Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Best Players to never appear in a World Cup, Part Nine

1- Ian Rush
Like so many of his Welsh contemporaries (Mark Hughes, Dean Saunders, etc), Ian Rush was part of a Generation that did not qualify for the Finals of any Tournament.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, Issue 85, April 1987
(Ian Rush at Liverpool)

2- Danny Blind
Dutch defender Danny Blind of Ajax Amsterdam was included in two World Cup Finals squads (1990 and 1994), however, he was unlucky not to be a regular and did not get to play a single match at any World Cup.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Hors Serie 22, April 1996
(Danny Blind)

3- Mehmet Scholl
German and Bayern Munich midfielder lined up for Germany for many years but suffered consistently from injuries.
His best chances would have been the 1998 and 2002 World Cup, but he missed the boat on both.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 151, August 2001
(Mehmet Scholl at Bayern Munich)

4- Fabrizio Ravanelli
Italian striker Fabrizio Ravanelli’s best chance to make it to a World Cup would have been in 1998, but he was cut from the squad in the last minute and never got his chance.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 108, January 1998
(Fabrizio Ravanelli at Olympique Marseille, 1997/98)

5- Basile Boli
French defender Basile Boli was part of the post-Platini Generation of the late 1980s and early 1990s.
France missed qualification for the 1990 World Cup and in heart breaking fashion in 1994 (losing to Bulgaria 1-2 on November 17, 1993).
Boli missed chance(s) to make it at a World Cup.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 105, September 1984
(Basile Boli at Auxerre)

Honorable Mention:
Players who participated in a World Cup match but their presence was limited and negligible that would be considered tantamount to a non-presence.

Kevinn Keegan and Trevor Brooking

Kevin Keegan and Trevor Brooking were part of the 1970’s England Generation that missed out on the 1974 and 1978 World Cups.
They pair made the 1982 World Cup but were injured for most of it.
They were jointly sent on as substitutes in the 63rd minute of England’s last match vs. Hosts Spain (July 5, 1982, World Cup, Spain 0-England 0)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 79, July 1982
(Kevin Keegan, July 5, 1982, World Cup, Spain 0-England 0)

Photo From: Mondial, New Series, Hors Serie 13, 1982
(Trevor Brooking)

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