Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trivia and Facts-Part 43

 1-For the 1958 World Cup, the Brazilian National Team had a psychologist as part of its staff.
As part of his analysis, Dr. Joao Carvalhaes had asked each player to draw a human figure. Based upon the results of this test, he would recommend which players should be selected and which position would be more suitable (for example, for poor drawings, the given player should be confined to the wings).
Pele and Garrincha’s drawings were so poor and rudimentary that he recommended that they should not play at all.
Thankfully, Brazil’s Management ignored his recommendation.

Photo From: L’Annee du Football, 1983
(Pele and Garrincha)

2-  Well-known English Businessman Robert Maxwell had resigned as Chairman of Oxford United in 1987. He was to become Chairman of Derby County.
His son Kevin Maxwell took over as Oxford United Chairman.
Early in the 1988/89 a very controversial transfer occurred. Kevin Maxwelll sold Oxford’s Welsh International Dean Saunders to his father’s club Derby County. The controversy surrounded the conflict of interest (even though the teams were in different divisions), as well as the cost associated with this in mind. Oxford United Manager Mark Lawrenson resigned after a dispute with his Chairman over this move.

Photo From: Shoot, November 19, 1988
(Dean Saunders at Derby County)

3- When French midfielder Ibrahima Ba joined AC Milan in the summer of 1997, AC Milan started manufacturing his personalized jersey with the name Ba in the back. However, Ba requested that the name at the back to be ‘Ibou’ (his nickname).
As a result thouands of already manufactured jerseys had to destroyed.

Photo From: World Soccer, October  1997
(Ibrahima Ba at AC Milan, 1997/98)

4-On June 8, 1947, France and Switzerland played a friendly in Lausanne (2-1 France win).
In the 53rd minute, Swiss Manager Karl Rappan replaced the injured Rudolf Gyger by Rene Maillard.
A substitution, even in a friendly, was against FIFA rules of the time.
English referee George Reader stopped the match and asked France Manager Gaston Barreau if he would accept it.
As a sign of Sportsmanship, Barreau accepted despite the objections of his captain Oscar Heisserer.

Photo From: L’Equipe, L’Equipe de France de Football, la Belle Histoire
(Erwin Ballabio kicking the ball out of net after Jean Baratte had scored France’s second goal, Juen 8, 1947, Switzerland 1-France 2)

5-The day after the 1994 World Cup Final, Brazil goalkeeper Claudio Taffarel took a taxi from the Anaheim Marriott on route to Brazil’s team hotel in Fullerton, California.
When he reached his destination, he realized that the had left behind in the taxi, $60,000 in cash, passports and even his World Cup winners medal.
The taxi driver, Juan Santo Blanco, returned the missing items to Taffarel, who in turn rewarded him $1,000 cash, souvenir tie clips and a Brazil team sweatshirt.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 146, February 1988
(Claudio Taffarel)

Photo From: Goal, Issue 2, November 1995
(Taxi Driver Juan Santo Blanco)

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