Friday, November 3, 2017

Iconic Photographs of the Game, Part Two

These are about the most Iconic Photographs related the game.
These may also be Photographs that have been reproduced in many outlets and have significance.

I. Photo A

Photo From: Soccer International, Volume 1, Issue 8, August 1990
(Diego Maradona against Belgian defenders)

Date and Location:
June 13, 1982 at Nou Camp at Barcelona, Spain

Steve Powell, American Photographer

This photo was taken during the match between Argentina and Belgium during the 1982 World Cup that Belgium won (1-0). It shows Diego Maradona going against up to six Belgian defenders.
It was shot with video camera and the still image isolated.
It has been over the years shown to reference the importance of Maradona and to what lengths the opposition would go to mark against him.
It has been reproduced over the years even on T-Shirts.
In an interview years later, Steve Powell, the photographer in question admitted that the photograph is somewhat deceptive.
This action was at a free kick (hence the Belgian players in a line), and Osvaldo Ardiles passed to Maradona and he is about to flick the ball over.

 II. Photo B

Photo From: History of the World Cup, Author Michael Archer
(Italy squad)

Date and Location:
June 19, 1938 at Stade Olympique de Colombes at Paris, France


This photograph shows the victorious Italian squad along with Manager Vittorio Pozzo celebrating the World Cup win over Hungary (4-2) on June 19, 1938.
It is difficult to say if the photograph is viewed as a ‘classic’, but it has been reproduced over the years in many books and magazines, etc.

 III. Photo C

Photo From: Total Football, Issue 76, August  2001
(Vinnie Jones and Paul Gascoigne)

Date and Location:
February 6, 1988, Plough Lane, London, England

Monte Frisco, British Photographer

This was during a Wimbledon and Newcastle United League match on February 6th, 1988 at Wimbledon’s Plough Lane Stadiumc(scoreless tie).
It shows Wimbledon hard-man Vinnie Jones grabbing the testicles of Newcastle United’s Paul Gascoigne.
Jones had been man-marking Gascoigne the entire match. Apparently at one point Gascoigne had pushed him and this was Jones’ way of retaliating.


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