Monday, September 12, 2016

Cartoons and Diagrams, Part Seven

Cartoon I:

Photo From: Miroir du Football , Issue 126, January 1970

Explanation: This cartoon shows the 1970 Brazil World Cup squad. It is an advertisemnt for Shell Gas. The caption reads ‘put 22 beasts in my tank’ and ‘In all brazilian cars, the yellow and gold symbol of brazil’

Cartoon II:

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 20, September 1961

Explanation: This cartoon shows 1930s Austria Manager Hugo Meisl (with his back turned) leading the ‘Wunderteam’ in a symphony.

 Cartoon III:

Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 15, July 1982

Explanation: This cartoon is a Diagram of Ludo Coeck’s goal (June 19, 1982, World Cup, Belgium 1-El Salvador 0)

 Cartoon IV:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1657, January 10, 1978 (Drawn by Dero)

Explanation: This cartoon former Paris St. Germain President thanking Team captain, the Algerian Mustapha Dahleb. Hechter had recently been outsed due to a scandal. Following, PSG’s match on January 8th, 1978 vs. Olympique Marseille at Parc des Princes (5-1 win), Manager Jean-Michel Larque urged Dahleb to give the match ball to Hechter who was sitting in the stands.

 Cartoon V:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1877, March 30, 1982 (originally in Bild)

Explanation: This cartoon shows Koln’s Pierre Littbarski dribbling a linesman.
Apparently Franz Beckenbauer had once told to Littbarski that if he could dribble the linesman, he would give him 500 Deutschemarks.
Littbarski did just that in a match though his Manager Rinus Michels was not amused and angered.

 Cartoon VI:

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 21, October 1990 (Drawn by Gerard Gargouil)

Explanation: This cartoon shows Holland’s Ruud Gullit and Ronald Koeman during the Italia ’90 draw with an Orange coming out.

 Cartoon VI:

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 28, May 1962 (By Siro)

Explanation: This cartoon shows the history of the Jules Rimet Trophy until 1958.

 Cartoon VII:

Photo From: El Gráfico, Issue 3271, June 15, 1982

Explanation: This cartoon shows Pele scoring during the 1970 World Cup (June 3, 1970, World cup, Brazil 4-Czechoslovakia 1)

Cartoon VIII:

Photo From: El Gráfico, Issue 3271, June 15, 1982

Explanation: This cartoon shows Pele’s near miss (June 3, 1970, World Cup, Brazil 4-Czechoslovakia)

 Cartoon IX:

Photo From: Don Balon, Issue 110, November 17-23, 1977

Explanation: This cartoon shows Ferenc Puskas as a Manager.

Cartoon X:

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, Issue 610 (Number 39), September 24-30, 1986

Explanation: This cartoon shows new Italian Manager Azeglio Vicini before his first call-up list (Friendly vs. Greece, October 8, 1986, Greece 0-Italy 2).
It shows former Enzo Bearzot telling him that we shall see when your true friends will turn on you.
Vicini replies that  ‘the true enemnies after the call-ups’.

Cartoon XI:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2375, October 15, 1991

Explanation: This cartoon shows a diagram of Luis Fernandez’s goal vs. Spain (October 12, 1991, EC Qualifier, Spain 1-France 2)

Cartoon XII:

Photo From: (Magazine Source unknown) / Contribution From a blog viewer (special thanks to Daniel Antonio Escobar Riquelme)

Explanation: This cartoon shows the Argentinean goalkeeper Hugo Gatti.

  Cartoon XIII:

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, Issue 521 (Number 1), December 25, 1984-January 8, 1985

Explanation: This cartoon references Brazilian Socrates at Fiorentina. It evokes his disappointing spell there.

Cartoon XIV:

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 10, November 1989

Explanation: This cartoon references Norway’s World Cup Qualifier vs. Scotland on November 15, 1989 (1-1 tie). France had an outside chance to qualify if Norway defeated Scotland. The French are seen giving various tyoes of advice to a Norwegian player.

 Cartoon XV:

Photo From: AS Color, Issue 67, August 29, 1972

Explanation: This cartoon shows Independiente’s Franciso Sa.

 Cartoon XVI:

Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 8, December 1981

Explanation: This cartoon shows Belgium’s Eric Gerets.

 Cartoon XVII:

Photo From: EL GRAFICO Nº 3376 (19-6-1984)

Explanation: This cartoon Argentina Manager Carlos Bilardo being interviewed. This appeared after their scoreless draw with Brazil (June 17, 1984)
The Reporter asks ‘When do you form your team’
Bilardo replies ‘When I am delirious with fever’

 Cartoon XVIII:

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, Issue 408 (Number 41), October 13-19, 1982

Explanation:  This Cartton shows parents watching a program Fantastico 3 (variety show).

They say that for their daughter the only fanatastico 3 is Antonio Cabrini (Juventus’ number 3 and female favorite)

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