Monday, May 23, 2016

Error in Casting, Part Ten

1- Toni Polster and Torino 1987/88
Austrian striker Toni Polster joined Italy’s Torino in the summer of 1987 from FK Austria Vienna as one of Europe’s top goalscorers.
Unfortunately, he did not adapt to the tough defenses of Serie A and only lasted one season before joining Spain’s Sevilla, where he regained his form.

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, May 18-24, 1988
(Toni Polster at Torino, May 8, 1988, Torino 2-AS Roma 0)

2- Florin Raducioiu and West Ham United 1996/97
Romanian striker Florin Raducioiu joined West Ham United in the first full season that the Bosman ruling was in effect.
His stay at London was disappointing and he was unable to adapt to the English league.  His short stay is mostly remembered by his Manager Harry Redknapp’s criticism of him, alleging that the day prior to a League Cup match vs. Stockport County, Raducioiu had been out shopping with his wife at Harvey Nichols (department store).
Midway through the season he rejoined his former club, RCD Espanyol.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 68, September 1994
(Romania’s Florin Raducioiu)

3- Duncan McKenzie and Anderlecht 1976/77
English and Leeds United forward Duncan McKenzie joined Belgium’s Anderlecht in 1976.
He only managed to last a few months before transferring back to England and Everton.
Anderlecht Manager Raymond Goethals lost patience with him, declaring that a club of Anderlecht’s standing did not have the luxury to wait for players to adapt. He did not have any problems with McKenzie’s technical abilities, but suggested that he was unable to intergrate into the collective.
Some suggested that Anderlecht’s Dutch contingent may have been somewhat responsible and cold-shouldered him in fear of losing their own places.

Photo From: Miroir du Football , Issue 281, January 14, 1977
(Duncan McKenzie at Anderlecht)

4- Patrick Vieira and AC Milan 1995/96
French teenager Patrick Vieira’s potential earned him a transfer to the mighty AC Milan midway through the 1995/96 season.
This was just before the Bosman ruling and foreign player restrictions were still in place. As a result he was rarely featured in Fabio Capello’s plans and seen more as a future prospect.
At the end of the season, he joined Arsenal to have the chance of first team action.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 144, January 2001
(Patrick Vieira at AC Milan, 1995/96)

5- Socrates and Fiorentina 1984/85
Corinthians and Brazil Captain Socrates’ solitary season at Fiorentina is considered one of the greatest foreign player flops in the history of the Serie A.
Many are at a loss of words as to why such a talented player failed to adapt.

After one season he rejoined Brazil to play for Flamengo.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 61, April 1985
(Socrates at Fiorentina, 1984/85)

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