Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interviews-Part 9

An interview with Marco van Basten
(Magazine / Language : World Soccer, February 1997 / English)

Photo from:World Soccer, February 1990
(Marco van Basten, May 31, 1989, World Cup Qualifier, Finland 0-Holland 1)

An interview with Brazilian Roberto Rivellino
(Magazine / Language : Onze, May 1976 / French)

Photo : from World Soccer, August 1977
(Rivellino, June 19, 1977, Brazil 3-Poland 1)

An interview with Italian Christian Vieri
(Magazine / Language : Calcio 2000, November 1998 / Italian)

Christian Vieri Interview

Photo from:World  Soccer, Summer 2000
(Christian Vieri, September 5, 1998, EC Qualifier, Wales 0-Italy 2)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Old Team and Match Photographs-Part 10

Photo From: Oranje Toen En Nu, Deel 1, 1905-1914, 2000-2001, Author: Matty Verkamman
(May 14, 1905, Holland 4-Belgium 0)

Photo From: La Nazionale Italiana, 1978
(Italians Milano and De Vecchi, June 15, 1913, Austria 2-Italy 0)

Photo from: Seleccao Brasileira -90 Anos 1914-2004, Authors Antonio Carlos Napoleao, Roberto Assaf
(Brazil squad during Copa America 1922)
Photo from: Photo from L'Equie de Suisse, Authors Guy Balibouse, Roger Felix, Pierre Tripod, 1993
(May 1, 1938, World Cup Qualifier, Switzerland 2-Portugal 1)
Photo From: se Lvickem na prsou-Authors O.Bartunek, J.Kalat
(Czechoslovakia lineup, April 10, 1949, Czechoslovakia 5-Hungary 2)
Photo from: de Internationals, de Historie van Oranje, Authors Matty Verkamman, Henri van der Steen, John Volkers
(Dutchman Cor van de Gijp, September 15, 1956, Switzerland 2-Holland 3)

Photo From: Deutschlands Fussball Landerspiele, Eine Dokumentation von 1908-1989
(West German lineup, May 12, 1964, West Germany 2-Scotland 2)

Photo : from Onze, June 1980
(Englishman Laurie Cunningham, June 10, 1979, Sweden 0-England 0)
Photo from: Onze, Hors Serie 12, 1982
(Yugoslavia squad, October 17, 1981, World Cup Qualifier, Yugoslavia 1-Italy 1)
Photo from: World Soccer, June 1992
(Diego Simeone and David Platt, May 25, 1991, England 2-Argentina 2)
Photo from: Mondial, January 1981
(Jan Peters of AZ Alkmaar in action with Ajax)
Photo from: Mondial, March 1984
(Junior in action with Flamengo)
Photo from: Onze, June 1982
(Platini during the 1982 French Cup Final vs. Paris St. Germain)
Photo from: Onze, May 1976
(Torino squad, 1975/76)
Photo from: World Soccer, April 1992
(Champions League, October 23, 1991, Benfica 1-Arsenal 1)
Photo from: World Soccer, January 1992
(Real Madrid during 1991/92 season)
Photo from: World Soccer, December 1990
(Nicola Berti and David Platt , UEFA Cup, October 24, 1990, Aston Villa 2-Internazionale FC Milano 0)
Photo from: World Soccer, February 1997
(Cesare Maldini with the Champions Cup Trophy in Wembley 1963)
Photo from: World Soccer, October 1990
(Des Walker of Nottingham Forest)
Photo from: Calcio 2000, February 2001
(Josef Masopust in Dukla Prague uniform)
Photo from: Calcio 2000, February 2001
(AC Milan, 1968/69)
Photo from: World Soccer, April 1993
(Scottish Graeme Souness and Englishman Trevor Francis during their time at Sampdoria, 1984/85)

Photo From: Forever England, A History of the National Side, Authors Mark Shaoul, Tony Williamson
(England squad, April 18, 1899, England 2-Scotland 1)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Trivia and Facts-Part 10

1-Dutchman Ernie Brandts is the only player to have scored for both teams in World Cup Finals.
On June 21, 1978 vs. Italy (won 2-1 by the Dutch), he scored and own goal in favor of Italy in the first half.
He redeemed himself in the second half by scoring Holland’s equalizer with a long-range shot.

Photo From : Onze, July 1978
(Ernie Brandts and Roberto Bettega, June 21, 1978, World Cup Holland 2-Italy 1)

2- Silvio Berlusconi’s AC Milan acquired Argentinean Claudio Borghi after his displays for Argentinos Juniors in their Copa Libertadores and Intercontinental Cup run in 1985.
At the time, many predicted that he would be the next great superstar and much was expected of him during the 1986 World Cup.
Since AC Milan already had its foreign player limit in 1986 (Englishmen Ray Wilkins and Mark Hateley) and 1987 (Dutchmen Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten), Borghi was loaned to Serie A club Como.
After the limit was raised to three in 1988, Berlusconi wanted to integrate Borghi in the team. However, AC Milan manager Arrigo Sacchi insisted about Dutchman Frank Rijkaard.
Sacchi was strengthened with the Scudetto win and therefore Berlusconi relented.
Many years later, in an interview, Berlusconi tried to claim credit for having the idea of having 3 Dutchman in the same team.
Football writer Brian Glanville correctly pointed out this error in his column.
Borghi is the current manager of Chile.

Photo From : Calcio 2000, February 2001
(Claudio Borghi and Antonio Cabrini, June 5, 1986, World Cup , Italy 1-Argentina 1)

Photo From : Calcio 2000, November 1998
(Frank Rijkaard in action for AC Milan, 1989/90 season)

3-Of all the European teams that qualified for the 1982 World Cup Finals in Spain, England had the worst record of all in the qualifiers.
Their total tally of 9 points (which included 3 losses) was even less than some teams that did not even qualify (ten points for Wales and Republic of Ireland).
Ironically after the qualifiers, they went on an impressive unbeaten streak and were eliminated from the World Cup having been unbeaten and concede only one goal.

Photo from: Onze, Hors Serie 12, 1982
(Paul Mariner in action for England vs. Hungary, June 6, 1981, World Cup Qualifier, Hungary 1-England 3)

4- German manager Berti Vogts once claimed that he was so unpopular as a coach, that if he walked on water, his detractors would complain that he couldn’t even swim.

Photo from: World Soccer, March 1996

 5-Trevor Francis, as manager of Queens Park Rangers, in 1989 suspended and fined one of his players, Martin Allen, for leaving the team hotel and going to his wife’s side while she was in hospital in labor.
Francis later apologized and admitted he was wrong at the time.

Photo from: Onze, April 1980
(Trevor Francis as a player for Nottingham Forest)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

September 12, 1990-Belgium 0-East Germany 2

September 12, 1990
Belgium 0-East Germany 2
Venue: Bruxelles-Stade Constant Vanden Stock (Brussels - Constant Vanden Stock Stadion)      
Attendance: 5,194
Referee: John Blankenstein (Holland)
Goalscorers: (Belgium): None
 (East Germany): Matthias Sammer 74, 89
1-Michel Preud'homme (Koninklijke Voetbalclub Mechelen) [28 caps / 0 goals]   
2-Lorenzo  Staelens (Club Brugge Koninklijke Vereniging) [3 caps / 0 goals]   
3- Pascal Plovie (Club Brugge Koninklijke Vereniging) [4 caps / 0 goals]   
4- Michel De Wolf (Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht) [32 caps / 1 goals]          
5- Geert Broeckaert (Koninklijke Sportvereniging Cercle Brugge) [1 caps / 0 goals]   
6- Bruno Versavel (Koninklijke Voetbalclub Mechelen) [18 caps / 2 goals]   (14-Danny Boffin (Royal Football Club de Liege) [3 caps / 0 goals]     69)
7-Stephane Demol (Toulouse Football Club / France) [34 caps / 1 goals]   (13-Phillipe Albert (Koninklijke Voetbalclub Mechelen) [9 caps / 0 goals]   46)
8- Franky Van Der Elst (Club Brugge Koninklijke Vereniging) [42 caps / 0 goals]   
9-Erwin Vandenbergh (Koninklijke Atletiek Associatie Gent) [45 caps / 19 goals]   
10- Vincenzo Scifo (Association de la Jeunesse Auxerroise / France)  [44 caps / 7 goals]    (16- Marc Degrjse (Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht) [29 caps / 10 goals]   46)
11-Jan Ceulemans (Club Brugge Koninklijke Vereniging) [93 caps / 22 goals]   (15-Marc Wilmots (Koninklijke Voetbalclub Mechelen) [3 caps / 0 goals]  46)

Coach: Guy Thys

Team Captain: Jan Ceulemans
Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas
Uniform Colors: Red Shirts, Red Shorts, Red Socks

Other Substitutes:
12-Gilbert Bodart (Royal Standard de Liege)
17-Nico Claesen (Royal Antwerp Football Club)  

East Germany:
1-Jens Schmidt (Fussball-Club Chemnitz) [1 caps / 0 goals]   (14-Jens Adler (Fussball-Club Chemie Halle)  [1 caps / 0 goals]   90)
3-Heiko Peschke (Fussball-Club Carl Zeiss Jena e.V) [5 caps / 1 goals]   
5-Jörg Schwanke (Fussball-Club Energie Cottbus) [1 caps / 0 goals]   
4-Andreas Wagenhaus (1. Fussball-Club Dynamo Dresden e.V)          [3 caps / 0 goals]   
2-Detlef Schössler (Fussball-Club Chemnitz) [18 caps / 0 goals]   
6-Matthias Sammer (Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart) [23 caps / 6 goals]   
7-Jörg Stübner (1. Fussball-Club Dynamo Dresden e.V) [47 caps / 1 goals]   (12-Stefan Böger (Fussball-Club Carl Zeiss Jena e.V) [4 caps / 0 goals]   25)
8-Dariusz Wosz (Fussball-Club Chemie Halle) [7 caps / 0 goals]   
10-Heiko Bonan (Fussball-Club Berlin) [2 caps / 0 goals]   
9-Heiko Scholz (1. Fussball-Club Dynamo Dresden e.V)  [7 caps / 0 goals]    (13-Torsten Kracht (1. Fussball-Club Lokomotive Leipzig) [2 caps / 0 goals]   85)
11-Uwe Rösler (1. Fussball-Club Magdeburg)  [5 caps / 0 goals]   

Coach: Eduard Geyer
Team Captain: Matthias Sammer

Official Kit Supplier/Designer: Adidas

Uniform Colors: White Shirts, Blue Shorts , White Socks

Other Substitutes:

Photo From: Courtesy of Vlad Zelenuk (many thanks)
(The Final East German lineup ever, From left to right: Sammer,
Schmidt, Wagenhaus, Rosler, Peschke, Schossler, Wosz, Bonan,
Schwanke, Stubner, Scholz)

Photo From: France Football, Issue 3101 bis, September 16, 2005
(The Final East German lineup ever, From left to right: Sammer, Schmidt, Wagenhaus, Rosler, Peschke, Schossler, Wosz, Bonan, Schwanke, Stubner, Scholz)


-Match number 496 for Belgium and number 293 for East Germany.

-This was the eighth meeting between the nations.

-The final ever match of East Germany. East Germany and West Germany formally re-unified by the end of the year.
The Berlin wall had fallen on November 1989.

- The previous match between the nations, as well as the previous in Brussels, was a European Championship qualifier on April 27, 1983 won 2-1 by Belgium in Brussels’ Heysel Stadium.
Belgium players: Ceulemans and Vandenbergh were
the players still remaining from that match.
Belgium manager Guy Thys also managed Belgium in that match.
Ceulemans scored one of Belgium’s goals.

Mathias Sammer, the star of the match

- East Germany’s previous win over Belgium had been a 2-1 win in a European Championship qualifier in Brussels’ Parc Astrid Stadium on September 27, 1975.

-On May 1, 1991 Germany played a UEFA European Championship qualifier vs. Belgium (1-0 win).
Matthias Sammer started in that match for Germany.
Belgium players: Preud'homme, Albert, Versavel, Franky Van Der Elst, Degrjse, Scifo  and Wilmots also played in that match. Bodart and Staelens remained on the bench for that match.

Jan Ceulemans taking a throw-in

-This was Belgium’s first home loss since losing to Brazil in a Friendly in Antwerp on October 12, 1988.

-Belgian players Eric Gerets, Georges Grun, Marc Emmers, Leo Clijsters, Patrick Vervoort and Luc Nilis were unavailable for this match.

-Belgium’s Stephane Demol and Enzo Scifo were the only foreign based player on either team, both playing with French clubs.

-All East Germany players were home based, with Sammer being the only one with then West German team.

-East Germany were missing regulars Ulf Kirsten, Andres Thom and Thomas Doll, all with now West German clubs.

-Belgium manager Thys was due to retire at the season’s end. On May 12, 1991, Paul van Himst was officially appointed as national team manager.

-East German goalkeepers, Jens Schmidt and Jens Adler, both earned their first and only caps for East Germany.
Jens Adler came on in the last minute. He is East German international with the shortest international career.

-East German Jörg Schwanke also earned his first and only cap.

-East German Torsten Kracht earned his second and final cap. His previous cap had been on April 13, 1988 at Bulgaria (away 1-1 tie). Both his caps were away from East German soil.

-East German Dariusz Wosz earned a further 17 caps and one goal for Unified Germany from 1997 to 2000.

-East German Heiko Scholz earned one cap for Unified Germany, a 1-1 tie on October 14, 1992 vs. Mexico.

-East German Matthias Sammer scored the two final goals of History of East Germany. He earned a further 51 caps and 8 goals for Unified Germany from 1990 to 1997. He played for Germany in 1994 World Cup.
He was instrumental in Germany winning the UEFA European Championships in 1996, which led him to be elected as France Football magazine’s Ballon d’Or in 1996.
He later managed Borussia Dortmund to the league title in 2002.
His father Klaus Sammer earned 17 caps for East Germany between 1970 and 1973.

-Mathias Sammer played in the first unified match of Germany on December 19, 1990 vs. Switzerland (4-0 win). He was the only former East German to start the match. Although Andreas Thom did later come on and scored in that match.

-Belgium’s Geert Broeckaert earned his one and only cap.

-This was Belgium’s Erwin Vandenbergh’s first cap since June 5, 1988, Denmark 3-Belgium 1.

-Both Sammer and Scifo had a dismal season at Italian Serie A club Internazionale FC Milano in their career and transferred out shortly thereafter.

-East Germany had originally been in European Champioship qualifiers for 1990/92 with West Germany and Belgium, but withdrew with the impending re-unification.

-Belgium’s Marc Wilmots played at Germany’s Schalke 04 later in his carrer.

-This was Belgium’s third straight defeat, after losing to Spain and England during 1990 World Cup.
By losing to Wales 1-3 on their next match on October 17, 1990, Belgium went through a 4 game losing streak.
They would snap the losing streak with a scoreless tie with Italy on February 13, 1991 and would earn their first victory since defeating Uruguay during 1990 World Cup by defeating Luxembourg 3-0 on February 27, 1991.

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