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Mysteries, Legends and Conspiracy Theories, Part Five

1- West Germany and Austria 1982 World Cup-First Round
Just like the 1978 Argentina and Peru match, this is another much talked about match. Going into the third match of their Group Phase in 1982, West Germany, Austria and Algeria were in contention for the two qualifying spots.
Earlier, Algeria had defeated Chile (3-2) and had four points.
The neighboring Nations Austria and West Germany knew that a (1-0) win for the Germans would qualify both nations to the second round (Germany and Austria would both have four points each as well, but better goal difference).
Just about any other result would have eliminated one or the other.
After Horst Hrubesch scored for the Germans after 10 minutes, both sides essentially stopped playing and created no chances.

Photo From: Kicker Sportsmagazin Edition, 100 Jahre Deutsche Landerspiele
(Horst Hrubesch scoring West Germany’s winner, June 25, 1982, World Cup, West Germany 1-Austria 0)

2- Matthias Sindelar –Murder or suicide?
1930s Austrian International Matthias Sindelar was found dead on February 23, 1939. Presumably he had committed suicide along with his girlfriend Camilla Castagnola in their Vienna Apartament by carbon monoxide poisoning
However, there have been many theories over the years, such as his death may have been accidental due to a defective chimney and/or the Nazis had murdered him for his opposition to the Anschluss and refusal to to play for the new Germany National Team which included former Austrians.

Photo From: L’Equipe Magazine, April 25, 1998
(Matthias Sindelar)

Photo From: L’Equipe Magazine, April 25, 1998
(Matthias Sindelar’s resting place)

3- Korea 2002 World Cup-Favoritism?
There are many who have claimed South Korea received favorable treatment from referees during the World Cup that they co-hosted in 2002.
Most notably their matches vs. Italy and Spain in the knock out rounds.
In the match vs. Italy, Francesco Totti was harshly sent off  for suspected diving.
In the match vs. Spain, the Spanish had two goals disallowed.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 162, July 2002
(June 18, 2002, World cup, South Korea 2-Italy 1)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 162, July 2002
(June 21, 2002, World Cup, South Korea 0-Spain 0)

4- Reinaldo omission due to politics?
Brazilian Reinaldo was omitted from the 1982 World Cup Finals squad, despite being in Tele Santana’s plans for some time.
It has been suggested that he may have been cut due to his political activism.
The theory is that the Military Officials forced Santana’s hand and Reinaldo was excluded.

Photo From: Placar, Issue 1341, April 2010
(Jose Reinaldo de Lima at Atletico Mineiro)

5- Holland and parties in their Hotel in 1974?
A few days before Holland were due to play hosts West Germany for the Final of the 1974 World Cup, they were caught (by West German tabloid magazine Bild) partying in their Hotel swimming pool with women (who were not their wives or girlfriends).
Many have speculated that the Germans (or the magazine) set it up to disturb the Dutch preparations and give themselves an edge.

It has been reported that Johan Cruyff spent the night before the Final on the phone reassuring his wife.

Photo From: (Magazine Source unknown) / Contribution From a blog viewer (special thanks to Daniel Antonio Escobar Riquelme)
(Holland’s 1974 World Cup squad)

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