champions Cup, PSV 0-Benfica 0)
Photo From: Onze, Issue 141, September 1987
(Dinamo Berlin squad 1987)
Photo From: Onze, Issue 132, December 1986
(River Plate squad 1986)
Photo From: Onze, Issue 101, May 1984
(Juventus squad, 1983/84, top, left to right: Sergio Brio, Stefano Tacconi, Michel Platini, Claudio Gentile, Domenico Penzo, Gaetano Scirea, Bottom, left to right: Antonio Cabrini, Massimo Bonini, Zbigniew Boniek, Marco Tardelli, Paolo Rossi)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 85, January 1983
(Nantes squad 1982/83)
Photo From: Onze, Issue 63, March 1981
(Standard Liege squad, 1980/81)
Photo From: Onze, Issue 57, September 1980
(New York Cosmos squad 1980)
Photo From: Onze, Issue 41, May 1979
(Borussia Moenchengladbach squad, 1978/79)
Photo From: Onze, Issue 13, January 1977
(Bayern Munich squad, Left to right: Uli Hoeness, Bjorn Andersson, Conny Tortensson, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Sepp Weiss, Gerd Muller, Hans-Josef Kapellmann, Udo Horsmann, Hans-Georg Schwartzenbeck, Sepp Maier, Franz Beckenbauer, December 21, 1976, Intercontinental Cup, Cruzeiro 0-Bayern Munich 0)
Photo From: Onze, Issue 9, September 1976
(Espanol Barcelona squad, 1976/77)
Photo From: Seleccao Brasileira -90 Anos 1914-2004, Authors Antonio Carlos Napoleao, Roberto Assaf
(Exter City squad that played vs. Brazil in its first match ever in 1914)
Photo From: Scotland, The Team, Author Andrew Ward, 1987
(Scotland squad 1957)
Photo From: Kicker, 40 Jahre Bundesliga, 2003
(Bayern Munich squad, Top Row, left to right: Bertram Beirlorzer, Binder (Masseur), Wolfgang Grobe, Stefan Dinauer, Reinhold Mathy, Hans-Werner Grunwald, Hans Pflugler, Reiner Maurer, Norbert Eder, Klaus Aughentaler, Middle Row, left to right: Brablec (Masseur), Egon Coordes (assistant coach), Soren Lerby, Achim Forster, Ronald Wohlfarth, Michael Hertwig, Ugur Tutunecker, Holger Willmer, Michael Rummenigge, Lothar Matthaus, Udo Latteck (manager), Bottom Row, left to right: Bernd Durnberger, Bernd Martin, Ludwig Kogl, Manfred Schwabl, Karl Del’Haye, Jean-Marie Pfaff, Raimond Aumann, Wolfgang Dremmler, Dieter Hoeness, Norbert Nachtweith, Bundesliga Champions 1984/85)

Photo From: History of the World Cup Author Michael Archer
(The iconic photograph of Italy squad after winning the World Cup, Top, left to right: Amedeo Biavati, Vittorio Pozzo, Silvio Piola, Giovanni Ferrari, Luigi ‘Gino’ Colaussi, Bottom, left to right: Ugo Locatelli, Giuseppe Meazza, Alfredo Foni,  Aldo Olivieri, Pietro Rava, Michele Andreolo,  and center Bottom: Pietro Serantoni,  June 19, 1938, World Cup, Italy 4-Hungary 2)
Photo From: History of the World Cup Author Michael Archer
(The same photograph as above from a different angle on the cover of a magazine, Il Calcio Illustrato)
Photo From: European Football Yearbook 1988
(Feyenoord squad, 1987/88)
Photo From: Don Balon-Espana-January 23-29, 1995
(Roda JC Kerkrade squad, 1994/95)
Photo From: 100 Anni del Campionato del Calcio
(Pro Vercelli squad 1909)
Photo From: Calcio 2000, april 2000
(Real Madrid squad, 1958/59)

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