Friday, May 20, 2016

Magazine Awards, Part Fifteen

France Football’s Ballon d’Or:

Year 1990:
Player of the year: Lothar Matthaus (Germany and Internazionale Milano)

Photo From:  France Football, Issue 2333, December 25, 1990
(Lothar Matthaus)

Onze’s Onze d’Or:

Year 1991:
Player of the year: Jean-Pierre Papin (France and Olympique de Marseille)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 36, January 1992
(Jean-Pierre Papin)

World Soccer’s Player of the Year:

Year 1996:
Player of the year: Ronaldo (Brazil and Barcelona)
Manager of the Year:  Berti Vogts (Germany)
Team of the year: Nigeria

Photo From: World Soccer, January 1997

France Football’s African Ballon d’Or:

Year 1987:
Player of the year: Rabah Madjer (Algeria and Porto/Valencia)

Photo From:  France Football, Issue 2179, January 12, 1988
(Rabah Madjer)

France Football’s French Awards:

Year 1980:
Player of the year: Jean- François Larios (Saint Etienne)
Club of the year: Nantes

Foreign Player of the year: Delio Onnis (Argentina and Tours)

Photo From:  France Football, Issue 1812, December 30, 1980
(Jean- François Larios)


  1. Soccer nostalgia. I like it general. My favorite is Maradonna. As long as we are talking about soccer culture here is the Crazy Soccer culture in Buenos Aires I recently experienced. Hope you enjoy :)