Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trivia and Facts-Part 27

1-The World Cup Match between France and Hungary in Mar del Plata on June 10, 1978 (won 3 to 1 by France) was delayed 40 minutes as due to miscommunication both teams had arrived with their white jerseys that clashed on black and white Television.
As a result the French eventually wore the Jersey of the local team, Atletico Kimberley Club with green and white vertical stripes.

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, December 1993
(France’s Dominique Rocheteau wearing Atletico Kimberley club’s jersey, June 10, 1978, World Cup, France 3-Hungary 1)

2- During Barcelona’s pre-season friendly vs. Dutch side SVV Raalte on August 4, 1991, Barcelona Manager was so dissatisfied with his players performance that he asked the referee to stop the match and he replaced in one shot all outfield players.
Barcelona eventually won 14-0.

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, Issue 59, December 1993
(Barcelona Manager Johann Cruyff)

3- During the run-up to the 1990 World Cup, defending Champions Argentina went through a goalscoring drought, as Carlos Bilardo was unsuccessful in finding a proven goalscorer.
Former 1982 World Cup National team striker Ramon Diaz had been scoring many goals the previous season for Internazionale Milano as well as that season for AS Monaco.
However, it was common knowledge that Diego Maradona was opposed to the inclusion of Diaz for personal reasons.
Argentina President Carlos Menem also entered the discussion by lobbying Diaz’s inclusion.
Bilardo replied that he doesn’t criticize Menem’s political appointments therefore Menem should act likewise.

Photo from: El Grafico Number 3260, 1982
(Ramon Diaz and Karl-Heinz Foerster, March 24, 1982, Argentina 1-West Germany 1)

4- In France’s opening match during the 1984 European Championships on June 12, 1984 vs. Denmark, French defender Manuel Amoros was sent off for throwing the ball at Jesper Olsen and headbutting him after Olsen had fouled him.
As a result he was suspended for the following three matches and would be eligible only for the Final match vs. Spain.
During the Final match vs. Spain, Patrick Battiston asked to be taken off with less than 20 minutes left knowing he would most likely be replaced with Amoros.
He did it so that Amoros could also be involved with the victory.
Photo from: Onze, Hors Serie 19, 1984
(Manuel Amoros being sent off after headbutting Jesper Olsen, June 12, 1984, European Championships, France 1-Denmarrk 0)

Photo From: Les Bleus, Le livre official de l'equipe de France, Author: Dominique Grimault, 1997
(Zlatko Vujovic and Patrick Battiston, June 19, 1984, European Championships, France 3-Yugoslavia 2)

 5- During the summer of 1991 Rock star and Watford owner Elton John criticized English stars David Platt and Paul Gascoigne for joining modest teams Bari and Lazio (back then an average side).
He believed they deserved to play for teams worthy of their talents.
He added that it would be like for him joining a ‘Mickey Mouse’ recoding company just because they pay him a lot.
Due to his severe injury from the 1991 FA Cup, Gascoigne was able to join Lazio a year later, by which time they had become a strong side.

Photo from: World Soccer, May 1992
(David Platt with Bari, 1991/92 )

Photo from: World Soccer, October 1991
(Paul Gascoigne in Rome, 1991 )

Photo from: World Soccer, April 1994
(Lazio’s Gascoigne and Sampdoria’s Platt, January 2, 1994, Lazio 1-Sampdoria 1)

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