Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Articles on Teams and Events-Part 23

Two articles about former Leeds and England Manager Don Revie with one article announcing his resignation as England Manager plus an interview
(Magazine / Language : Goal, November 1996 / English) 
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, August 1977 / English) 
(Magazine / Language : Soccer Monthly, January 1979 / English) 
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, April 1976 / English) 

Photo From: Goal, Novemebr 1996
(Don Revie as England Manager)

One article and One Interview about Zico’s transfer and arrival at Udinese in 1983
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, September 1983 / English) 
(Magazine / Language : Mondial, October 1983 / French) 
(Magazine / Language : Onze, November 1983 / French) 

Photo From: Onze, November 1983
(Zico with Udinese, 1983/84 season)

Three Articles about Real Sociedad’s successful team of the 1980s and one article about Basque Soccer teams of Athletic Bilbao and Sociedad
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, April 1980 / English) 
(Magazine / Language : Onze, March 1980 / French) 
(Magazine / Language : Mondial, July 1981 / French) 
(Magazine / Language : Foot Magazine, November 1984 / French) 

Photo From: Foot Magazine, November 1984
(Basque derby from 1984 that clinched the League for Bilbao, April 29, 1984, Athletic Bilbao 2-Real Sociedad 1)

Photo From: Mondial, July 1981
(Rea Sociedad, Spanish Champions, 1980/81 season)

Real Sociedad/ Basque Soccer


  1. Beautiful post, thank you so much for the Revie stuff in particular.
    I'm reading 'Nobody ever says thank you', right now the J.Wilson biography about Brian Clough. It's a fascinating rivalry with Revie: in Italy Clough is much more well known, because his cups with Nottingham.

  2. There is the movie, 'the damned united' , with Michael sheen and colm meaney, that also explores their relationship

  3. Yep, I still have to see it. I somehow want to read more befre and then check out the 'artistic' depiction of it.