Sunday, January 8, 2017

Events and Consequences, Part Eighteen

1- Event:
Valencia goalkeeper Santiago Canizares accidentally dropping a bottle of aftershave on his foot.

Santiago Canizares had been selected for the 2002 World Cup on May 13th, 2002 and was set to be the starting goalkeeper.
The accident of May 17th, ruled him out of the World Cup and paved the way for Real Madrid's Iker Casillas to be the starter which he remained into the next decade.

Photo From: Onze-Mondial, Issue 175, August 2003
(Santiago Canizares)

2- Event:
Joaquin Rife’s phone interview with a Journalist in 1980/81.

During the 1980/81 season, Barcelona Assistant Manager Joaquin Rife spoke to a journalist over the phone. In the interview he criticized Club President Luis Nunez and other directors at the club.
A copy of his phone call was played at a board meeting and he was immediately fired.

Photo From: Don Balon, Issue 185, April 24, 1979
(Joaquin Rife)

3- Event:
Racing Club de Lens Edmond Novicki travelling with the RC lens delegation ahead of a France National Team match.

France were due to play a Friendly at Paris vs. Belgium on March 8, 1936 (2-0 win).
Raymond François of RC Lens had been selected and some members of the RC Lens delegation traveled with him to Paris.
For an inexplicable reason (to date), they had taken winger Edmond Novicki along with them.
Ali Benouna had not arrived to training yet. The RC Lens delegation proposed their own winger Edmond Novicki as a replacement and France Manager Gaston Barreau accepted and that was how Novicki earned his first cap unexpectedly.
It is still a mystery as to why Novicki was travelling with the club delegation that day.

4- Event:
Duncan Ferguson headbutting John McStay on April 16, 1994.

On April 16th, 1994, Rangers Glasgow’s Duncan Ferguson headbutted Raith Rovers’ John McStay.
The Referee witnessed the event and Ferguson was charged with assault (His fourth conviction).
In October 1995 (by now an Everton Player) he was sentenced to three months in prison.

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2584, October 17, 1995
(Duncan Ferguson’s headbutt on John McStay, April 16, 1994, Rangers Glasgow 4-Raith Rovers 0)

Photo From: Planete Foot, April 1996
(Duncan Ferguson at Everton)

5- Event:
Anatoly Banishevski’s violent indiscipline.

USSR and Neftchi Baku’s Anatoly Banishevski had been sent off in the League and had already displayed episodes of indiscipline.
On May 20, 1969, he was banned for two years after a drunken brawl in Baku.
This deprived him of participation in the 1970 World Cup.

Photo From: Die Weltermeisterschaft 1966 in England
(Anatoly Banishevski)

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