Monday, August 24, 2015

Cartoons and Diagrams, Part Three

Cartoon I:

Photo From: (special thanks to Daniel Antonio Escobar Riquelme)

Explanation: This cartoon shows the 1982 World Cup winning squad, Top, left to right: Dino Zoff, Francesco Graziani, Giuseppe Bergomi, Gaetano Scirea, Fulvio Collovati, Claudio Gentile , Bottom, left to right: Bruno Conti, Paolo Rossi, Gabriele Oriali, Antonio Cabrini, Marco Tardelli   , July 11, 1982, World Cup, Italy 3-West Germany 1)

Cartoon II:

Photo From: World Soccer, March 1995

Explanation: This cartoon references the fact that Vinnie Jones had supported and had sought international caps from the Republic of Ireland. However, when that did not happen he jumped at the chance to earn international caps by representing wales.

Cartoon III:

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 12, January 1961

Explanation: This cartoon references West Germany manager Sepp Herberger’s desire for the end of Catenaccio or Beton as it was called in France.

Cartoon IV:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1917, January 4, 1983
(Drawn by Dero)

Explanation: This cartoon references Paris St. Germain President Francis Borelli’s wish to entice Michel Platini to Paris St Germain one day. This issue came out around the new year, it shows Platini closing Borelli’s eyes and asking him to make a new years wish.

Cartoon V:

Photo From: Placar, Issue 14, June 19, 1970

Explanation: This cartoon references is about the Brazil and England match during the 1970 World Cup.

Cartoon VI:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2309, July 10, 1990

Explanation: Diagrams of the goals in the first round of 1990 World Cup for Group C, containing Brazil, Scotland, Sweden and Costa Rica.

Cartoon VII:

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 2, March 1989

Explanation: This shows Olympique Marseille President Bernard Tapie ‘throwing a bone’ to his Bordeaux counterpart Claude Bez by loaning him Eric Cantona during the 1988/89 season, following Cantona throwing his OM shirt and being sent off during a friendly.

Cartoon VIII:

Photo From:  (special thanks to Daniel Antonio Escobar Riquelme)

Explanation: This cartoon shows the early 1980s Flamengo squad.

Cartoon IX:

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 33, October 1962

Explanation: This cartoon references France’s first ever victory over an English squad on May 5, 1921 (2-1 France win over England Amateur team) on the 100th Anniversary of Napoleon’s death.

Cartoon X:

Photo From: La Nazionale Italiana, Supplement 3, 1980-82

Explanation: This cartoon shows Italy’s goals during the 1982 World Cup Final (July 11, 1982, Italy 3-West Germany 1)

Cartoon XI:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2010, October 16, 1984
(Drawn by Dero)

Explanation: This references Michel Platini playing two matches on consecutive days. On October 13th, 1984, France played an away World Cup qualifier at Luxembourg (4-0) win. In the 57th minute, he was substituted and immeditaley flew back to Italy, for Juventus’ match vs. Verona the following day.

Cartoon XII:

Photo From: El Libro de los Mundiales, Issue 25, La Historia del Futbol, 1966 Argentina La Hora de La Veridad
Explanation: A portrait of Argentina’s Silvio marzolini

Cartoon XIII:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2025, January 29, 1985

Explanation: A portrait of Brazil’s Socrates

Cartoon XIV:

Photo From: Start1988_june 06_№24

Explanation: A portrait of Denmark’s Jesper Olsen


  1. Hi, I've been following your blog for awhile and its very interesting and informative. I have recently started my own blog and I thought maybe you might find it of interest.


    2. Excellent blog I love it and lots of research material, in the past I have made some references about 1930 WC

  2. For example Uruguay's initial goalkeeper was cut from the squad for breaking curfew

  3. Also the compromise of referee Langenus for the final where each team wanted to play with its own ball

  4. The mystery about Monti getting death threats prior to the final

  5. Three interesting points you raise. Im in the process of writing a book with the hope of finding a publisher, so there is much im withholding in terms of detailed match reports. But some of these peripheral points you mention Im sure Ill touch upon.

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