Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Old Match Photographs-Part 24e

Photo From:  Soccer International, September 1993
(Germany’s Stefan Effenberg in an advertisement for Kelme as a Fiorentina player)

Photo From:  Soccer International, January 1993
(Arsenal’s Paul Merson, Ian Wright and John ‘Faxe’ Jensen, 1992/93)

Photo From:  Soccer International, February 1993
(Edmundo with Vasco Da Gama, 1993)

Photo From:  Soccer International, December 1991
(Gianluca Vialli, Silas and Paul Merson, August 4, 1991, Makita Tournament, Arsenal 1-Sampdoria 1)

Photo From:  Guerin Sportivo, October 31-November 6, 1990
(Moreno Mannini and Marco van Basten, October 28, 1990, AC Milan 0-Sampdoria 1)

Photo From:  Guerin Sportivo, October 17-23, 1990
(Pietro Vierchowod and Julio Cesar, September 30, 1990, Juventus 0-Sampdoria 0)

Photo From:  Guerin Sportivo, November 21-27, 1990
(Brazilian defender Claudio Branco and Osvaldo Bagnoli at Genoa, 1990/91)

Photo From:  Guerin Sportivo, April 26-May 2, 1989
(Attilio Lombardo as a Cremonese player, 1988/89)

Photo From:  Goal, October 1996
(Alex Ferguson as a Scotland Under-21 player)

Photo From:  Goal, March 1997 Goal, March 1997
(England’s Paul Parker and Mark Wright with an exchanged Belgian jersey, in the background Leo Clijsters of Belgium is seen wearing an exchanged England jersey, June 26, 1990, World Cup, England 1-Belgium 0)

Photo From:  Goal, June 1998
(Republic of Ireland’s Mick McCarthy and Kevin Moran with exchanged Romanian jerseys, June 25, 1990, World Cup, Republic of Ireland 0-Romania 0)

Photo From:  Goal, January 1997
(Norman Whiteside lifting the FA Cup, May 18, 1985, FA Cup Final, Manchester United 1-Everton 0)

Photo From:  Goal, February 1997
(Jackie Charlton as Newcastle United Manager, 1984/85)

Photo From:  Football International, April 1996
(Olympique Marseille’s Bernard Pardo, 1990/91)

Foot Magazine, November 1983
(Eddy Voordeckers, Richard Gough and Frankie Vercauteren, October 1, 1983, EC Qualifier, Scotland 1-Belgium 1)

Photo From:  Calcio 2000, Issue 39, March 2001
(Beppe Savoldi)

Photo From:  Calcio 2000, Issue 37, January 2001
(1930s Juventus striker Pedro Sernagiotto)

Photo From:  Calcio 2000, Issue 27, February 2000
(River Plate’s Nery Pumpido , Juan Gilberto Funes and Roque Alfaro, December 14, 1986, Intercontinental Cup, River Plate 1-Steaua Bucharest 0)

Photo From:  Calcio 2000, Issue 22 Supplement, August-September 1999
(Roberto Bettega as a youth player for Juventus)

Photo From:  Calcio 2000, Issue 19, May 1999
(USSR’s Igor Netto)

Photo From:  Calcio 2000, Issue 17, March 1999
(Peru’s Hector Chumpitaz)

Photo From:  Calcio 2000, Issue 16, February 1999
(Lazio’s Luciano Re Cecconi and Torino’s Aldo Agroppi ,May 5, 1974, Lazio 2-Torino 1)

Photo From:  Calcio 2000, Issue 15, January 1999
(Fiorentina’s Kurt Hamrin  and Beppe Chiappella)

Photo From:  As Color, December 23, 1984
(Spain goalkeeper Luis Arconada)

Photo From:  100 Melhores do Futebol Portugues, Vol I, Author Rui Dias, 2002
(Fernado Gomes leading out Porto, Polish goalkeeper Jozef Mlynarczyk behind him)

Photo From:  World Soccer, February 1979
(Brian Talbot signing for Arsenal with Manager Terry Neill)

Photo From:  World Soccer, August 1978
(Sepp Maier and Pieter Schrijvers, June 18, 1978, World Cup, West Germany 2-Holland 2)

Photo From:  World Soccer, July 1977
(Kevin Keegan signing for SV Hamburg, with Liverpool Chairman John Smith and Hamburg Chairman Dr. Peter Krohn)

Photo From:  World Soccer, December 1973
(Poland’s Jerzy Gorgon)

Photo From:  World Soccer, April 1972
(Manchester United’s Denis Law and Tottenham’s Steve Perryman)

Photo From:  World Soccer, April 1971
(Tottenham’s Martin Chivers)

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