About this blog

Initially this blog was started as a nostalgic site on international matches between nations. Whereby, I would provide as much information about a given match as possible, such as date, venue, attendance, goalscorers, lineups, the players club information as well as shirt numbers, player bookings, scanned photographs as well as a video link.

The intent, apart from statistical information, was to provide anecdotes regarding these matches.

Since then this blog has evolved into many sections all dealing with the football/soccer of the past.

There are many other sections such as: trivia/anecdotes, interviews and player profiles from old magazines, Historical match and squad photographs, Memorable European Club confrontations and interesting articles from old magazines.

In addition, I myself write about a topic each month and call it Soccer Memories.

I welcome all and any contribution. As I said this is mainly an exercise in nostalgia as well as being informative.

I will be adding new information every month or so.

Please feel free to post any thoughts or info. that you have regarding anything in any language.

For any questions or comments, please contact me at sp1873@aol.com

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