Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mysteries, Legends and Conspiracy Theories, Part Two

1- Claudio Caniggia-Drugs ban 1993
In the Spring of 1993, AS Roma’s Argentinean striker Claudio Caniggia was sentenced to a one year ban after a routine drugs test following a League match showed traces of Cocaine.
Afterwards, Diego Maradona accused the Italians of getting revenge for their  loss to Argentina during the 1990 World Cup.
He stated that first ‘they got him’ (1991 Drugs ban’) and now the goalscorer Caniggia.

Photo From: World Soccer, July 1993
(A cartoon showing Maradona and Caniggia being arrested for their Drugs offenses)

2- England and Holland at Sardinia, World Cup 1990
There was a conspiracy theory after the 1990 World Cup Draw was made that implied Holland and England (Both had a history of fan violence at the time) were purposefully drawn together in the Group that played at Cagliari. The Theory was that this was to get them off the mainland and concentrate them at the Island of Sardinia, that way the authorities and the police might be able to control them.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 18, July 1990
(June 11, 1990, World Cup, England 1-Republic of Ireland 1)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 18, July 1990
(Gary Lineker and Adri van Tiggelen, June 16, 1990, World Cup, England 0-Holland 0)

3- West German and Poland-1974 World Cup
The day prior to the World Cup match ,between West Germany and Poland at Frankfurt, there had been torrential rain and the field was completely waterlogged.
Under normal circumstances the match would have been postponed. The conspiracy theory is that the Germans insisted on playing on the water logged pitch since they were fearful of the Polish squad and believed stood less of a chance on a normal field.

Photo From: Chronik des deutschen fussballs, 2005
(Workers working on the waterlogged pitch, July 3, 1974, World Cup, West Germany 1-Poland 0)

Photo From: Chronik des deutschen fussballs, 2005
(Grzegorz Lato and Paul Breitner, July 3, 1974, World Cup, West Germany 1-Poland 0)

4- Spain and Malta_EC Qualifier 1983
Holland seemed set to qualify for the 1984 Euros. With one match to go, Spain was two points behind with an inferior goal difference. For the final qualifier in Sevilla on December 21, 1983, Spain had to defeat Malta with a goal difference of 11 goals to advance. However, the impossible happened and Spain did just that, after leading (3-1) at halftime, they scored 9 goals in the second half. Needless to say, not only the Dutch but many other observers cried foul.

5- Garrincha and Esteban Marino-1962 World Cup
Brazilian star Garrincha had been sent off in their semifinal win over hosts Chile (June 13, 1962, World Cup, Chile 2-Brazil 4).
His disciplinary hearing was to take place the following day and he was in danger of being banned for the Final match. The evidence hinged upon the report of Uruguayan Assistant referee Esteban Marino. There are some who have suggested that Marino was bribed by the Brazilians to miss the hearing.

As he did not appear, Garrincha was cleared to play in the Final.

Photo From: La Glorieuse Epopee de la coupe du monde, by Mondial, 1982
(Garrincha, June 13, 1962, World Cup, Chile 2-Brazil 4)

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