Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eric Batty, Brian Glanville and other World Soccer Columns- Part Twelve

I.  Eric Batty

WS Magazine, November 1966
Article Title(s): ‘Pattern will soon be followed
-Eric Batty’s analysis on Switzerland      

WS Magazine Issue: June 1973
Article Title(s): ‘Juventus could shock Ajax and snatch victory-European Cup Final preview
-Eric Batty ‘s erroneous prediction for the 1973 Champions Cup

WS Magazine Issue: November 1981     
Article Title(s): ‘Commercialism-An Alternate Opinion
-Eric Batty discussing commercialism in Football

WS Magazine Issue: December 1985 and October 1986
Article Title(s):  ‘World’s Best?’, ‘Diego-Out, Gary-In’
-The World XI selections for the years 1985 and 1986.
Note; He did not publish Team of the Year for 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1988

II.   Brian Glanville

WS Magazine Issue: November 1966
Article Title(s): ‘Wingers exist after all’ 
-Discussing England’s wingers debate

WS Magazine Issue: June 1973
Article Title(s): ‘Regionalization must be accepted before soon’
-Brian Glanville ‘s regular column

WS Magazine Issue: November 1981
Article Title(s): ‘Sloppy England, Boring Best, Negative Everton, What a Month’, ‘St Etienne knocked out
- His regular Column and under his pseudonym of Andre Duclos reporting on the French scene

WS Magazine Issue: World Soccer, July 1995
Article Title(s): ‘Blatter’s tackle from behind’
-         His regular Column

III.  Other Writers:

a) Brian Marshall

WS Magazine Issue: March 1966
Article Title(s): ‘Lift this foreign ban
-Brian Marshall advocating a stop to the ban of foreign born players in the English league

b) Leslie Vernon

WS Magazine Issue: July 1973
Article Title(s): ‘Journalists must not tread on too mamy toes
          - Leslie Vernon discussing Football Journalists

c) Leslie Vernon

WS Magazine Issue: November 1981
Article Title(s): ‘Hungarian squad is not young but they could still reach Spain
-Discussing the Hungarian national Team

d) Keir Radnedge

WS Magazine Issue: July 1995

Article Title(s): His Regular Column ‘Keir Radnedge Commentary’

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