Saturday, May 21, 2016

The First Time ….., Part Fourteen

1-The First time that a Scottish Player was sent off in an International match  was on May 27th, 1951, when Dundee United’s Billy Steel was sent off in the 82nd minute in a friendly vs. Austria. (May 27, 1951, Austria 4-Scotland 0)

Photo From: Scotland, The Team
(Billy Steel)

2- The first time that an International Team traveled by air was on 1936 when the German National Team arrived in Dublin by a Junkers Aircraft.
(October 17, 1936, Republic of Ireland 5-Germany 2)

3-The first time that the Austrian National team played under floodlights was in a friendly vs. Republic of Ireland in Vienna on May 14, 1958 (Austria 3-Repubic of Ireland 1)

Photo From: Ireland on the Ball, Author: Donal Cullen
(May 14, 1958 , Austria 3-Repubic of Ireland 1)

 4-The first time that a foreign (non-British) opposition played England at Wembley was in 1951 in a friendly vs. Argentina.
In fact they were the first team other than Scotland to play England  at Wembley. (May 9, 1951, England 2-Argentina 1)

Photo From: England, The Complete Post-War Record, Author Mike Payne
(Jackie Milburn, May 9, 1951, England 2-Argentina 1)

5- The first time that three substitutions were authorized in an International tournament was for the 1995 Edition of Copa America.
The hosts Uruguay were the first team to do so in the first match of the Tournament. (July 5, 1995, Copa America, Uruguay 4-Venezuela 1)
Diego Dorta became the first third substitute after replacing Enzo Francescolli in the 84th minute.

Photo From: Don Balon, Chile Edition, April 23-29, 1996, Issue no 201
(Enzo Francescolli, July 5, 1995, Copa America, Uruguay 4-Venezuela 1)

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