Sunday, May 15, 2016

Old Match photographs-Part 32d

Photo From: Onze, Issue 42, June 1979
(Brazil’s Carlos Alberto at New York Cosmos)
Photo From:  Mondial, New series, issue 3, June 1980
(Liverpool’s Steve Heighway)

Photo From:  Mondial, Old Series, Issue 5, June 1977
(Marius Tresor at Olympique Marseille)

Photo From: Miroir du Football , Issue 234, February 6, 1975
(Ralf Edstroem followed by Wolfgang Overath and Uli Hoeness, June 30, 1974, World Cup, West Germany 4-Sweden 2)

Photo From: LIBRO DEL FUTBOL, Fasciculo 11, 1974
(Juventus’ Omar Sivori and John Charles)

Photo From: Le Livre d'or du Football 1996
(Mehmet Scholl and Richard Witschge, May 15, 1996, UEFA Cup, Bordeaux 1-Bayern Munich 3)

Photo From: L’Equipe, L’Equipe de France de Football, la Belle Histoire
(Claude Makelele, July 22, 1995, Norway 0-France 0)
Photo From: kicker_WM-Sonderheft_1970
(Dimitar Penev and Franz Beckenbauer, September 24, 1969, Bulgaria 0-West Germany 1)

Photo From: Hurra Juventus 1971 #11 novembre
(Juventus’ Pietro Anastasi)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, Number 46, November 21-27, 1990
(German striker Karl-Heinz Riedle , November 11, 1990, Cagliari 0-Lazio 1)
Photo From: Guerin Sportivo-La Grande Storia Del Calcio Italiana-1935-1936
(Goalkeepers Ambrosiana-Inter’s Carlo Ceresoli and Fiorentina’s Ugo Amoretti)
Photo From: Goal, Issue 12, September 1996
(16 year old Michael Owen with the FA Youth Cup)

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, Issue 2, March April 1983
(Kaiserslautern’s Hannes Bongartz, 1982/83)

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2379 , November 12, 1991
(Sergei Yuran, October 23, 1991, Champions League, Benfica 1-Arsenal 1)
Photo From: France Football, Issue 1934, May 3, 1983
(Juventus’ Roberto Bettega)
Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 208, January 1977
(Rob Rensenbrink, May 5, 1976, Cup Winners Cup, Anderlecht 4-West Ham United 2)
Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 56, September 1964
(Robert Jonquet and Milops Milutinovic, June 16, 1954, World Cup, Yugoslavia 1-France 0)
Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 70, August 1987
(Manchester United’s Danish midfielder Jesper Olsen)
Photo From: EL GRAFICO Nº 3469 (01-04-1986)
(Dominique Rocheteau and Osvaldo Ardiles)
Photo From: El Grafico Nª 3745 16-07-1991
(Boca Juniors’ Diego Latorre)
Photo From: Don Balon, Edicion Chile, Issue 245, February 10-17, 1997
(September 8, 1993, Spain 2-Chile 0)
Photo From: Don Balon, Issue 181, March  27-April 2, 1979
(Johann Cruyff and Rinus Michels with the 1978 Copa Del Rey at Barcelona)
Photo From: Placar (special thanks to Daniel Antonio Escobar Riquelme)
(Brazil ‘s Toninho Cerezo)
Photo From: (Magazine Source unknown) / Contribution From a blog viewer (special thanks to Daniel Antonio Escobar Riquelme)
(Chile’s Ivan Zamorano at St Gallen)
Photo From: Calcio 2000, Issue 37, January 2001
(Fulvio Bernardini in military uniform)
Photo From: Calcio 2000, Issue 15, January 1999
(Giuseppe Signori reading Calcio 2000)
Photo From: British Soccer Week, Issue Issue 621, March 11, 1998
(Nigel Clough at Manchester City)
Photo From: AS Color, Issue 126, October 16, 1973
(Yugoslavia’s Vladimir Petrovic)
Photo From: AS Color, Issue 334, October 11, 1977
(Argentina and Valencia’s Dario Felman)
Photo From: 82 – Coop
(Algeria’s Noureddine Kourichi)

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