Saturday, November 4, 2017

Cartoons and Diagrams, Part Ten

Cartoon I:

Photo From: Don Balon, Issue 100, September 8, 1977

Explanation: This cartoon shows Real Madrid President Santiago Bernabeu chasing away 1976/77 Real Madrid youth coach Amancio after an argument.

Cartoon II:

Photo From: Placar, Issue 14, June 19, 1970

Explanation: This cartoon shows a comical view of Brazil (3-2) win over Romania during the 1970 World Cup.

 Cartoon III:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2309, July 10, 1990

Explanation: This diagram shows the goals in Group F (Holland, England, Republic of Ireland, Egypt) play during the 1990 World Cup.

 Cartoon IV:

Photo From: World Soccer, February 1977

Explanation: This cartoon shows George Best at Fulham (1976/77). The first cartoon is with Rodney Marsh.

 Cartoon V:

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 12, January 1961

Explanation: This cartoon references Pele’s 1961 resolution to visit Paris.

 Cartoon VI:

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 12, January 1961

Explanation: This cartoon references former Hunagry Manager Gustav Sebes’ 1961 resolution for Hungary to have a team like it did in 1954.

 Cartoon VI:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2130, February 3, 1987

Explanation: This cartoon shows France goalkeeper Joel Bats.

 Cartoon VII:

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, Issue 521 (Number 1), December 25, 1984-January 8, 1985

Explanation: This cartoon shows West Germany’s Hans-Peter Briegel at Verona (1984/85).

Cartoon VIII:

Photo From: Mondial, New Series, Issue 27, June 1982

Explanation: This cartoon shows the Artist Peter Glay’s vision of Michel Platini, Zbigniew Boniek and Paolo Rossi celebrating a goal with Juventus.
Platini and Boniek were to join Juventus in the new season and the the players had not lined up together yet.

 Cartoon IX:

Photo From: The Game, Issue 6, September 1995

Explanation: This cartoon shows Eric Cantona after yet another red card with Manchester United.

Cartoon X:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1975, February 14, 1984

Explanation: This cartoon shows Bordeaux President Claude Bez in a restaurant with Bordeaux Manager Aime Jacquet as a waiter pouring wine in his glass. The caption says your ‘Bordeaux (Burgundy wine)’ in a glass is starting to get well.
Bordeaux were League leaders at the time.

Cartoon XI:

Photo From: El Grafico, Issue 3425, May 28, 1985

Explanation: This cartoon shows Argentina Manager Carlos Bilardo.

Cartoon XII:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1905, October 12, 1982

Explanation: This cartoon shows France Manager Michel Hidalgo with France’s new discovery Jean-Marc Ferreri. It shows Hidalgo driving a Ferreri (Ferrari).

Cartoon XIII:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1962, November 15, 1983

Explanation: This diagram shows Paris St. Germain President Francis Borelli picking up his players’ Luis Fernandez and Safet Susic at the airport at Paris and offering to carry their bags since they were tired.
The PSG pair had just faced one another in a friendly in Zagreb (November 12, 1983, Yugoslavia 0-France 0).

Cartoon XIV:

Photo From: Official Match programme, Rangers v. Dundee, November 11, 1992

Explanation: This diagram shows Rangers Glasgow’s Ally McCoist.

 Cartoon XV:

Photo From: Placar, Issue 583, July 17, 1981

Explanation: This cartoon shows Flamengo star Zico.

 Cartoon XVI:

Photo From: L’Annee du Football, 1984

Explanation: This cartoon shows Roma Presient Dino Viola and Manager Nils Liedholm observing Paulo Roberto Falcao dreaming of the 1984 Champions Cup.

 Cartoon XVII:

Photo From: Soccer International, Volume 3, Issue 7, July 1992

Explanation: This cartoon shows Dutch Star Ruud Gullit.

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