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October 28, 1981-Argentina 1-Poland 2

October 28, 1981
Argentina 1-Poland 2
Venue: Buenos Aires -Antonio Vespuci Alberti (El Monumental) (River Plate)
Attendance: 40,000
Referee: Juan Daniel Cardellino de San Vicente (Uruguay)
Goalscorers: (Argentina): Daniel Passarella 42nd
                    (Poland): Andrzej Bernard Buncol 55th, Zbigniew Boniek 70th

1-Ubaldo Matildo Fillol (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [33 / 0]
4-Jorge Mario Olguín (Club Atlético Independiente Avellaneda) [49 / 0]
6-Daniel  Alberto Passarella  (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [49 / 18]
2-Edgaro Bauza (Club Atlético Rosario Central-Rosario) [1 / 0]
3-Alberto César Tarantini (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [50 / 1]
8-Juan Alberto Barbas (Racing Club de Avellaneda-Avellaneda - Buenos Aires) [18 / 0]
5-Américo Rubén Gallego (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [64 / 2]
7-Luis Amuchastegui (Club Atlético Racing de Cordoba) [1 / 0]
9-Ramon Angel Diaz (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [15 / 7]
10-Mario Alberto Kempes (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires) [33 / 20]
11-Ricardo Alberto Gareca  (Club Atlético Boca Juniors -Buenos Aires) [1 / 0] (17-Jose Daniel Valencia (Club Atletico Talleres de Cordoba-Córdoba) [38 / 5] 59th)

Coach: Cesar Luis Menotti
Booked: Daniel Passarella

Other Subs:
Hector Rodolfo Baley (Club Atletico Talleres de Cordoba-Córdoba)
Enzo Hector Trossero (Club Atlético Independiente Avellaneda)
Patricio Hernandez (Club Estudiantes de la Plata-La Plata)
Jorge Manuel Gordillo (Club Atlético River Plate- Buenos Aires)

Team Captain: Daniel Passarella
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Le Coq Sportif
Uniform Colors: Blue and White Horizontal striped Shirts, Black Shorts, White Socks

1-Józef Młynarczyk (Robotnicze Towarzystwo Sportowe Widzew Łódź )     [10 / 0]
2-Marek Dziuba (LKS (Lodzki Klub Sportowy)-Lodz)   [43 / 1]
3-Władysław Antoni Żmuda (Robotnicze Towarzystwo Sportowe Widzew Łódź )     [71 / 1]
5-Paweł Janas (Centralny Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Legia Warszawa) [40 / 1]
4-Jan Jałocha (Gwardyjskie Towarzystwo Sportowe Wisla Krakow) [6 / 0]
7-Stefan Majewski (Centralny Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Legia Warszawa) [15 / 1]
6-Waldemar Jozsef Matysik (Klub Sportowy Górnik Zabrze) [8 / 0]
9-Zbigniew Kazimierz Boniek (Robotnicze Towarzystwo Sportowe Widzew Łódź ) [48 / 14]
8-Andrzej Bernard Buncol (Klub Sportowy Ruch Chorzów) [7 / 2]
10-Andrzej Iwan (Gwardyjskie Towarzystwo Sportowe Wisla Krakow) [17 / 10] (16-Andrzej Ferdynand Pałasz (Klub Sportowy Górnik Zabrze) [12 / 1] 80th)
11-Włodzimierz Wojciech Smolarek (Robotnicze Towarzystwo Sportowe Widzew Łódź ) [10 / 3]

Coach: Antoni Krzysztof Piechniczek

Other Subs:
Tadeusz Dolny (Klub Sportowy Górnik Zabrze)
Zdzisław Kapka (Gwardyjskie Towarzystwo Sportowe Wisla Krakow)
Piotr Skrobowski (Gwardyjskie Towarzystwo Sportowe Wisla Krakow)
Roman Wójcicki (Wrocławski Klub Sportowy Śląsk Wrocław)

Team Captain: Marek Dziuba
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Red Shirts, Red Shorts , Red Socks

Photo From: Onze, Hors Serie 12, 1982
 (Poland squad, Top, left to right: Józef Młynarczyk, Władysław Żmuda, Stefan Majewski,  Paweł Janas, Waldemar Matysik, Andrzej Buncol , Włodzimierz Smolarek,  Bottom, left to right: Marek Dziuba, Zbigniew Boniek, Andrzej Iwan, Jan Jałocha , October 28, 1981, Argentina 1-Poland 2)


-Match number 532 for Argentina and number 374 for Poland.

-This was the 8th meeting between the nations.

-The previous match between the nations, as well as the previous match at the same venue and Argentina’s previous victory, was a Friendly just the year before on October 12, 1980 that Argentina won 2 to 1.
Argentina players: Fillol, Olguin, Passarella, Tarantini, Barbas, Gallego, Diaz, Valencia and Patricio Hernandez and Poland players: Dziuba, Zmuda, Skrobowski, Pałasz and Smolarek were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Passarella once again scored for Argentina (on a penalty kick).
Argentina was still managed by Menotti,
Passarella still captained Argentina and Władysław Żmuda captained Poland.
Włodzimierz Smolarek made his International debut for Poland in that match.

-The previous match between the nations and Poland’s previous victory was on neutral soil, the World Cup Finals match on June 15, 1974 at Stuttgart’s Neckarstadion that Poland won 3 to 2.
Argentina’s Mario Kempes and Poland’s Władysław Antoni Żmuda took part in that match.
Argentina’s Ubaldo Fillol and Poland’s Zdzislaw Kapka were part of their respective nations’ Finals squad, though neither played in this match.

Photo From: El Grafico, Issue 3239, 1981
(Ramon Diaz between Zmuda and Dziuba)

-The previous match between the nations on Polish soil and Argentina’s only away victory was a Friendly on March 26, 1976 at Chorzow’s Stadion Śląski (Silesian Stadium) that Argentina won 2 to 1.
Argentina players: Fillol, Olguin, Tarantini, Gallego and Kempes and Poland players: Zmuda, Boniek and Janas were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Argentina was still managed by Menotti,
Boniek and Janas made their International debuts for Poland in that match.

-The next match between the nations, at a neutral venue, would be the Jawarhalal Nehru Cup match on January 17, 1984 at Calcutta’s Eden Gardens Stadium that ended in a one to one tie.
Argentina player: Ricardo Gareca and Poland players: Młynarczyk, Wójcicki, Jalocha, Buncol, Iwan, Majewski, Skrobowski and Smolarek were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
Józef Młynarczyk captained Poland and Buncol once again scored for Poland.
Włodzimierz Smolarek was booked in that match.
Antoni Piechniczek still managed Poland.

Photo From: El Grafico, Issue 3239, 1981
(Matysik and Tarantini)

-The next match between the nations on Argentinean soil and Argentina’s next victory was a Friendly on November 26, 1992 at Buenos Aires’ Estadio Alberto J. Armando (La Bombonera) that Argentina won 2 to 0.

-Poland’s next victory as well the next match on Polish soil would be a Friendly on June 5, 2011 at Warszawa’s Stadion Wojska Polskiego im. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego (Polish Army)(Legia Warszawa) that Poland won 2 to 1.

-Argentina and Poland also played one another in 1977 and 1978 on Argentinean soil.
The first was a Friendly on May 29, 1977 at Buenos Aires’ Coliseum Boca (La Bombonera) that Argentina won 3 to 1.
Argentina players: Olguin and Gallego and Poland players: Dziuba, Zmuda, Boniek, Janas and Kapka were present that day (on the field and/or the substitutes bench).
The second time was the World Cup Finals match on June 14, 1978 at Rosario’s Estadio de Rosario Central (El Gigante de Arroyito) that Argentina won 2 to 0 with both goals from Kempes.
Argentina players: Fillol, Gallego, Kempes, Olguin, Passarella, Tarantini and Valencia and Poland players: Zmuda and Boniek took part in that match.
Daniel Passarella captained Argentina and Gallego was booked in that match.
Menotti managed Argentina in both matches,
Argentina’s Hector Baley and Poland’s Andrzej Iwan and Roman Wojcicki were part of their respective nations’ Finals squad, though neither played in this match.

Photo From: El Grafico, Issue 3239, 1981

-The Biggest talking point on the days leading up to the match was the absence of Diego Maradona.
The Argentina squad had been summoned to a training camp on October 19, 1981 for this match and another friendly vs. Czechoslovakia on November 11th.
Maradona did not show up and sent his Personal Manager Jorge Cyzterspiller to explain his absence.
He explained that Maradona was willing to play the matches but did not want to train and stay in a training camp, as he was physically and mentally burnt out from too much playing.
He addressed the excessive number of matches and friendlies he had to play with Boca Juniors which included a trip to Africa.
He added that he was also tired of journalists asking about his private life and even mentioned he might quit football altogether because of the pressure.
An angry Menotti summoned Patricio Hernandez as a replacement.
When by the next day Maradona still had not arrived, he was kicked out of the squad by Menotti, though he added it was a temporary measure.
Maradona met Menotti two days later and after a talk it was announced that he would return to the National Team when he is mentally ready.
During the week some National Team teammates and even Passarella went to meet Maradona to discuss his decision.

-The next Friendly also at the same stadium on November 11th vs. Czechoslovakia ended in a one to one tie.
Americo Gallego scored Argentina’s goal.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 72, December 1981
(Mario Kempes between Matysik and Janas)

-Poland were missing Janusz Kupcewicz (Morski Związkowy Klub Sportowy Arka Gdynia) and Mirosław Okoński (Centralny Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Legia Warszawa) through injury.
Foreign-based stars Grzegorz Lato of Belgian club Lokeren and Andrzej Szarmach of France’s Auxerre were not released by their clubs.

-Argentina were missing regular starter Luis Galvan.
Foreign-based players Osvaldo Ardiles of Tottenham and Daniel Bertoni of Fiorentina were also not released by their clubs.
Leopoldo Luque was overlooked since the 1981 Mundialito and did not play for Argentina again.

-Both teams’ players were home based.

-The match was played at River Plate’s home stadium.
Ubaldo Matildo Fillol, Daniel Alberto Passarella, Alberto César Tarantini, Américo Rubén Gallego, Ramon Angel Diaz, Mario Alberto Kempes and unused substitute Jorge Manuel Gordillo were playing in their home stadium.
The River Plate players won the Campeonato Nacional that year.

-Poland Manager Antoni Piechniczek had only taken charge that year. His first match had been on March 25, 1981 in a Friendly at Bucharest (Romania 2-Poland 0).
He had to contend with the suspension and reprieve of three of his stars: Zbigniew Boniek, Józef Młynarczyk and Władysław Antoni Żmuda.
For more details read:

-Mario Kempes was actually contracted to Spanish club Valencia who had loaned him to River Plate until the end of the World Cup, the following year in Spain.

-In the previous couple of months, Menotti had taken Argentina on a tour of Europe where they played vs. club sides.
August 22, 1981, Valencia CF (Spain) 0-Argentina 1
August 25, 1981, Hercules CF (Spain) 0-Argentina 2
August 29, 1981, AC Fiorentina (Italy) 3-Argentina 5
September 1, 1981, Barcelona (Spain) 1-Argentina 0

-Argentina’s only other competitive Internationals had been in the beginning of the year when they took part in the Mundialito in Uruguay.
January 1, 1981, Argentina 2-West Germany 1
January 4, 1981, Argentina 1-Brazil 1

Photo From: Onze, Issue 72, December 1981
(Matysik and Tarantini)

-Argentina had not lost since losing in a Friendly vs. Yugoslavia on September 16, 1979 in Belgrade (2-4).

-In fact this was Argentina’s first home defeat in three years. They had last lost at home during the 1978 World Cup (June 10, 1978, Argentina 0-Italy 1).

-Menotti preferred to experiment and gave debuts to three players:
Stopper - Edgaro Bauza (Club Atlético Rosario Central-Rosario)
Right Wing- Luis Amuchastegui (Club Atlético Racing de Cordoba)
Left Wing- Ricardo Alberto Gareca (Club Atlético Boca Juniors -Buenos Aires) 
According to the observers the debutants had a difficult match like the rest of the squad and did not impress.

-Edgaro Bauza’s next and final caps would be in 1990, when he appeared in two Friendlies.  By now he was contracted to Mexican club ‘Club Deportivo Veracruz’.
January 17, 1990-Mexico 2-Argentina
March 28, 1990-Scotland 1-Argentina 0

-Luis Amuchastegui played the following Friendly vs. Czechoslovakia on November 11th (one to one tie).
His Third and Final Cap would be in a Friendly vs. Paraguay on July 21, 1983 (scoreless tie) at Buenos Aires’ Estadio de Vélez Sarsfield (José Amalfitani).

-As far as the match itself, the absence of Maradona plus the lack of cohesion of the three debutants hampered Argentina’s game.
They uncharacteristically lost the ball many times during the match.

-The Poles still high after their World Cup Qualification just weeks before vs. East Germany (October 10, 1981, East Germany 2-Poland 3) had a more competitive edge as a result of their qualification campaign and naturally dominated.
Only Alberto Tarantini stood out for the disorganized Argentineans.

-The match was televised Live as a result; the Estadio Monumental was somewhat empty.

-Poland played a 4-5-1 formation with Smolarek as lone striker. Argentina employed 4-3-3.
Poland’s 4-5-1 seemed better equipped on the day to control the Argentines.

-This was Polish Andrzej Palasz’s first appearance for the national team in the calendar year.

-Daniel Passarella scored from an indirect free kick in the 42nd minute. He took a low shot to Mlynrczyk’s left.

-Poland asserted themselves in the second half and it was no surprise the tying goal came early in the second half.
In the 55th minute, Boniek took a corner from the left that was headed back out by Majewski. Iwan laid it to Jalocha who immediately gave it back to Iwan who went to the touchline and crossed from the left into the goalmouth for Buncol to score.

Photo From: El Grafico, Issue 3239, 1981
(Iwan passing the ball across for Buncol to score)

-A few minutes later, Menotti sent on Jose Daniel Valencia to replace Gareca.
There are some sources that show the minute of the substitution at the 70th minute, but it was clearly in the 59th minute.

-With twenty minutes remaining Boniek scored Poland’s winner with a beautifully taken free kick.

Photo From: El Grafico, Issue 3239, 1981
(Ubaldo Fillol unable to stop Boniek’s free kick)

- Andrzej Ferdynand Pałasz replaced Andrzej Iwan in the 80th minute due to injury.

-According to observers Argentina’s tactics seemed outdated and the new players did not offer anything.
However, Menotti was positive and noted this is just an accident and the real work will begin from February 14th, 1982.

-Many noted that Menotti might have instilled discipline by making an example out of Maradona; however, it was obvious that his presence was very important for Argentina for the future.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 72, December 1981
(Boniek and Passarella at the end of the match)

-Due to the unimpressive display of Argentina, the crowd kept chanting Maradona’s name during the match.

-Menotti himself would join Barcelona following the 1982 World Cup and manage Maradona there.

-Zbigniew Boniek would join Juventus the following season.
Pawel Janas joined Szarmach at Auxerre the following season.
Matysik eventually joined Auxerre as well in 1987.

-Argentina’s Alberto César Tarantini , Ramon Angel Diaz and Enzo Hector Trossero also played in the French league in their career.
Tarantini played for Bastia and Toulouse, Diaz played at AS Monaco and Trossero played at Nantes.

-Argentina’s Alberto Tarantini and Poland’s Józef Młynarczyk played for French club Bastia during their career.

-Out of Matysik’s 8 caps up to that point, 4 had been against Japan.
Poland played them 4 times in January-February 1981.

-Poland followed up this match by wrapping up its World Cup Qualifiers by defeating Malta (6-0) at Wroclaw on November 15, 1981.
Three days later they lost a Friendly at home vs. the World Cup hosts Spain (2-3).

-The following Poland players made the 1982 World Cup Finals squad that finished third:
Józef  Mlynarczyk, Marek Dziuba, Tadeusz Dolny, Pawel Janas, Piotr  Skrobowski, Jan  Jalocha, Waldemar  Matysik          , Wladyslaw Zmuda, Stefan  Majewski, Wlodzimierz Smolarek, Roman Wójcicki, Andrzej Buncol, Andrzej  Palasz, Andrzej Iwan, Zbigniew Boniek

- As stated in previous entries on this blog:
Wlodzimierz Smolarek passed away on March 7, 2012, aged 54. His son Euzebiusz has also represented Poland.
Zbigniew Boniek managed the Polish national team in 2002.
Daniel Passarella managed Argentina (1994-1998) and also Uruguay (1999-2001).

- Antoni Piechniczek managed Poland until the 1986 World Cup. He was re-appointed as Poland manager in 1996 and stayed until June 1997.

-Józef Młynarczyk , Władysław Antoni Żmuda , Zbigniew Kazimierz Boniek and Włodzimierz Wojciech Smolarek won the Polish league title that season with Widzew Łódź.

-Boca Juniors player Ricardo Alberto Gareca won Argentina’s Metropolitan Championship in 1981.

-The following Argentina players made the 1982 World Cup Finals squad
Hector Rodolfo Bailey, Juan Alberto Barbas, Ramón Angel  Diaz, Ubaldo Matildo Fillol, Américo Rubén Gallego, Diego Armando Maradona, Mario Alberto Kempes,  Patricio José Hernández, Jorge Mario Olguin, Daniel Alberto  Passarella, Alberto César Tarantini, Enzo Hector Trossero, José Daniel Valencia.
Passarella and Maradona were part of the 1986 victorious squad.         

-Daniel Passarella, Ramon Diaz and Patricio Hernandez all joined Italian Serie A clubs after the 1982 World Cup. They joined Fiorentina, Napoli and Torino respectively.

-Juan Barbas joined Spanish Club Real Zaragoza the following season. He would also end up in Italy by joining Lecce in 1985.

-Both Daniel Passarella and Ramon Diaz played for Italian Serie A clubs Fiorentina and Internazionale Milano during their careers.
They both managed River Plate in their career.
Ramon Diaz is the current manager of Paraguay.

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