Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eric Batty, Brian Glanville and other World Soccer Columns- Part Two

I.  Eric Batty

WS Magazine Issue: June 1977     
Article Title(s): ‘Greenwood-For England’
-A personal view advocating West Ham United’s Ron Greenwood to become the new England Manager

WS Magazine Issue: August 1968                    
Article Title(s): ‘Professionalism will not answer Czech Problems’
-Eric Batty’s Analysis of Czechoslovakian Football

WS Magazine Issue: October 1961 and November 1962  
Article Title(s): ‘The Eleven Best Men?’
-The World XI selections for the years 1961 and 1962.

II.   Brian Glanville

WS Magazine Issue: April 1967
Article Title(s): ‘Are reserves at all Necessary’
-Discussing the necessity of substitutions

WS Magazine Issue: April 1976
Article Title(s): ‘Pettigrew pays lip service to ‘work-rate’ conception’ plus ‘Tactics?Who needs them says Dave Mackay
-One article about the concept of ‘Work-rate’ so often used in soccer circles and another on Derby County Manager, Dave Mackay’s tactics

WS Magazine Issue: February 1972
Article Title(s): ‘Notable Captures for Monaco and Paris St . Germain
- Under Pseudonym of Andre Duclos, his column on the French soccer scene

III.  Other Writers:

a) Roger Mc Donald

WS Magazine Issue: June 1963
Article Title(s): ‘Nucleus from Club Teams
-Analysis of National team performance based on number of players from the same club

b) Keir Radnedge

WS Magazine Issue: November 1978
Article Title(s): ‘Tarantini…What is the truth benhind his transfer
-About Argentinean defender Alberto Tarantini’s transfer to Birmingham City from Boca Juniors

b) Leslie Vernon

WS Magazine Issue: June 1969
Article Title(s): ‘Dislike of the Press’
-About Alf Ransey’s mistrust of the Press

Other Writers’ Columns-Part 2

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