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Articles on Teams and Events-Part 14

An article about The Dassler Brothers and their falling out, the founders of Adidas and Puma
(Magazine / Language : Goal, April 1997 / English)

Photo From: Goal, April 1997
(Brothers Adi and Rudi Dassler)

An article analyzing Dinamo Kiev and its manager Valeri Lobanovsky’s methods
(Magazine / Language : Foot Magazine, March 1987 / French)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, March 1987
(Dinamo Kiev 1986)

Analysis and comparison of Dieter Muller and Klaus Fischer as strikers for the West German national team in their run in for the 1978 World Cup with Gerd Muller and Uwe Seeler weighing in
(Magazine / Language : Fussball Magazin, February/March 1978  / German)

Dieter Muller and Klaus Fischer

Photo From: Fussball Magazin, September October 1977
(Klaus Fischer and Dieter Muller, April 27, 1977, West Germany 5-Northern Ireland 0)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Player Profiles-Part 14

A profile on Real Madrid’s Carlos Santillana before the Champions Cup Final vs Liverpool in 1981
 (Magazine / Language : World Soccer, June 1981 / English)

Photo From : Onze, October 1984
(Carlos Santillana and Portugal’s Lima Pereira, June 17, 1984, European Championships, Spain 1-Portugal 1)

A profile on Juventus and Italy’s young defender Antonio Cabrini
(Magazine / Language : Onze, January 1979 / French )

Photo From : Onze, May 1985
(Antonio Cabrini during 1984/85 season)

A profile on Atletico Madrid’s Brazilian striker Baltazar de Morais, who became Spain’s Pichichi that season
 (Magazine / Language : Guerin Sportivo, April  11-18 1989/ Italian)

Baltazar de Morais Profile

Photo From : Guerin Sportivo, April  11-18 1989
(Baltazar de Morais of Atletico Madrid)

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Interviews-Part 17

An interview with Claudio Coutinho, Brazil's Manager during 1978 World Cup, discussing the aftermath and alleged problems with Rivellino
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, September 1978 / English)

Photo from : World Cup 78, by Phil Soar
(Claudio Coutinho)

An interview with Portugal’s Fernando Chalana who had just joined Bordeaux from Benfica and starred in the 1984 Euros
(Magazine / Language : Mondial, October 1984 / French)

Photo from : Mondial, August  1984
(Fernando Chalana and Rudi Bommer, June 14, 1984, European Championships, West Germany 0-Portugal 0)

An interview with Eintracht Frankfurt’s Ralf Falkenmayer, a German international towards the tail end of Juup Derwall’s reign
(Magazine / Language : Fussball Magazin, November/December 1984 / German)

Ralf Falkenmayer Interview

Photo from : Fussball Magazin, January/February 1984
(Eintracht Frankfurt’s Ralf Falkenmayer)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Memorable European Confrontations, Part three-1988 Bayern Munich vs. Internazionale FC Milano

When Bayern Munich and Internazionale were paired in the third round of the UEFA Cup in November and December 1988, both teams were league leaders in their respective countries.
Bayern Munich, managed by Juup Heynckes, was leading in the Bundesliga with many newly acquired players. This team captained by Klaus Aughentaler still had Hans Pflügler and Norbert Nachtweith in defense.
Midfielders Hans Dorfner, Ludwig Kögl, Hans-Dieter Flick and strikers Ronald Wohlfarth and Jurgen Weggman had remained with Bayern.
Raimond Aumann was now the starting goalkeeper as Belgian Jean-Marie Pfaff had departed in the off-season after six seasons.
Roland Grahammer and Stefan Reuter had arrived from Nuremberg to strengthen the defense.
Schalke’s golden boy Olaf Thon had arrived along with Sweden striker Johnny Ekström from Empoli.
Along with Pfaff, Norbert Eder, Michael Rummenigge, Weslshman Mark Hughes had also been transferred out.
Most importantly, Bayern’s two most important assets Lothar Matthaus and Andreas Brehme had been transferred to their opponents of this round Internazionale.

Internazionale were in even more irresistible form as they were running away with the Serie A title. This team managed by Giovanni Trappatoni still had its backbone of Italian players: goalkeeper Walter Zenga, Giuseppe Bergomi, Giuseppe Baresi, Riccardo Ferri, Gianfranco Matteolli, Andrea Mandorlini and Aldo Serena.
Foreign duo of Belgian Enzo Scifo and Argentinean Daniel Passarella had departed to be replaced with the Matthaus, Brehme and Argentinean striker Ramon Diaz.
In fact Diaz had been signed after Inter had pulled out of the proposed transfer of Algerian Rabah Madjer from Porto, who was thought to be injury prone.
Matthaus and Brehme had adapted to the Serie A with surprising ease.

The first leg was played on November 23, 1988 at Munich’s Olympiastadion.
It had snowed the days before and about 8 inches of snow had to cleared from the pitch.
As for the match itself, Inter played the perfect away match with one striker (Serena) and won with two breakaway goals by Serena (60th minute) and Nicola Berti *71st minute).
The consensus on Bayern’s poor showing was that it was a young rebuilding side not yet ready for such a test.

Photo From: France Football, November 29, 1988, Issue 2225
(Aldo Serena bypassing Klaus Aughentaler)

Heynckes remarked that his team’s average age was 25 and actually 23 without Nachtweith and Pflugler.
Grahammer and Reuter were criticized for being impressive in the Bundesliga but somehow going missing in Europe.
Playmakers Dorfner and Thon were as powerless as strikers Wohlfarth and Weggman in finding a way through the Inter defense, where Corrado Verdelli was playing only his second game ever for Inter.

Verdelli, deputizing for the injured Mandorlini, was playing for Monza in the Serie C only months earlier.
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, a former player for both sides, questioned Aughentaler’s performance. According to Rummenigge, Aughentaler was very beneficial in going forward, however, it was difficult for him to combine both defensive and offensive tasks.
The best German players on the field were Inter’s Brehme and Matthaus.
Brehme had been slightly injured in the days before the match; however, thanks to help from Bayern’s own doctor he was ready.
Most observers, including Bayern’s President Fritz Scherer conceded defeat in the round with no hopes of qualification.
Lothar Matthaus even took a victory lap in his old stadium.
Brehme and Nachtweith made a friendly bet that the loser of the round would treat the winner with dinner. After this match, the odds were that Nachtweith would be buying.

November 23, 1988
Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V. (West Geramny) 0- Internazionale FC Milano (Italy) 2
UEFA Cup- Third Round, First Leg    
Venue: München (Munich) - Olympiastadion     
Attendance: 62,000
Referee: Alex Ponnet (Belgium)
Goalscorers: (Bayern München): None
 (Internazionale): Aldo Serena 60, Nicola Berti 71
Bayern Munich:
1-Raimond Aumann, 2-Norbert Nachtweith ,4-Roland Grahammer, 5-Klaus Aughentaler, 3-Hans Pflügler, 6-Hans Dorfner, 10-Olaf Thon, 8-Stefan Reuter (13-Johnny Ekström (Sweden) 70), 7- Ludwig Kögl, 9-Ronald Wohlfarth, 11-Jurgen Weggman

Coach: Juup Heynckes
Booked: Pflugler 12, Thon 13

Team Captain: Klaus Aughentaler
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Shirt Sponsor: Commodore
Uniform Colors: Red Shirts, Red Shorts, Red Socks

1-Walter Zenga, 2-Giuseppe Bergomi, 5-Riccardo Ferri, 6-Corrado Verdelli, 4-Andreas Brehme (West Germany), 7-Alessandro Bianchi, 3-Giuseppe Baresi, 10-Lothar Matthaus (West Germany), 8-Nicola Berti, 9-Gianfranco Matteolli, 11-Aldo Serena

Coach: Giovanni Trappatoni
Booked: Brehme 76

Team Captain: Giuseppe Baresi

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Uhlsport

Shirt Sponsor: Misura
Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Black Shorts , Black Socks

For the return leg on December 7th, with the tie seemingly in the bag for Inter, the media talk in Italy was mostly about the upcoming league fixture with cross-town rivals AC Milan.
Prior to the match itself, Inter had attempted to stop Bayern from warming up on the pitch. According to UEFA officials, they wanted to take responsibility for the players’ safety only during the match and not before.
For the match Inter employed the same tactic as the first leg, with Aldo Serena as the lone striker.

Photo From: Onze, January 1989
(Hans Pflügler heading over Serena and Bergomi)

Bayern started with three strikers intent on attacking to have any chance.
Inter’s tactic seemed to work until the 33rd minute when Brehme was injured.
This seemed to disrupt Inter’s game plan and Bayern scored three goals in a seven-minute span.

Photo From: France Football, December 13, 1988, Issue 2227
(Diagram of Aughentale’s goal in the 38th minute)

Ronald Wohlfarth scored the first goal was scored in the 33rd minute, while Brehme was out being treated, when Olaf Thon’s shot rebounded off the post. Four minutes later, Aughentaler scored off a cross by Hans Pflügler and in the 40th minute Weggman scored off a pass by Ekström.
Just before halftime, Aldo Serena pulled a goal back for Inter to give a glimmer of a comeback.

Photo From: France Football, December 13, 1988, Issue 2227
(Hans Pflugler and Aldo Serena)

Bayern goalkeeper Aumann had an outstanding match and withstood all of Inter’s assaults in the second half.
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge summed it up when he said that Bayern did everything to win, while Inter did nothing.
Aughentaler, who had been heavily criticized after the first leg, was asked what was the lesson to be learned, he replied ironically that “ Bayern is still incapable of holding a three goal lead in Milan”.

Photo From: France Football, December 13, 1988, Issue 2227
(Bergomi unable to stop Weggman from scoring)

Bayern went on and lost in the semi-finals to eventual winners Maradona’s Napoli. Most observers praised their performance and progress given the youth of the team. Both Bayern and Inter went on to win their respective league titles.
Given Inter’s form nobody could have foreseen Bayern’s amazing comeback away from home.
Perhaps Inter assumed they had already qualified and underestimated Bayern for the second leg.
Trappatoni went on to manage Bayern in two separate spells (1994/95) and (1996/98) and Matthaus eventually returned to Bayern in 1992.

December 7, 1988
Internazionale FC Milano (Italy) 2-Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V. (West Geramny) 3
UEFA Cup- Third Round, Second Leg
Venue: Milano-Stadio Giuseppe Meazza ,San Siro
Attendance: 70,000
Referee: Bruno Galler (Switzerland)
Goalscorers: (Internazionale): Aldo Serena 45
 (Bayern München): Ronald Wohlfarth 33, Klaus Aughentaler 38,
Jurgen Weggman 40

1-Walter Zenga, 2-Giuseppe Bergomi, 5-Riccardo Ferri, 6-Corrado Verdelli, 4-Andreas Brehme (West Germany) (13-Pasquale Rocco 34), 7-Alessandro Bianchi, 3-Giuseppe Baresi, 10-Lothar Matthaus (West Germany), 8-Nicola Berti, 9-Gianfranco Matteolli (15-Dario Morello 46),  11-Aldo Serena

Coach: Giovanni Trappatoni
Booked: Serena 47

Other Subs:
12-Astutillo Malgiolo, 14-Pietro Fanna, 16-Ramon Diaz (Argentina)

Team Captain: Giuseppe Baresi

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Uhlsport

Shirt Sponsor: Misura
Uniform Colors: Blue/Black Striped Shirts, Black Shorts , Black Socks

Bayern Munich:
1-Raimond Aumann, 2-Norbert Nachtweith, 4-Roland Grahammer, 5-Klaus Aughentaler, 8-Stefan Reuter, 10-Olaf Thon (13- Ludwig Kögl 90), 6-Hans Dorfner, 3-Hans Pflügler, 7-Johnny Ekström (Sweden) ,9-Ronald Wohlfarth, 11-Jurgen Weggman (14-Armin Eck 78)

Coach: Juup Heynckes
Booked: Grahammer 18,. Nachtweith 74, Johnny Ekström 86

Team Captain: Klaus Aughentaler
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Shirt Sponsor: Commodore
Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Red Shorts, White Socks

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Old Team Photographs-Part 7a

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1985
(Barcelona squad, Spanish Champions 1984/85)
Photo From: World Soccer, October 1979
(West Bromwich Albion squad, 1979/80)
Photo From: World Soccer, December 1978
(PSV Eindhoven squad on the cover of World Soccer Magazine)

Photo From: Onze, September 1983
(Dinamo Kiev squad 1983)

Photo From: Onze, November 1985
(Real Madrid squad 1985/86)

Photo From: Onze, August 1983
(Nantes squad 1983/84)

Photo From: Onze, February 1976
(Saint Etienne squad 1975/76)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, October 13-19, 1982
(Standard Liege squad 1982)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, March 30-April 6, 1983
(Widzew Lodz squad, 1982/83)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, June 12-18, 1991
(Internazionale 1990/91, UEFA Cup winners, Standing left to right: Walter Zenga, Jurgen Klinnsman, Nicola Berti, Riccardo Ferri, Sergio battistini, Giuseppe Bergomi, Front, left to right: Alessandro bianchi, Andreas Brehme, Fausto Pizzi, Antonio Paganin, Lothar Matthaus)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, November 1983
(Real Madrid 1983/84)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, March 1987
(Anderlecht 1986/87)

Old Team Photographs-Part 7

Photo From: France Football, January 4, 1994, Issue 2491
(Yugoslavia squad, March 25, 1992, Holland 2-Yugoslavia 0)
Photo From: Het Nederlands Elftal, de histoire van oranje, 1989-1995, Authors: Matty Verkamman and Henk Mees
(Holland squad, February 21, 1990, Holland 0-Italy 0)

Photo from: Onze-Mondial, February 1994
(Norway squad, Septeember 8, 1993, Norway 1-USA 0)

Photo from : Onze, March 1983
(France squad, February 16, 1983, Portugal 0-France 3, standing left to right : Phillipe Mahut, Manuel Amoros, Patrick Battiston, Maxime Bossis, Jean-Pierrre Tempet, Front, left to right : Luis Fernandez, Yannick Stopyra, Alain Giresse, Michel Platini, Jean-Marc Ferreri, Lois Amisse)

Photo from: Onze, May 1988
(England squad, November 11, 1987, European Championship Qualifying, Yugoslavia 1-England 4, standing left to right: Peter Shilton, Gary Lineker, Tony Adams, Neil Webb, John Barnes, Terry Butcher, Front, left to right: Gary M. Stevens, Trevor Steven, Peter Beardsley, Bryan Robson, Kenny Sansom)

Photo from : Onze, July 1977
(Brazil and France squads, June 30, 1977, Brazil 2-France 2)

Photo from : Onze, April 1976
(Czechoslovakia squad, March 27, 1976, France 2-Czechoslovakia 2)

Photo from: 100 Melhores do Futebol Portugues, Vol II, Author Rui Dias, 2002
(Portugal squad, January 24, 1965, World Cup Qualifying, Portugal 5-Turkey 1)

Photo from: Football Association of Ireland, 75 Years, Author Peter Byrne, 1996
(Rep. of Ireland squad, October 13, 1963,European Championship-Rep. of Ireland 3-Austria 2)

Photo from:  Calcio 2000-June 1999
(Argentina squad, 1957 Copa America)

Photo From: Kicker Sportsmagazin Edition, 100 Jahre Deutsche Landerspiele
(Saar squad, March 28, 1954, World Cup Qualifying          -Saar 1-West Germany 3)

Photo From: Azzurri, Storia della Nazionale di calcio tre volte campioni del Mondo, 1910-1983
(Italy squad, March 27, 1949, Spain 1-Italy 3)

Photo From: Forever England, A History of the National Side, Authors Mark Shaoul, Tony Williamson
(England squad, April 9, 1932, Home Championship, England 3-Scotland 0)

Photo From: IFFHS-Argentina (1902-1940)-Uruguay (1902-1940)
(Uruguay aquad, June 13, 1928, Olympic Games - Final Replay, Uruguay 2-Argentian 1)

Photo From: Rode Duivels & Oranje Leeuwen., 100 jaar Derby der Lage Landen, Authors Ralf Willems, Matty Verkamman
(Belgium squad, April 28, 1912, Holland 4-Belgium 3)

Photo From: IFFHS, Schweiz,Suisse, Svizzera (1905-1940)
(Switzerladn squad, April 4, 1909, Germany 1-Switzerland 0)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Old Match Photographs-Part 7a

Photo From: World Soccer, November 1985
(Belgium’s Walter Meeuws in action for Ajax 1985)
Photo From: World Soccer, October 1987
(Barcelona’s Mark Hughes)

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1991
(Arsenal’s Paul Merson in action vs. Liverpool)

Photo From: World Soccer, April 1978
(Sweden’s Ralf Edstrom signing autographs)

Photo From: Voetbal, Issue 2, 1992
(An Umbro avertisement with Ajax’s Wim Jonk)

Photo From: Onze, December 1981
(Boca Juniors’ Diego Maradona with River Plate’s Americo Gallego and Daniel Passarella)

Photo From: Onze, January 1976
(Ujpest’s Ferenc Bene and Barcelona’s Johann Cruyff)

Photo From: Mondial, May 1981
(Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the middle of Alan Kennedy and Alan Hansen, April 8, 1981, Champions Cup, Liverpool 0-Bayern Munich 0)
Photo From: Mondial, February 1981
(Nantes’ Jean-Claude Suaudeau and Saint Etienne’s Robert Herbin in the 1960s, they later became legendary managers for their respective clubs)

Photo From: Mondial, Special Platini, 1987
(Lev Yashin)

Photo From: Mondial, Special Platini, 1987
(Real Madrid’s Ferenc Puskas and di Stefano)

Photo From: Mondial, April 1980
(Hajduk Split’s Zlatko Vujovic and Partizan Belgrade’s Hatunic)

Photo From: L’Annee du Football 1987
(Jean-Marc Ferreri and Alain Giresse during the 1987 French Cup Final, Bordeaux 2-Olympique Marseille 0)

Photo From: L’Annee du Football 1979
(Archie Gemmill and Harald Konopka, during the 1979 Champions Cup semifinals between Nottingham Forest and FC Koln)

Photo From: L’Annee du Football 1989
(Red Star Belgrade’s Dragan Stojkovic, 1988/89 season)

Photo From: L’Annee du Football 1993
(Sheffield Wednesday Viv Anderson and Arsenal’s Ian Wright during the 1993 FA Cup Final)

Photo From: L’Annee du Football 1978
(Monaco’s Jean Petit and Olympique Marseille’s Marius Tresor, during 1977/78 season)

Photo From: L’Annee du Football 1976
(van der Kerkhof and Rocheteau, March 31, 1976, Champions Cup, Saint Etienne 1-PSV Eindhoven 0)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, October 13-19, 1982
(Citterio and Chierico, October 10, 1982, Napoli 1-AS Roma 3)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, June 5-11, 1991
(Key players in Foggia’s promotion in 1991 and future internations: Francesco Baiano, Giuseppe Signori and Roberto Rambaudi)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, January 15-21, 1992
(Pietro Maiellaro and Giovanni Francini, January 12, 1992, Napoli 1-Fiorentina 0)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, December 10-16, 1986
(AS Roma’s Danish midfielder Klaus Berggreen)

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, April 26-May 2, 1989
(PSV Eindhoven’s Ronald Koeman heading, March 1, 1989, Champions Cup, PSV Eindhoven 1-Real Madrid 1)