Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The First Time ….., Part Eleven

1-The First time that a Japanese player appeared in a top European League was when Yasuhiko Okudera played for West Germany’s Koln on October 5, 1977.

Photo From: Mondial, old series, Hors-Serie, Issue 5, 1979
(Yasuhiko Okudera with Koln)

2- The First Time that a goalkeeper was substituted in the history of World Cup was when Romania’s goalkeeper Sterica Adamache was replaced by Necula Raducanu in the 28th minute of the match vs. Brazil (June 10, 1970, World Cup, Brazil 3-Romania 2)

3- The First Time that Video evidence was used for disciplinary reasons in the Bundesliga was during the 1978/79 season. SV Hamburg’s Felix Magath had hit Borussia Moenchengladbach’s Horst Wohlers in the face (away from the referee’s sight) . Wohlers retaliated and was sent off.
Hans Kindermann of the West German Federation (DfB) used video evidence to suspend Magath. He was banned for six matches, which was overturned on appeal.
It was later announced that video evidence would only be used for grave instances.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 89, May 1983
(Felix Magath with SV Hamburg)

4- The First Time that a Maltese player ever played in the English league was when John Buttigieg joined English Third Division club Brentford in November 1988.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 5, June 1989
(John Buttigieg)

 5- The First Time that a Scottish player was elected as Player of The Year in England was in 1965 when Leeds United’s Bobby Collins achieved it.

Photo From: Scotland, The Team, Author Andrew Ward, 1987
(Bobby Collins)

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