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Football’s Quarrels and Feuds, Part Four

1- Leandro and Tele Santana, 1986
Prior to the 1986 World Cup, Brazilian defender Leandro of Flamengo declared that he was unavailable for the national team after falling out with Manager Tele Santana.
He had been late to a team get together and had been forced by Santana to publically declare his reason for his tardiness.
He declared he was late due to the fact that he had been at a nighclub with teammate Renato.
Subsequently Renato was cut from the squad and many suggested that Renato’s dismissal was the reason for his refusal.
He denied this reason and explained that he did not want to play as a right back and instead wanted to play as a central defender.
Tele Santana later said he was still unclear of Leandro’s real motives.
Despite denials by both, many believed Renato’s exclusion, in addition to the exclusions of Eder and Sidney due to indiscipline angered Leandro.
In his place Santana called up Josimar, who became one of the revelations of the World Cup 1986.

Photo From: World Soccer, November 1993
(Tele Santana)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 80, August 1982
(Leandro with Brazil during the 1982 World Cup)

2- Alan Sugar and Jurgen Klinnsman, 1995
After Jurgen Klinnsman’s excellent season with Tottenham (1994/95) many believed he would honor his contract and continue with them for the following season.
However, Klinnsamn was desperate to win a League title in his career and jumped at the chance to join Bayern Munich.
Tottenham Chairman Alan Sugar was angered by Klinnsman’s decision and went on Television (Match of the Day Program) on August 30th, 1995, and threw away a Tottenham jersey signed by Klinnsman and said he would not even wash his car with it and took credit for relaunching Klinnsman’s career.
Klinnsman eventually rejoined Tottenham midway through the 1997/98 season.

Photo From: Goal, October 1995
(Alan Sugar throwing away Klinnsman’s jersey)

Photo From: World Soccer, May 1995
(Jurgen Klinnsman)

3- Gary Lineker and Vinnie Jones, 1996
In a ‘Radio Times’ interview on September 18, 1996, Gary Lineker criticized Vinnie Jones by saying ‘we don’t need people like Vinnie Jones, who is just a self hyped personality…’
In response, Jones called Lineker ‘a jellyfish, a wanker, a tart, and a big eared boring prat’.

Photo From: Goal, January 1996
(Wimbledon’s Vinnie Jones)

4- Karl Allgower and Juup Derwall, 1982
West German Manager Juup Derwall had wanted to call up Stuttgart’s Karl Allgower in the Fall of 1982, once for a friendly vs. Belgium in September 1982 and also vs. England in October 1982.
However, Allgower was so angry and disappointed about not being selected for the World Cup that he refused both call-ups.

Photo From: Sport Illuestrierte, Fussball 1984 Sonderheft
(Juup Derwall)

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, August 1986
(Karl Allgower)

5- Arie Haan and George Knobel, 1976
Holland Manager George Knobel did not select Arie Haan for the European Championship Finals of 1976.
Allegedly Arie Haan was instrumental for Knobel’s sacking at Ajax in 1974.
Wim van Hanegem  was quoted telling Knobel "You're not a straight guy" .
He shortly resigned after the Tournament.

Photo From: Voetbal International, July 26-31, 1982
(George Knobel)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 36, December 1978
(Arie Haan during the 1978 World Cup)

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