Friday, September 2, 2016

Old Match Photographs-Part 33e

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 56, September 1964
(OGC Nice’s Bruno Rodzik and Roger Piantoni)
Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 32, February 1984
(Anderlecht’s Kenneth Brylle and Lokeren’s Maurits De Schrijver)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 30, December 1983
(Luther Blisset and Fulvio Collovati, Giuseppe Bergomi is in the background , November 6, 1983, Internazionale Milano 2-AC Milan 0)

Photo From: EL GRAFICO Nº 3434 (30-07-1985)
(Jose Luis Brown at Boca Juniors)

Photo From: Don Balon, Edicion Chile, Issue 245, February 10-17, 1997
(Argentina’s Diego Placente at Under-20 level)

Photo From: (Magazine Source unknown) / Contribution From a blog viewer (special thanks to Daniel Antonio Escobar Riquelme)
(Daniel Bertoni and Diego Maradona at Napoli)

Photo From: Calcio 2000, Issue 35, October 2000
(Andy Moeller at Schalke, 2000/01)

Photo From: Calcio 2000, Issue 21, July 1999
(AC Milan’s Alessandro Costacurta)

Photo From: 82 – Coop
(Scotland goalkeeper Alan Rough)

Photo From: World Soccer, October 2000
(Manchester United’s Dwight Yorke and Ryan Giggs)

Photo From: World Soccer, October 1992
(Norway’s Lars Bohinen)

Photo From: World Soccer, December 1982
(Juventus defender Antonio Cabrini)

Photo From: World Soccer, August 1971
(Sweden’s Roger Magnusson)

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1965
(Santos’ Pepe)

Photo From: Voetbal International, Issue 51-52, December 23, 1989
(Ajax Amsterdam’s Bryan Roy)

Photo From: Voetbal International Goal, Nummer 32, August 5-10, 1974
(Feyenoord’s Henk Wery)

Photo From: Official Match Programme,  Scotland v Wales, 1982
(March 23, 1982, Scotland 2-Holland 1)

Photo From: Sport Magazine-Foot Magazine, Issue 39, September 22, 2004
(Ivory Coast and Cheslea’s Didier Drogba, 2004/05)

Photo From: Soccer International,Volume 4, Issue 8, August 1993
(Roy Wegerle and Gary Pallister, June 9, 1993, US Cup, USA 2-England 0)

Photo From: Shoot, February 28, 1970           
(Celtic Glasgow’s Bobby Lennox)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 144, January 2001
(Francesco Totti and Pope John Paul II)

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 16, May 1990
(Uruguay’s Hugo De Leon, September 24, 1989, World Cup Qualifier, Uruguay 2-Peru 0)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 60, December 1980
(Claudio Gentile, November 1, 1980, World Cup Qualifier, Italy 2-Denmark 0)

Photo From: Onze, Issue 15, March 1977
(Franz Beckenbauer and Bernard Lacombe, February 23, 1977, France 1-West Germany 0)

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 97, April 1988
(Internazionale Milano goalkeeper Walter Zenga)

Photo From:  Mondial, new series, issue 16, July 1981
(Artemio Franchi and Phil Thompson, May 27, 1981, Champions Cup, Liverpool 1-Real Madrid 0)

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