Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trivia and Facts-Part 39

1- For England’s match vs. Scotland on March 6, 1875 (2-2 tie at London’s Kennington Oval), each English player wore a different colored shirt.
In addition England’s goalkeeper William Henry Carr arrived ten minutes late to the field

2-Before the Cup Winners Cup, first leg match, between Bayern Munich and AS Roma on March 6, 1985, Bayern striker Dieter Hoeness had toothache and took up to 15 pain-killing tablets.
After the match he drank many glasses of wine to celebrate (he scored and Bayern won 2-0).
When he went to the dentist, the tablets and wine in his bloodstream made it dangerous for him to be given an anesthetic.
So the tooth was pulled out without any anesthetic.
He collapsed from the pain and was unconscious for an hour.

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, March 13-19, 1985
(Dieter Hoeness, March 6, 1985, Cup Winners Cup, Bayern Munich 2-AS Roma 0)

3- Yugoslavian defender Vlado Kasalo joined Nuremberg from Dinamo Zagreb in the summer of 1989.
During the 1990/91 season he scored two own goals in two successive matches: March 16, 1991 (Stuttgart 1-Nuremberg 0) and March 23, 1991 (Nuremberg 0-Karlsruhe 0-2).
He was suspected to have scored the own goals on purpose to pay off gambling debts to the Yugoslav mafia.
His players license was revoked by the German federation and he was suspended.
Since nothing was proven, he was later pardoned and returned to Germany and played for Mainz.

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, Issue 11, November 1989
(Vlado Kasalo)

4- In 1978, during the lead up to the World Cup, Argentinean Juan Jose Lopez was conducting a radio interview with Brazil Manager Claudio Coutinho.
Lopez told Coutinho that he admired him when he was a teammate of Pele at Santos.
Coutinho on the air thanked him and informed him that was a different Coutinho.

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1680, June 20, 1978
(Claudio Coutinho)

5- The Bayern Munich and Dinamo Tblissi matchup during the 1981 Trofeo Bernabeu (September 2, 1981) in Madrid turned into an ill-tempered affair.
Bayern Munich’s Paul Breitner was cautioned by the Spanish referee Jose Donato Pes Perez for arguing. Reinhold Mathy substituted him in the 30th minute to keep things calm.
When the referee warned Mathy himself, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Hoeness also protested and were shown yellow cards as well.
Rummenigge walked to the touchline to talk to Breitner, at this point the referee gave red cards to both. The police came to escort an angry Rummenigge off.
Bayern General manager Uli Honess walked in to persuade the referee to change his mind. Since nothing happened the entire Bayern squad walked off in protest and in addition cited fear of safety as a reason for walking off.
According to the Spanish press, Bayern Munich Manager Pal Csernai wanted the team to continue to play, but Breitner refused. To the press, this showed Breitner’s power in running the team over Csernai.
Breitner and Rummenigge were each fined 1,250 British Pounds.

The match itself was won 2-1 by Dinamo Tblissi.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 19, October 1981
(Bayern Munich’s Paul Breitner and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge)

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