Sunday, July 27, 2014

The First Time ….., Part Six

1-The First time that the Irish national team wore Green was in 1931. Before that their traditional uniform colors were blue.

2- The First Time that Scotland used a substitution in International Football was on May 29, 1960 at Vienna vs. Austria (1 to 4 Scotland loss).
Alexander Young of Hearts replaced Denis Law in the 12th minute.

Photo From: Scotland, The Team, 1987
(Alex Young)

 3- The First Time that a goalkeeper saved a penalty kick in the World Cup was in the very first World Cup.
French goalkeeper Alex Thepot saved Chile’s Carlos Vidal’s attempt in the 35th minute of their encounter (July 19, 1930, Chile 1-France 0)

Photo From: Les Bleus, Le livre official de l'equipe de France, Author: Dominique Grimault, 1997
(Alex Thepot making a dive, May 27, 1934, World Cup, Austria 3-France 2)

4- The First Time that a National team used air travel was in 1947 when the Belgian National flew for a friendly vs. Switzerland at Geneva. (November 2, 1947, Switzerland 4-Belgium 0)

5- The First Time that a pair of brothers ever played for the Italian National team was during the years 1911-1913, when brothers Giuseppe and Felice Milano represented Italy.

Photo From: La Nazionale Italiana, 1978
(Felice Milano II and Giuseppe Milano I, May 1, 1913, Italy 1-Belgium 0)

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