About The Author

To give a general overview about myself, I have been a soccer fan since my childhood, more specifically since the 1982 World Cup.
I am an Armenian born in Iran and have been living in the United States since 1985.
 I have been preparing international lineups of European and South American nations since I was little.
My sources are: The French Magazines “Onze” (1976-1989), “Mondial” (1978-1989), “Onze-Mondial” (1989-now), France Football (sporadic 70s, 80s- 1995-now) and the British Magazine “World Soccer” (1960-now).
 I have managed to collect every issue of all except France Football.
I have also collected many books on National teams, statistical books as well as general historical books.
So in all it’s over thousands of books and magazines.
For many years my main area of interest was in just getting the main information about a match, the score, lineups, players club registration, etc.
 In a number of years I was able to build a database of every European/South American national team lineups going back to the beginning in 1872.
A few years ago, I decided to add the match photographs with the lineups.
 That’s when all those books and magazines came in handy, as I was able to scan and paste.
Finally a couple of years ago, I developed an interest in having the DVD of these matches and preparing highlight videos of goals.
My DVDs range from 1953 to today and comprise of World Cup (including qualifiers), European Championships (including qualifiers), Friendlies, Copa America, other tournaments, as well as Club matches (Champions League, UEFA, Domestic Leagues, etc).
 Furthermore, I had been already for almost two decades recording on VCR highlights and goals and I was able to use that data as well.
The DVDs were very useful because I could also check players’ jersey numbers.
I am a fan of all Soccer (present and Past), as well as Club and International, however, for the purposes of this blog I want to discuss international matches.
I have chosen 80s and 90s, as I believe, most readers probably would not have personal memories from 1970s and before.
I am assuming most of us will have been born in 70s and 80s and would have more personal memories from those years.